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  1. I'm not into gigabyte boards well at least for Intel. And since that i would like to know if it's possible to run Gigabyte TB3 pci-card with non-gigabyte board? Any usability problems, bugs or compatibility issues?
  2. Hi. I want to buy a large mousepad (900*400 mm/35.4*15.7 inches) with equal horizontal and vertical tracking and thickness at least of 4mm. It needs to be hard or medium hard since i come from SS QcK Heavy. And also no stiching on the edges (cuz i don't like it). Waiting for your recommendations guys. And please do not recommend products available only in certain territories like NA, Canada, UK, etc. I'm not a citizen of those countries. I don't have an opportunity to buy those products.
  3. 5 pin regular Gaterons for example?
  4. Oh so there's no difference then?
  5. Hi. I'm planning to build a custom keyboard. I like the idea of hotswappable sockets. So whenever i feel like trying out new switches i can just pop them in with no need to solder. But i'm concerned about switch wobble since it's hotswappable. So how noticable is it? I'm currently using Corsair K63. Comparing GK61 to Corsair K63 how much wobble is there?
  6. Ye but the website won't let me add 6 packs. Not to mention i need 61 switch at least. It seems they have a limited amount of them. But not that amount that i need.
  7. Gateron yellows with milk tops or clear tops? I can't find them anywhere in that configuration. Neither yellows or blacks.
  8. So after some research on reddit and other keyboard forums i found that many people state that milky gaterons are scratchy and lack smoothness compared to black bottom housing and clear/milky top. So as a linear guy i guess i'll be satisfied with regular gats with black bottom. Is there any good alternative to gateron blacks?
  9. Okay. I did. Waiting for a response.
  10. You know i just popped out KBDfans just to see how will shipping cost for Gats Ink and as you can see i don't really want to spend that much on a shipping XD
  11. Okay then. I'll consider them to buy too. But i need to ask you this question. The life cycle of Gaterons is 50 million or something close to it. Basically an infinity. And what life cycle of Creams? I couldn't find any info about that anywhere except AliExpress. There's official Kailh store and on a product page it's said 5 million. Here's link. https://aliexpress.ru/item/32995267239.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3a28707b1CKaOI&s=p&ad_pvid=202005040935163158486334272250004806993_1&algo_pvid=6330b66c-a0c7-4fad-a8c7-eeba9279e056&algo_expid=6330b66c-a0c7-4fad-a8c7-eeba9279e056-0&btsid=0b8b036d15886101164368325e2af8&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  12. You know what. I've just put on headphones and listened to that part carefully and the Creams actually sound more low-pitched than the Inks. Haha.