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  1. Tried reinstalling. Nothing. Yep, it's an app that lets met set audio profiles, etc.
  2. I have reinstalled my audio drivers and whenever I type "Dell Audio" on the Start menu, it pops up but doesn't work whenever I click it. (1st picture) The shortcut under the Start menu folders works, though. (2nd picture)
  3. I surely will Thanks for all your awesome advice
  4. Is there an app that allows me to automatically connect to preferred networks?
  5. I find it disturbing that Android doesn't have this feature natively. Do you guys know a workaround?
  6. Yeah, people keep on suggesting that I get a laser printer but the cheapest one that I could find that prints color is almost double the price of these two Why the Epson?
  7. Thanks for your replies, guys! I actually just switched to Bitdefender Free recently as I was sick of Defender's false positives and brutally long scan times. Was it a good move?
  8. Nope. I go to a public school here in the Philippines and they are notorious for the lack of proper equipment and facilities. Only teachers get access to printers. Besides, I want to be able to print at home so that I can finish my homework as late as I want to without having to wake up early and go somewhere to print etc. My whole family will be using this printer
  9. Hi, I'm a student and I'm looking for a printer with cheap ink. Here are the two best ones according to my research. Which do you think is better? Epson L120 https://www.epson.com.ph/Ink-Tank/Ink-Tank-System/Epson-L120-Ink-Tank-Printer/p/C11CD76401#Jw9qqS7rCC2Cyi34.97 Ink price: CMYK (all 70mL bottles) - PHP 245 ($5) Canon G1000 http://www.canon.com.ph/products/consumer/inkjet/single-function-printers/pixma-g1000 Ink price: CMY (70mL bottles) and black (140mL bottle) - PHP 295 ($6)
  10. How about Bitdefender Free? I got tired of Defender's penchant for false positives.
  11. Thanks, man. I appreciate your advice
  12. If not, please offer a better free anti-virus system that is more effective and uses less system resources.
  13. Long story short, I went to a school far away from home and the people were terrible. Bullies everywhere, no one took school seriously, etc. I ended up going back to my former school where my classmates were always competitive and disciplined. However, I've already missed about two weeks of their schoolwork (they started earlier) and I, being a consistent honor student in my previous years, will have to catch up and it's almost a guarantee that I will get low grades this semester. How do I cope up with failure as I am not used to doing so?
  14. What if the other AP is a WiFi repeater?
  15. I'm in an isolated area (only one neighbor's WiFi reaches but not everytime, sometimes two of them show up) and my router only supports 2.4 GHz. Should I go for 20 or 40 MHz?
  16. Hi there. I'm gonna buy a printer for college, and I found a very cheap Canon Pixma iP2870s for P1500 ($30, brand new). I was thinking of buying it and paying someone to convert it to become an ink tank-based printer and just use cheap third party liquid ink to save some costs. However, someone on Reddit told me that conversion is not a good idea and reduces the lifespan of the printer. Instead, he recommended me an ink tank printer (Epson L210, extremely common here in the Philippines and I think the cheapest ink tank printer) for $100. What do you guys think?
  17. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Can someone give me a list of ad sites? Google is confusing my searches for ad posting sites lmao
  18. Title says it all. My TV is a Samsung 49" FHD Curved Smart TV Series 6 (Model Number: K6300), if that helps.
  19. My WiFi modem doesn't support 5GHz, however we are wirelessly isolated (at the moment, the three SSID's that are showing are all from our house) and our devices are modern.
  20. We have two wireless AP's in the house, one is from the ISP provided router and one is a WiFi repeater. Our area isn't congested, though there are times when two of my neighbors' AP's pop up randomly. Should I set my router's frequency bandwidth to 20MHz, 40MHz, or just leave it at auto?
  21. Thanks for your reply I guess I might go with the microSD cards as they are cheaper and if they need to fit on a phone that supports it, they're ready for it.