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  1. Yep, an ear cup isn't a room, a cup over your ear produces the "ocean" as we all know from childhood.
  2. One problem I see with the test is what bluetooth codec was being tested? They all use a different one, so unless your host device supports LDAC/AAC/APT-X its going to default to the crummy default bluetooth codec which is old as dirt and never performed well.
  3. Whoever was hired to design their site should be fired, its an unintuitive eye sore.
  4. Yea no, 4k random read/writes aka 99% of windows/app access is double digits to low triple digits. NVME straight line performance doesn't apply to most use cases, very few people spend their time wiping through raw 4k video files during editing every day.
  5. You are blaming the wrong people. International giveaways have become impossible because of all the consumer protection laws passed in many countries. Some require an option of cash value for instance. Sometimes you can't have nice things because you chose protection, like with steam sales now kind of garbage because steam had to follow EU refund laws.
  6. Since I had to look it up, might as well post it as well. He would run into the actual limitations of usb, I found this out the hard way. 127 devices is a lie. https://acroname.com/blog/why-cant-i-connect-more-usb-30-devices-my-system https://www.yoctopuce.com/EN/article/how-many-usb-devices-can-you-connect Adding additional root hub controllers using pci-e cards work, the cheap ones only have a single controller chip, meaning the 4+ ports on the back are a lie, its just the first hub. Multiple controllers are costly https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1190384-REG/highpoint_ru1144d_rocketu_1144d_four_usb.html I think the newer ones only require 2 chips rather than 4. bench https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_syZD8Gou8 Yep, I found this out the hard way as well, my pc wouldn't boot when I finally fully powered it down instead of resetting, trouble shooting ensued, couldn't figure it out, even tried to swap in a spare psu. Finally noticed the motherboard led was still on, would only go off if I unplugged all the usb, the hub was backfeeding power into the system, luckily it was ok, just stopped it from starting. You can test this easily by plugging the powered hub into another hub with switches and indicators on each port, the port will light up even if it is "off" because its being back fed power. My decent wavlink hubs don't backfeed, my orico/sabrent cheapies all do.
  7. Yep, once you realize they were founded as propaganda outlets, it makes more sense Listen to the founders give a presentation saying so to microsoft an eternity ago Yea especially since he tried to claim it wasn't his first pc, there was no excuse, 1 hours top of youtube video from linus/pauls/jayz on this exact topic and he wouldn't have made half the mistakes he made, and he should have done this research during his earlier builds meaning he couldn't complain about time pressure. These just aren't mistakes he should have had to fix if he had done even the the minimum due diligence.. Compound this with his editor and boss also being this dumb, and its just a disturbing look into the dysfunction in that organization. I mean seriously, even the sponsorship integration was botched, it wasn't related in any way and I misremembered which bank it was in my earlier comment because why would I remember.
  8. The real question is how much did they pocket. Are review samples marked confidential meaning they didn't even pay for that? I wonder how much citibank paid them in total.
  9. that timing, this video came out yesterday as well @LinusTech and the part that matters, the sound is better;) Looks like someone beat Linus to it :3
  10. Ah yes, "big think" the lulbert site. Drawing straight lines right into mouse utopia. I've seen Pinker do the same with his cherry picked data as well. The native western populations they claim are doing so well are well below replacement rate, especially once you deduct the children from recent immigrants. Not the sign of a functional sustainable society, let alone one built on the ever expanding ponzi scheme of a giant social welfare state. All the while the very same types proclaim the end of labor due to automation, while they mass import poverty they won't know what to do with after even their labor is made obsolete. And all the while this is going on, they continue to shift the IQ bell curve with reckless immigration policies, which will result in far fewer scientists and engineers, not very smart when their utopian dream relies on science to save us in the end. Remember, not even the west produces enough top tier minds at the top end of the bell curve to sustain our advanced societies, we import and poach what we cannot produce ourselves. Now imagine how hopeless it is for countries which start with an even lower starting point. To put it simply, the "data" he's willing to show is selective, because there were questions he didn't dare ask. and back to censorship
  11. Tech were given special leeway to grow during the boom to ensure world dominance, they were able to avoid basic things like taxes, and of course the eyes of the regulators because they were the golden goose. They are effective monopolies now, oligopolies, trusts, whatever you wish to call it, and the fact is Microsoft was slapped hard for doing far less. If their argument is that they have become integral to the electoral system and that foreign influences are an attack on our democracy, they can no longer claim to be private spaces where they can arbitrarily do what they wish. Petition And yes, silicon valley culture is toxic to the point where google fired a man over legitimate science. They have proven that they aren't fit arbiters of the truth. Its been fun watching the left stoop to becoming the defenders of corporate corruption and market abuse. And it goes far beyond this, because what these companies build, will always eventually be used by the government.
  12. Doesn't matter, its a tiny amount of power, usually the setting is in bios to turn off the "charge while off" usb ports. That or you have a powered usb hub backfeeding into the system, in any case, its no big deal.
  13. if it does this on any pc without drivers, it maybe hard wired.
  14. Yes, I have this one, from this seller, the surface is actually "control" not speed, micro fiber like, quality is good, so, why pay more. Shipping took 2 weeks. Its good to have a single surface, no running out of space, and the keyboard can't slide, and probably benefits from a dampening effect. 900mm width extra important because the microsoft keyboard is wide. But in any case its probably better than the smoother speed fabric which is more likely to stick or snag because it takes less dirt to make the surface not uniform. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Razer-Goliathus-Gaming-Mouse-Pad-Mat-SpeedEdition-Game-Mice-Mats-900-300-3MM/163158348861 avoid the 300% markup, and how? I guess its chinese ghost city economics...
  15. Yes its just a cache server, but the most transparent version. The same type of concept has been used for web stuff for the longest time with stuff like squid web proxy servers, mostly at corporate campuses and such.