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  1. yeah I've been trying to and not having much luck there still staying all group together at the top
  2. I just want to say I have a reading and writing disorder that I can't do what you asked so well it's hard enough for me to use speech-to-text ask for help in the first place it's come a long way but it's still not perfect and this is the best I can do and I'm having trouble finding the settings that you say your program has in this one I know the guy that recommended it said he does something similar to what I'm asking for but I can't find my original post to ask him
  3. so I am very new to this program O&O Defrag it was recommended to me on here and I don't know how to set something up I believe you should be able to do I've never done something like this before I would like to get the defrag to take a bunch of my large video files and put them at the end of the drive so I can leave the faster Parts open for quicker file transfers are the smaller files that need to be accessed randomly also to be honest I need a walkthrough for dummies so to speak ty for any help
  4. thank you so much by chance do you have a link to where I can get that program
  5. I have an SSD as my boot Drive what was video games taking up so much space now in days I have to start storing them on a hard drive
  6. so I'm trying to look for a faster defragging tool and I really don't know where else to look I am using right now Defraggler but it takes like 3 days to defrag my hard drive I used to use My Defrag GUI what's used to work great but for some reason is Now not working I expect a defrag to take a long time but 3 days for just 1 terabyte hard drive that's not even full I have another 2 terabyte hard drive that will need defragging as well as a nother 4 terabyte hard drive a few of the ones I was trying to Google to install tryed to give me malware sorry if it's hard to read I use speech to text to write this please and thank you for any help
  7. no unfortunately it actually made the problem worse resetting reapplying thermal paste and reseeding it didn't really seem to do much but re-overclocking it seem to reduce the frame hiccups a lot more but I can only get a 5 megahertz overclock stable I'm finding out the frame hiccups are so annoying it even dos it in games like Terraria as well now I found out that turning off hyper-threading also helped I'm playing OverWatch at the lowest settings I can possibly go in the game overclocked at 5 megahertz no hyper-threading end game installed on SSD the frames will drop to as little as 40 fps at the random spikes still tho
  8. I am going to try something a little more drastic today I'm going to try to reapply thermal paste on the CPU as well as try to reseat the CPU
  9. I don't think the SSD or hard drive situation matters much but it is stored on the SSD and yes this is happening in other games as well it's just easier to see in a first person shooter like OW
  10. actually no I do not have vsync turned on I use the custom cap to make sure the games and take over all my resources but even with that turned off it still does giant frame spikes down to 30 and even lower I know it has to be something with my CPU because even a even swapping my graphics card out for a 980ti still causes frame spikes I have to say not as bad but still
  11. hey guys I got hold of Aida64 and here is a screenshot the yellow spikes is where I get the frame drops
  12. here is a video showing some of the frame drops also here is another file for the time during I was playing the game even a simple task of dragging and dropping a file like in here is causing lag hwinfo64.CSV
  13. I'm sorry your friend had that I actually know for a fact that it's not synapse 3 and on the problem that your friend was having I have had that problem too with Razer synapse 2 & 3 the software prefer to be fully installed with cortex and its beta minor program also other lighting software clashes with it tremendously like you can't have a Corsair keyboard and a Razer Mouse but even with that uninstalled I'm still dropping to like 30 frames out of nowhere in OverWatch I didn't want to show both but I actually even see it on my streams duofromthule all the videos are archived & yes it is just as bad in ultra settings as it is in low settings last night with default motherboard settings it was even worse I went through and let my motherboard do a mild overclock it's better today but still frame drops to the 30s at seemingly random intervals and yes before someone ask it does no frame drop e even without screaming just as bad I just did a couple of games of OverWatch and here's what my settings came out to using hwinfo64 to record my sensors HWiNFO64.CSV
  14. well updated still doing it there's no thermal throttling at all now