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    djdelarosa25 reacted to itachikurosaki121 in Should I buy secondhand RAM?   
    I've honestly only bought used ram or received ram from a friend...I've never had a problem with it but just make sure you buy it from a certified distributor that does testing or want to chance Craigslist or something like that which i have also done and havent gotten  any bad parts * Knock on wood*
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to zMeul in Upgrade RAM or new mousepad?   
    you could use a book as mouse pad, you can't use a book as RAM
    more RAM, mate .. more RAM
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to JoeR in Upgrade RAM or new mousepad?   
    There are no dumb questions
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Ryan_Vickers in Is this because of my RAM?   
    It might help.  For one, it would help you avoid paging which, if you are paging, will provide a massive performance and usability boost.  Second, it will give room to store more prerendered frames so when you play, it can go for longer before having to read (slowly) from disk.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Phentos in Good CPU stress testing program for laptop undervolt   
    Run Prime95 with small FFTs for at least 5 hours. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Jacktastic-Mofo in Good CPU stress testing program for laptop undervolt   
    Aida 64 or Prime 95
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Atmos in I need your help guys   
    And it suddenly slides into place, all the pieces make sense.
    Listen, at your age relationships are fast, feelings are easily hurt, and people change a lot. Around that age, I had a very similar experience. I was a freshmen in highschool, and was introduced to a girl through my best friend. At 14 it sounded stupid, but it was love at first sight, at least for me. Those two, similarly, entered into a relationship together. For four years they were in and out of that relationship, they just weren't compatible but kept trying. Finally, after those four years of waiting for them to finally break it off, I stepped up. towards the end of my senior year she had been out of any sort of a relationship for a couple months now, and prom was coming up. We had been working very closely in a special school program that whole year, growing closer. I finally manned up and asked her to prom; Her words, I'll never forget. "What took you so long..." I was the happiest I'd ever been in my life. four years of waiting, torturing myself, finally over, and over in the best way. In the build up to prom, we were talking and spending a lot more time together, and I ended up saying something stupid and something I thought wasn't a big deal, but it hit a soft spot on her and made her cry. I didn't find out about that until after I had left, and when I found out I was so distraught that I punched the wall in my room, breaking a knuckle and spraining my wrist with only a month or so left till prom. Now, I had other girl friends during HS, she wasn't my first by any long shot, but there was just this feeling that she was it, she was who I wanted to be with more than anything else in the world. Long story short, or shorter at least, we went to prom together... And it was a total nightmare. One of my friends who was supposed to double date if you will with me, got dumped at the door. The music was awful, my date spent the entire time running around with her bff, another girl. The time we did manage to spend together alone, she spent on her phone texting my former best friend (We fell out around junior year). At the end of the night I was done. done with it all. I broke up with her the day after prom, she agreed, but was saddened by it.
    A month after prom, the school year ended, and she married to my former best friend. (Then then of course, divorced within a year)
    Now, I only say that because... Well... I understand what you're going through, I went through something extremely similar. You're not perfect, you're going to say, and do things that are going to upset people; no matter how hard you try its going to happen. The best thing you can do, is confront the outcomes. Its going to suck, and its going to hurt, love does, but its because love hurts that it becomes so rewarding when you succeed. Give her a little bit of time, let her sleep on it, and then apologize, tell her you messed up, tell her you were wrong, and you just wanted to make her feel like she was all that mattered to you, if that's how you truly feel.
    Now... Despite that feeling, that that person was my one and only love, I moved on. I struggled for a month or so after that nightmare, but then realized something. Sometimes, the person that you feel the most pulled towards isn't the best option for you, sometimes its the person that you're most comfortable around. That you can let your guard down around, that you can be at peace with. Much like my ex-best friend, and former flame, they were extremely drawn to each other, but that would result in an equally fast repulsion after they got close. Love is complex, and its dumb, especially at your age, and hell even at mine; there are times when me and my wife bicker like teenagers again. Just know that there are going to be times when you f*ck up; afterwards, you'll have to be a man and face the consequences.
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from DarkSmith2 in Logitech G100s vs Steelseries Rival 100   
    But I trust that the AM010 is a far superior sensor than the 3059? Or is it just in the same league?
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    djdelarosa25 got a reaction from Kobathor in Does this girl like me?   
    I just want to give a massive thank you to all the guys that helped me. Yes, we confessed our feelings for each other. I never expected a tech forum to be a catalyst for me to have confidence and stand up to her.
    Once again, I love you guys <3
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to christianled59 in Does this girl like me?   
    Congrats m8. Good luck with your new relationship. Also

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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Kobathor in Does this girl like me?   
    she liek you???
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Praesi in Does this girl like me?   
    You are young and you have nothing to lose. Go for her. ...Ohhh you already did. Good Job ?
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Liltrekkie in Does this girl like me?   
    My gut says yes, however, you should ask her that. Because it's better to ask than lean towards an assumption and be wrong. 
    Us guys like to pretend we know how girls work and think but in reality sometimes we are better off just asking a magic 8 ball. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to ConneelyS in Does this girl like me?   
    This person's picture is of Chris Pine! Trust this man hahah
    I know it sounds kinda bad but the worst thing that can happen is she says no, continue being friendly and you never know someday it might change. Good Luck !
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to A/C in Does this girl like me?   
    Yes. Go for it, you have much to gain and next to nothing to lose, trust me.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to mrchow19910319 in Does this girl like me?   
    Looks like someone's in love. 
    Forget about the pic and the salty comment above. My cat does this kind of things sometimes.
    Go for it. You will always remember this no matter how old you will get.

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    djdelarosa25 reacted to K0MP4CT in Does this girl like me?   
    Most likely. Although girls can be dumb (I'm not generalising don't get angry everyone). I know a lot of girls that will act like this for pure attention. I'm not saying boys don't, but from my personal experience, girls tend to do it more often than boys. 
    However, that's not everyone, and from what you've said it's likely that she has feelings for you. I'm not sure what Grade 10 equates to in the UK, just don't rush into anything is what I'm trying to say!
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to K0MP4CT in Does this girl like me?   
    So that would be year 11 here. 
    Well, I wish you the best of luck!
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to K0MP4CT in Does this girl like me?   
    Whenever I meet someone new I make sure they know I'm a computer nerd, it's a big part of my life
    But again in all seriousness OP. I don't know where the idea that you have to be so direct comes from. For me, I've never had to ask someone to be my girlfriend, what happens usually is that if you both like each other, you'll end up finding out on your own. I can't explain it, you can just tell when you're around that person that the feelings are mutual. Then if you really do feel comfortable tell her, but, try and tell her in person, it's a big thing to do!
    And can someone please explain what Grade 10 is in the UK? What age range is Grade 10?
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to Gale in Does this girl like me?   
    She just sounds like a regular tween. But hey, go for her.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to JamGorby in Does this girl like me?   
    And then you say "I'm gonna be doing some upgrades soon. I don't know whether to get a GTX 1080 or wait for the next Titan." This will let her know you're a big shot. And everyone knows hoes love GPU's.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to mrchow19910319 in Does this girl like me?   
    Alright........ Don't .. don't fake it OP...
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to JamGorby in Does this girl like me?   
    If that's really who you are then she'll sense it. But if it's an act she'll know/ She might not be able to consciously realize, but she'll sense something is 'off'. Girls are conditioned from birth to have really snooty BS detectors. It's not even a conscious thing for them. And, when you think about it, they have to from a biological and evolutionary standpoint. An attractive girl gets way more offers for sex than any man. She has a lot more crap to wade through. She produces 1 egg a month to our millions of sperm an hour. Evolutionary speaking, men don't have to be nearly as careful. 
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to mrchow19910319 in Does this girl like me?   
    Can I just say that I get nervous when I met someone i like???
    Problem solved.
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    djdelarosa25 reacted to JamGorby in Does this girl like me?   
    First part I agree with. Second part, not so much. Nervousness usually conveys dishonesty. If you're being true and being yourself, why be nervous? 
    Convey confidence. Convey "I am someone of value". You can let her know you find her attractive. But don't treat her special simply because you find her attractive (which is a really great way to end up in the friendzone). The message to convey can be something along the lines of "I find you very attractive. But beauty is not terribly uncommon. What else is there to you than your looks." And don't give her anything that she isn't going to give back (another way to get friendzoned).