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  1. I've made a rough CAD model od the desk. I had to make a few assumptions as the plan was missing a few dimensions (Some were mentioned in the video). I'm attaching SW 2020 and STEP files. @NickHeavy I hope that's okay I'm sharing this. Table_assembly.SLDASM Table_assembly.STEP Table_leg.SLDPRT Table_leg.STEP Table_top.SLDPRT Table_top.STEP
  2. I use Master Liquid 240 non-lite and it handles my 2700X like a champ. Unfortunately the included fans aren't very good. At anything more than 40% speed they're uncomfortably loud. I'm planning on replacing them soon. I'd have gone for an air cooler but I really like the looks of an AIO. At this price point especially it's the only reason to go with CLC to be honest.
  3. Did Nicholas forget about the CAD files? Can't find the links.
  4. A few days ago I built my first desktop PC in almost 16 years. After few hours of stress and sweat the baby's done. Certainly could improve some things and also I couldn't for the life of me put the Cooler Master logo the right way around. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk RAM: HyperX Predator 2x8GB 3200MHz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB GDDR6 Gaming Advanced (that name...) Case: NZXT H500 Black-Red SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB M.2 NVMe HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200rpm PSU: be quiet! Pure Power 11CM 600W 80+ Gold Mouse: Logitech 603 Lightspeed Keyboard: Corsair K55 Speakers: Logitech Z333 Monitor: Dell P2417H
  5. It's not a serious issue but for some reason I cannot play 1080p videos through my Chromecast. It started a couple of months ago. Some short videos (3-4 minutes) play fine from time to time but any longer than that just refuses to start. 720p works just fine. It doesn't matter if I cast from a phone or PC. Chromecast itself is connected to a 5GHz network. I cast same / higher bitrate content just fine from other sources (local or not) with no problems. I have 70Mb/s down / 15Mb/s up internet connection. Location: Poland.
  6. I can honestly recommend Audio Technica ATH-AR3BT. They're a little over $100, but they're are worth every single penny. http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/b3e2df87164ad209/index.html EDIT: I didn't notice "simultaneously". Yeah, I don't think there's anything like that. Like @ShadySocks said, you're better off looking for a software solution.
  7. @LinusTech I would love to see your take on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga. Looks really interesting
  8. These are awesome! Kinda like mini vlogs every day. A liked the one from yesterday when Linus threw a box of speakers into his son's face ?
  9. Here are some cool uses from good guys at XDA. Maybe you'll find something you like https://forum.xda-developers.com/u/reusing-devices
  10. I still can't believe it ;( Who's gonna make fun of Dennis now and give me some amazing lifting and life tips? We'll miss you Nicky V ?
  11. That was quick! I'll look into both configurations, and once I make my choice, I'll post my build on the forums. Thank you guys!
  12. Hi! My very first post on the comunnity, which I hope to be valuable member some day. To be honest I don't have all that much of experience with PC building and I stopped catching up with the industry since GeForce 9xxx series (yeah...). I've been using laptops only for a long time, but now I need something more powerful and future proof, so: What's it for: Gaming- I'd like to be able to play most recent titiles and 1080p at high settings. Vector graphics- 2D and 3D drawings using AutoCAD, 3Ds Max and SolidWorks. This one is really important. The PC has to handle complex drawings and 3D models flawlessly. I need: PC: -no optical drive -SSD would be nice -at least one USB C (not necessary, but it would make file transfers to my Nexus 6P easier) -Two HDMIs or HDMI + DisplayPort -AC Wi-Fi Monitor: 24" (not more, no less, as I want it to match my current one) Other: Mouse and Keyboard No Windows needed Price: 1500-2000$ Other than the above I have no idea how to even begin to pick the parts. I'' be thankful for any help.