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  1. That is easier said then done. You cant just "modernise" a running system that is 15+ years old, with tons of self made stuff. I will try a 32 bit windows 10 installation tomorrow and see if that works
  2. I can only use that specific old driver and not a new driver. The Driver is used in a by a coworker self-written conversion software, and that software does not work with new drivers.
  3. Hi, i am having trouble installing an old Label printer driver on win 10. Its an Avery 64-06. The Driver is only a .INF File. When rightclicking the inf file and install it says the signature of the driver is not correct. So I disabled the signature check from Windows and it says it succesfuly completed the task. The thing is the Driver still does not show in the Driver list. Another method would be installing the driver via Devices and Printers. After selecting the driver manually it says that it does not find a x64 comaptible driver. The third method would be to get it via the Print server window on windows. When I add it manually here, it says " the selected driver must be installed remotely from an x86 Computer using Typ 3 (user mode) drivers." The best way i think would be to just run the driver in compatibility mode, yet I have no clue how to do that with an inf file, as it does not have the option under properties. Anyone has an idea how to get this driver installed without having to setup a xp installation?
  4. Ofc, I would recommend the same thing, yet I am not the one to judge his decisions. He just said he needed more RAM
  5. No, there is literally no download for just the bios file. It is only Installer Exe's. If i get hold of his Laptop again, i will try running the 8.1 installer. I can also not locate any cab file whatsoever in the exe
  6. Well, what Driver should I pick, when there are no Windows 10 Drivers? 7,8,8.1 ? Obviously I checked the Bios Version, it was 3.13 and the newest Version is from 2013 3.23. As with the bios, its the same with drivers. There are no Windows 10 Bios Updates Aviable.
  7. https://www.acer.com/datasheets/2012/4876/V3-571G/NX.RZLEG.005.html My friend upgraded his RAM to 2x8GB from 2x4GB. When only 1 RAM stick is in, everything works fine. With 2 RAM Sticks it crashes instantly. Bios shows all 16Gig. Booting into safe mode makes the system run normally. While in safe mode I checked and the 16GB are regognized from windows 10 64bit Home too * (upgraded from Win 7). The Bios has literally no options whatsoever. No Ram Timings, Voltage etc. Some Websites report that the system can have up to 16GB RAM others say only 8GB RAM. Acer's datasheet says only 8GIG MAX. On which im not sure if they just mean it only comes with max 8gb pre configured or it just cant support more. Bios Updates are a mystery. There are no Updates for WIndows 10 Aviable and the latest for Win 7 is from 2012/13. Any Possible solutions for this, or just tell him to send the RAM back to amazon and get a new laptop?
  8. Well the question is in the title, I own jd 2019 for the switch and don't know if I should get jd 2020 next or unlimited for 2019.
  9. My Current Setup is a 3 Port HDR 4k TV. Going on 1 HDMI Port is my audio system on the HDMI Arc Port. The problem I am facing now is, i still have to connect my FireTV4k Stick, Ps4 Pro with HDR meaning i need max bandwith on that, 4K BlueRay Player, Nintendo Switch and my PC. My solution for this problem was to buy a 4k30hz switch with 5 Ports which didnt work out. My Pc didnt work on it (obviously..) and as soon as there were more then 2 Signals at once it couldnt handle anything. The Fire TV Stick always being on would make it switch automatically (literally every switch i find has an auto input switch). I would also prefer the Tv STick to always be on a set HDMI Slot since its like the main screen of the TV. That leaves me with needing a Switch that can support the full 4k 60hz HDR from the Pro. I got 2 switches on my watchlist: More Expensive one Cheaper one The thing is someone says in the comments of the cheaper on that he only gets 2160p-YUV420 instead of 2160p-RGB. And in the comments of the more expensive one everyone says it works fine with the PS4 Pro. Which gets my confused, since both seem to have the same specs.. Anyone can help me with a decision, or even a better solution?
  10. nvm solved it, Turn on "OTG Storage" in settings > advanced. Source: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/oneplus-5-doesnt-recognize-usb-stick.630636/ opened on 26.11.2018 at 16:43
  11. Hey all, I just got a Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type c and USB 3.1 but when i stick it into my Oneplus 5T it does not seem to recognize it. I can see it fine on pc
  12. So for some reason my new microphone i bought with a stand and a pop filter is worse then my hyper x cloud 2 mic, the new microphone picks up way more of the keyboard then the hyper x, why did i even buy a pop filter if it doenst do anything? Another thing is that im very quiet and have to set the level of the mic to 100 so im loud enough ( https://gyazo.com/67dbeaad3b695e2cf2dd9d5172a66393 ), which i think causes another isse: its rushing (or hissing?) pretty loud. 1 thing that i also miss is that there is no fifth tab on the top of the settings for the mic ( https://gyazo.com/5aae2103279c3e63d13f45249dd477cc ), why do i not have the option to supress rushing like on other mics ive had? Another thing is that my friends said its echoing a bit. This is the first mic on a stand so maybe i have to position it diffrent? I tried out having it to the left of my face. haveing it up left to my screen up left to the keyboard, but it all makes no diffrence. Right now i am very close the the mic and still have to set the level to 100 so you can here me, ive also installed the latest realtek audio driver. At this point i guess ill just send it back. Someone has ideas to fix my problems or can help ? Thanks !
  13. Hello, i bought myself 2x8gb Gskill 3200 DDR4 for my PC, and currently curring 2x4gb Gskill 3200 ddr4,my bios is the newest version. When i have 16gb ram it starts, when i have 8gb ram it starts, but when i put in the 8gb to the 16gb the pc starts but does not give a display signal and the graphicscard also stops spinning.