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  1. This is the best pic I can get, but as said, it exaggerates the issue a lot.
  2. I've tried, my phone overexaggerates the issue way too much and basically creates a whole vignette on the monitor lol.
  3. Yo! bought the 24G2U off of OCUK two days ago before it quickly went out of stock. First time with a 144hz monitor, super bright and colors overall look very nice. BUT there is one small problem it seems to get a little darker towards the sides of the monitor? I'm unsure if this is just improper viewing angle, as It dissapears when i move my head to compensate, but then appears on the other side. So unsure if it's improper viewing angle, shadows from myself, or soemthing I should RMA over? I can live with it tbf, i don't notice it when playing games and watching stuff, but it's still there. Thanks for any help!
  4. Sadly out of stock at OCUK and for some reason any place it's in stock it's like upwards of £250? really weird. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  5. Yo, looking for a monitor to upgrade to. Needs to be 24" Have Freesync 144hz 1080p IPS £180-£190 I got a few I'm interested in that fit the bill, are also height adjustable AOC 24G2U Has pretty great reviews online, but it's super limited in stock. Acer Nitro XV240YP Seems like it'd be good? but it also has literally no reviews online??? Really weird.. Thank you for any help!
  6. Yo! Thinking of getting a new display. I have my drawing tablet which is IPS, and only 60hz with pretty bad response time and stand for gaming (obvs fine for drawing) Actually need something better for gaming now. So are there many good 144 hz 24 inch monitors about? Preferablly around £170 I'd prefer they have pretty good color too, but idk too much about monitors to be frank I can use my tablet as my second monitor for color, although I think it might be on its last legs. So far the main one interesting me is the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P it seems to have everything i'd want , a 24 inch display (only tried out recently and now i need one for myself, my tablet 21 inches and those few inches make such a big difference) a hdmi and display port, a very good adjustable stand, and seemingly a good display. I'd like to hear about more options or experience with that monitor though before taking the plunge. Thanks!
  7. Is it only the game crashing, or does more happen? like your monitors going black, or freezing up or something?
  8. Alrighty then. HyperX also seems to have a good mousepad for £18.
  9. It's some sort of cloth I think. Kinda hard to tell and they don't list the materials annoyingly. Also I see. THere's also the goliathus speed for £20? idk if that's any good. And it might be grease although it's within minimal use it happened. Is there another type of mousepad that can avoid that type of friction creating issue?
  10. Yoo so, I don't really wanna spend above £20 max (preferablly lower) on a mousepad My current VIctsing extended seems fine? but sometimes it's a little frictiony I think? not sure if that's humidity or something? Plus when I wipe my finger on it, some very small, shiny glittery type dirt or something comes up on my finger, especially under a torch and that doesn't sound normal for a mousepad. Any suggestions? I kind of need or want another extended one to put my keyboard on, especially with my low sensitivity Thanks! I've been posting a lot of questions here lately, sorry.
  11. That's like £72 where I am. Also ended up ordering the Viper Mini, realising i like lightweight smaller mice after going back to my rival 100, pretty excited.
  12. God I know, it'd be amazing to watch. I've heard a lot of good things about that mouse, and it's only £10 above my refund so I could probs get it. Even if I am a little like, mad with Logitech since my switch malfunctioned after 5 months. Tho i'm still pretty convinced by the CM M710 ngl. It's wired which still isn't a huge issue, exactly my refund and after going back to my smaller lightweight mouse, the rival 100, I feel it'd suit me pretty well tbh. Only time can tell for now.
  13. How long till we see a large esports team running exclusively amazon basics mice? Fr tho, I'm sure those types are good for general use, and hell maybe even rpgs and mobas. for an epic occasional fps gamer like myself, they probs wouldn't fair too well. tho ofc i haven't used or tried them so i'm going off assumption
  14. I do, but I'm gonna just go with what ever I find for now. I've actually found a good looking one that's exactly my refund money though, the CM MM710 for £35 Same lightweight Model O/D type design too. Pretty good reviews. So I think that might end up being the choice?
  15. Yeah the lancehead is defo cheaper on Ebay haha, not seeing steals like yours, but definitely considerable deals. I even found the wireless version (used) for about £40. I don't see many good reviews regarding the wireless one tho, haha.
  16. Since what I assume was the switch for my left click on my G603 got messed after only 5 months I kinda wanna step away from logitech rn to an extent. And yeah, Razer seems nice but alot of the newer mice after the Deathadder Elite and Naga seem pretty pricey. Nightsword seems interesting , although £70 is a bit steep. Since my refund is £34 I'm probs looking more into the £50-£60 range I think.
  17. I've honestly never used Razer mice, I've just heard they're good, I think I've mainly used Logitech and Steelseries.
  18. Yo I've had to return my G603 due to an issue with the left clicks swithc double clicking when it shouldn't be. It's out of stock on amazon so I'm getting a refund (only £34 since I got it on discount but better than nothing) Does anyone have any good mouse of a similar shape, and price tag? and if possible, wireless? The Model O and Deathadder elite both look interesting Thanks
  19. Alright, if cleaning doesn't work out I'll see about giving them a go. Not sure whether to try those or a new mousepad first though. Mousepad would be easier and faster since I can just refund back to amazon if it makes little difference. Those I'd have to wait about a week or two for when ordering from the official website. Although I'm currently trying to get a replacement for this mouse anyway, since it's got another issue of double clicking randomly, waiting for a reply back from logitech. Warranty should still be valid since i'ts only been 5 bloody months.
  20. Oh didn't realize the item location is in germany, means I shouldn't have to pay customs Nearly £12 seems kinda steep for one feet replacement tho. are they worth it? Edit: Oh it's two feet replacements
  21. Ah ok, i've been doing it completely dry, I'll try it damp then. And sadly those aren't sold on UK amazon or Ebay as far as I can see.
  22. I tried it on my bros mousepad, I can feel a bit of friction there, but there seems to be more on mine, it's kinda hard to tell with just a quick test tho. The feet have a few scratches, and maybe some dirt I cant see, other than dirt around the edges. The rival 100 are very scratched, very dirty, and some of them are out of place
  23. https://www.amazon.co.uk/VicTsing-800x400x2-5mm-Extended-Non-Slip-Water-Resistant/dp/B077HX2VZM/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=victsing+mousepad&qid=1586220059&sr=8-3 Victsing, not a "gamer" one as the extra larges seem really expensive last time I checked? It was super smooth day one, I've had the mousepad for about the same time I've had the mouse. I tested it on an old rival 100 with really fucked up feet and that seemed smoother so I'm unsure
  24. Yo i've had my G603 for about 5 months, and I think maybe the mouse feet are already going bad? There seems to be some resistance when moving it across the mousepad not a TONNE but enough for me to notice it. I'm unsure if there's a way I can clean or renew them or of it means I need to replace them entirely. Is there a way to safely clean them? I've used a cleaning cloth and even toilet paper dry but it doesn't seem to work. The feet themselves aren't beat up so I can only assume it's dirt. And also if not, are there any suggested aftermarket replacements? If I can find them on UK amazon Thanks.