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    Somewhere in Sweden
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    Gaming n' chill
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    Harsh life in chilly Sweden.
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    Some lit factory making cylinders


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix X470-I
  • RAM
    Crucial 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz CL15
  • GPU
    Gigabyte RTX 2080 WINDFORCE OC 8G
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    Fractal Design Meshify C Mini
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    120GB Intenso SSD 1TB Blue HDD 2TB Barracuda HDD
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    Fractal Design Integra M 650W
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    Aoc Q2790PQU/BT + some generic brand tv
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    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
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    Cooler master masterkeys lite keyboard rgb
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    Corsair M65 Pro
  • Sound
    Creative Gigaworks T3/ DT990 Pro 250Ohm
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    Windows 10 64Bit

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  1. There's a m.2 heatsink on the mobo that you need to remove in order to install a m.2 drive but ehm... the screws looks awfully small so I have to buy a new screwdriver and Im just wondering what size or type it could possibly be?
  2. Was it okay if I touched it with some paper towel first? Because I did that...
  3. Currently using the Phantkes Enthoo Evolv ITX case but switching to a Fractal Design Meshify C mini which is a mATX case.
  4. I didnt end up redoing it, I deemed it to be safe. I literally had bunch of thermal paste on the mobo from the wraith prism I had before but this is the result as of right now, didnt tidy up the cables because Im switching to another case next week so
  5. Uhm... Installing my Be quiet dark rock pro 4 right now... Is this alright? (Picture)
  6. It's these ones, literally cant find them on Crucials website so
  7. Yeah they're a few years old and Crucial has removed them entirely from their website so I have to go to review websites to find information about them. These are the ones I have, and they say 37mm so I just have to trust them on that. Edit at a closer look it says 38.6mm but that still under 40mm
  8. Yeah I found that yesterday too so I hope it fits, I also hope that the height of my ram is really 37mm because otherwise Im in trouble
  9. Hello, Im considering throwing away my stock cooler (Wraith Prism or whatever its called) and upgrading to a be Quiet! Dark rock Pro 4 but I might have clearance issues, no not with ram or height but with the actual motherboard itself, I have an Asus Rog Strix x470-I gaming, a mITX mobo and usually in most cases the cooler probably fits on a mITX board without any issues but Asus sometimes goes overkill with their high end mITX boards and well in the attached picture you can see the mobo actually has a daughterboard and Im not sure if the Dark rock pro 4 will fit because of it. I can remove the m.2 heatsink that is on the daughterboard but not the daughterboard
  10. Shit just worked after turning it off and on again. Wtf Asus...
  11. Noticed a green yellow led on the mobo which means its in boot but stuck I guess?
  12. Just to make sure, should I turn it off coz its still a black screen and Im so scared right now.
  13. Okay, as Im writing this my pc is on and the screen is completely black. I just updated my bios because I wanna see if it makes RDR2 finally work for me. I downloaded the correct file from asus website for my motherboard and put it on a usb stick, went into bios/uefi chose the file and clicked update. It did its job and told me it successfully updated my bios and then told me if I wanna reset everything and sure I do I have to after an bios update. But after this the press F1 screen usually comes up (I have updated the bios previously and if I remember correctly this step is directly after) but... No its just a black screen? Do I turn it off? Im super scared because Im a piss poor student atm and I cant afford to replace my motherboard.. My mobo: Asus Rog strix X470-I gaming went from version 2202 to 2304 There's no update between them so I know its the right one.
  14. Yeah I've seen that you can overclock the 5700XT A LOT if you got efficient cooling of course so you can press out a few more fps which also means it might just be way better than the 2070s in both pricing and performance and value of course