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  1. Okay I have time regardless I’ll try to see if maybe I can snipe a 3070 preorder
  2. So I sold my 1070 and I was wondering what would be the better option. Should I save some money and go for a 2080 now that prices have gone down or should I wait for a 3070 ( which might be a long while)? I have a 1440p monitor and would like to run most games on ultra.
  3. CruxYo

    Monitor Help

    he got an xbox one s so he wants to use a 4k monitor
  4. CruxYo

    Monitor Help

    My friend is looking for a 32-28 inch 4k monitor, he's willing to spend 219-320 for a 4k monitor. We really don't know much about monitors, so if you guys can recommend any good ones that would be great.
  5. So my friends external hard drive is not being recognized on his Xbox and I offered to help fix it seeing that we bought the same model. We have a Wester Digital Elements 2 TB external hard drive. So I plug my friends hard drive into my pc and it isn't recognized right away because I plugged it into my 3.0 ports. Seeing this I immediately got my hard drive and see if it did the same which it did not do. I then saw that people had problems like this and said switch to usb 2.0 ports and boom it detects it no problem. Is there anyone who has any idea how to fix it and make it work with USB 3.0, I need it to work for Xbox One. ( Some solutions say reset PC bios and I know its not my PC)
  6. Gotchu but maybe almost 300 for a mobo overkill?
  7. is there anything that I would lose by switching? Like any certain features intel provides that AMD cant?
  8. I know Ryzen is a beast but I don't know much about the line up.
  9. That's true some are not good for overclocking right? What do you recommend anyways?
  10. I'm not really a genius when it comes to overclocking but there a guides out there. I might as well give it a try, I have a decent water cooler. Thanks for these dude! Major help
  11. Okay so I tend to stream games here and then with a i7 4790k which is a quad core. This results in some games using too much CPU usage and making then stream laggy. I was seeing that the i7 8770k is a 6 core and it advertises it as a good streaming CPU. Now the first question is should I go through with upgrading? If yes, what are some good motherboards that aren't 150+ dollars? I want a reliable motherboard with decent features, I'm not really into all that flashing looking pc parts. Should I wait until there are sales???
  12. I saw a 980 ti for like 180, any good?
  13. I'm just wondering what cards should we keep an eye out for since rtx gpus are coming out? Prices will lower for previous generations and I was wondering what cards still hold up and will be even better since everyone is selling their for reasonable prices.
  14. CruxYo

    Mic Arm Help

    So I currently have the typical NEEWER mic arm and it has been used for quite a while. It now can't hold the weight of my samson C01UPro. I was wondering if any of you guys have any knowledge with mic arms. The part that cant hold the weight is where all the mounts screw onto. This part has been slipping out for a bit and I need to replace the arm anyways. (Picture included) Any ideas on any good arms?