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  1. Hi, I've just finished my last Trimester at Uni for the year. An got some spare time now, an would like to learn coding as a little side hobby. Just wanting to know what a good coding language to learn as a starting point. I've done a little research and came down to two Java or Python. I mainly want to make applications for Windows , Android and Android TV. Any help on this would be great. Cheers.
  2. Hi, Just wanting to get suggestions on a decent laptop bag with lots of compartments and sleeves for Uni. I'm an Architecture student an I've have to carry alot of things like T-sqaure , A3 Folios , etc. My budget is pretty flexable of $200 AUD and looking at getting a Backpack style. Any Suggestions or help on a decent bag would be great. Cheers.
  3. Hi LTT community, Just wanting to know how much would you pay for a TV / Monitor wall bracket. Currently looking at getting a full motion bracket for my 55" TV and range from $50 - $250 AUD. Cheers.
  4. Hi, Just looking at upgrading my old i7 4790k CPU and MOBO to the new Ryzen 3rd Gen 3700X platform. Just wanting to know some suggestions for a mobo similiar to my current mobo MSI Z97A Gaming 7. I use my PC for Architectural Renders / Drawings and Home theatre / Gaming. I do require alot of i/o usbs ports my budget for a mobo probs between $200 - $400 AUD. Cheers.
  5. Tried that method, it seems to be the monitor disconnecting / connecting via display port not my HDMI. I've just contact Benq and awaiting a reply.
  6. About 20m hdmi I've got a booster for another device I can try. I'll keep you posted if that solves the issue.
  7. Hi, So I've been having an issue with my setup where I like to duplicate my displays from two seperate rooms. First display is a Benq Monitor XL2420G in my Office and the Second is a Sony KDL55W800c TV in my Living Room. The issue I'm having is when I manually turn off my Monitor and just have my TV on. I get 5 second flicker that occurs twice then a nofication appears saying Nvidia display has been connected. This can occur several times when watching Movies, Games and so on. An I havent found a solution. It also happens when extending the displays aswell. Not sure if its a power setting on my monitor or a windows / nvidia driver causing the issue. Any help on this would be great. Cheers.
  8. No luck. I've spoken to Kayo in regards to this an they reckon its my TV's processor. But in reality their application is only being tested on Nvidia Shield devices not other TV models.
  9. Hi, Just been looking for a laptop screen replacement for my old Asus N56VM. Found one on ebay but am I getting the best for my money? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Asus-N56V-Series-N56VM-Laptop-Screen-Replacement-15-6-LCD-LED-HD-Display/282920378082?epid=2105813389&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item41df5e5ee2:g:WRAAAOSwbh9ckNCB&enc=AQAEAAAB4BPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qXDAg7WWbHufRl4EFdd%2FTlVENz%2FQWvdYmKTxety3IjNePCcBYTj4F265X2DNXspsVyBpKVh1Rb4YkfurEU304TUusdAM3KEeqgLvnc1aomJSWbqKCPsSdEH9cLv7zf7xuSAvA9vko%2FGa4RhXkAloJ2A6ckpr4sHb9dwX5FGojCwZAOoGp114q71xZKu3uVxXgfTPOSRUidncXXmTvDQP%2BxEeXKL9PS8eJ35Hs%2F28QxTjn4LWPRLmAfmplKUpwuWGbyrb3NR5MPknRlmFT21MfvOdSPhPQ%2FMk8ISYz4tDZOQ185Y%2FHllYS5j2VU73Pn%2B%2F%2BOtfYqhInVjSoGgiFUNtx8UYenmpEebPuVJ0KHJHRhJwdilGsIPJB9xzeYXg%2BKnOq9oYx4R7FlUOMRCY7IB5OilsnIycitDxtl2cBLnqAPjcDzC%2F7e0QJQhbErQRW3ngQ56xC%2BVHB7GwKIpXiEZfjzzSk1QBv8mWmC7d8SwWk73SOX0BkHQz4Zxmp2HKkh2TMpYlDKzRp%2BJSaSKaOeNyIKfAZNIKBsJrRp6IR3Rjw2tHMSQktP3ZIo2tiiN7wh7zmZtoXDYAyM02xN9JkDirpZMumPg314r2wCDlyJvVx2kWQ%3D%3D&checksum=2829203780826b1530a1898444c886906eaf7f2552b5&frcectupt=true Because is it possible to find a 40 pin connector full 1080p screen 15.6inch replacement alternative and would it work with my laptop? Cheers.
  10. Hi, So just would like to inform the HTPC community that Plex have decided to no longer support the TV layout and then eventually their Desktop media Player. This is some deverstating news. Would like to hear the community's thought about this bold move by Plex. Cheers.
  11. Is it possible to flush an older version of android tv Nougat with the lastest version? Similiar to android phones. Cheers.
  12. Hi, Just been cleaning up and organising my PC and stumbled upon a few random folders seperate from my primary " Games " folder on my secondary hard drive. So after some googling it turned out its from the Microsoft store applications. Which I couldnt seem to find the option in settings to put into a specfic folder e.g " Games\Windows Store\ ". Is there a possible solution or method like regedit or setting to do this? Cheers.
  13. I guess at this stage its the process or elimination whether its related to downloading from the new xbox game pass or whether its a windows issue. Hopefully its just an app issue.