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  1. You do realize the subforum that I posted this on is Phones and Tablets
  2. I have this impulse to clear cache many times in a day (through the Settings app and SD Maid Pro). I also clear the cache partition (done via recovery) every few days. I was wondering, is there any negative effect by doing so this frequently? If so, how often should I perform it instead?
  3. While I do understand your point, and I hate to be an asshole because I'm the one asking for help... are you kidding me?
  4. I occasionally deal with my classmates' thumb drives because of, you know, school work. More often that not, these things have malware on them, and I'm tired of running an MBAM scan every time I plug one into my laptop. Windows Defender doesn't seem to scan flash drives when I insert them, and I'm not really keen on the idea of purchasing an AV that does this since I'm broke. Do you guys have any suggestions on what program would work best for me?
  5. Thanks for rhe feedback! Do you have any recommendations for free AV that scans flash drives upon insertion?
  6. I have a 16 GB SanDisk flash drive (dual OTG, USB-A and C). It's been fine for the first few weeks that I had it, but recently, I noticed something strange. When I plug it in, Windows would inform me that something is wrong with the drive, and that I should run a scan. After doing so, strangely enough, it tells me that nothing is wrong. I tried cleaning and formatting the drive using Diskpart (FAT32), and still, the problem remains. Sometimes when I try to copy a file, and right click on the an empty space on the drive and click on "Paste", it would just disconnect and I would have to reconnect it. And by the time a file transfer is on the way, say a 4 GB movie, after 10% is complete, the 30-40 MB/s transfer speed crawls to 10%. I tried using h2testw to verify any bad sectors and it reports that everything is fine. I also tried using USB Flash Benchmark and the speeds seem alright. What the hell is wrong with this thing?
  7. Title says it all. I'm in need of a program that tests flash drives if they are counterfeit or not.
  8. As a student, my flash drives occasionally get plugged in and out of my classmates' laptops and print shop PCs, which may or may not contain malware. I find it very frustrating to not be able to do something about it, so I did some research and I've read that I should to download an "immunizer" application that disables some autorun scripts on the flash drive itself in order to prevent the malware from executing its functions. Just wondering, is this legit? Here's sample links of the programs I'm referring: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Antivirus/Removal-Tools/BitDefender-USB-Immunizer.shtml http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/Panda-USB-Vaccine.shtml Also, what free program can scan flash drives upon plugging them and remove malware in the process?
  9. Yup, I used AIDA64 with CPU, FPU, cache, and RAM checked when I undervolted the CORE ONLY to -0.90mV. It passed an eight-hour run, but would crash a few hours into CS:GO. Reduced the undervolt to -0.85mV (both core and cache this time) and ran AIDA64 again (same boxes ticked) for eight hours and it passed. Haven't tried to play CS:GO yet. I might disconnect from a competitive match again lol. Is there any other stress tester that will help catch errors that AIDA64 cannot?
  10. Thanks, guys! What stress test program should I use and how long should I run it?
  11. I don't experience any throttling, but it gets a bit warm when under load (not that much). Should I undervolt it?
  12. Windows Spotlight seems to be broken in my system. I already tried the tutorial here to reset the feature (https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/82156-reset-re-register-windows-spotlight-windows-10-a.html), but it doesn't work. Every time I choose "Windows Spotlight" as the lock screen, click the back arrow, and click "Lock screen" again check to see if it works, it reverts back to "Picture". This is getting really frustrating. Please help
  13. Surface Pros are over my budget, unfortunately
  14. I'm planning on buying an ultrabook that I'll be using for college. My budget is around ₱30,000 (~$600). It will be used for general web surfing, photo editing, video editing, maybe AutoCAD, that kind of stuff. I don't think I'll be gaming on the thing, I don't have time for that anymore. A good screen, nice build quality, long battery life, and no heating issues would all be nice to have as well. Thanks to all who will comment.
  15. Mate, the whole thing with today's UI moving with flat design is that it looks simpler and cleaner, whilst decreasing graphical load. I mean, you can't be serious by saying the Aero is more modern than the Metro. Even iOS and Android have gone flat, because that's the way forward.
  16. When Windows 10 first came out, I hated how it looked and how bloated it was. I wanted to revert back to 7 so badly but I didn't since I'm the type of guy to always be on the bleeding edge of stuff. But now, I got used to how 10 looks, would even say it looks better than 7 now. One quirk that I still dislike is the proprietary Windows apps. Idk why Microsoft had to do that when Media Player, Photo Viewer, and the like worked totally fine. Windows 7 would still be fine, but the whole interface looks dated now. When you get used to a modern UI, you don't ever want to go back.
  17. I am using a program called ThrottleStop to undervolt my laptop. I have configured it via Task Scheduler to launch minimized at the log on of any user. Is there any way to launch it with the icon hidden in the system tray, similar to how Windows Defender works?
  18. I'm planning on buying a flash drive for school use. I found some pretty cheap 32GB Sandisk Ultra's for around $10. I also found a Sandisk Dual Drive (USB-A and USB-C) 16GB for the same price, 32GB is around $18. My phone is a Moto Z Play, and I thought that the USB-C would be useful if I didn't bring my laptop but wanted to send some files to my classmates. Keep in mind, I'm in high school, and I'm from the Philippines as well, and we don't have large amounts of allowance to buy these things. The cheaper the better, of course without sacrificing on quality. But seeing as these are legit Sandisk ones, I'm not worrying. I'm much not of a hoarder as well. I tend to delete most crap I won't ever need, but I think 16GB will just barely be cutting it. So, should I get the standard 32GB Sandisk Ultra, the 16GB Sandisk Dual, or the 32GB one? I'll be loaning from my mom since I'm broke lol so I don't think she'll be happy with the $18 one.
  19. Thanks guys. Do you know how to start TS with the icon only on the notification area? I dislike having to close the program every time I log in to my account.
  20. Cool thanks. Also, which would you recommend, XTU or ThrottleStop?
  21. When running AIDA 64's stress test, I just leave cache checked on to test it, right?
  22. I have a few questions about undervolting my laptop's processor and integrated GPU. First, which is the better software, Intel XTU or Throttlestop? Second, is the cache voltage threshold the same as the core voltage (meaning, the should I undervolt the cache with the same values as the core?) Lastly, what program should I use to test the iGPU undervolt? Every GPU stress test program out there seems to test my dedicated GPU only.