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  1. So would this be good to download a steam game on so it can run a little faster?
  2. The world I knew was that my 1080p ultra wide monitor was good enough for 1080p gaming, then Linus said their shouldn't be any artifacts on his eyes, and then I see the artifact- everything I know is a lie.
  3. You should do more smart home videos like this,, smart speakers and LED's are the most you've done in the past
  4. My i7-4790K is still holding up well, I don't feel like it's slow, but I've never experienced the feel of the new cpu
  5. I was thinking that it was supposed to be a GPU with 6GB but the 6th module didn't meet it's standards so they took it out and placed the 5GB card to China instead of throwing them out.
  6. First thanks for the quick response, even though it took me a day respond. So setting up the SSH I found this online: https://www.howtogeek.com/336775/how-to-enable-and-use-windows-10s-built-in-ssh-commands/ Or should I do like what @samcool55 said: Sorry getting kinda confused. Don't want it to be to be "ghetto"
  7. OpenVPN has a lot of options for the unraid server, which one should I use? And will it be fine with my Pentium G3258?
  8. Is there a built in feature for windows 10 and unraid? I see the option for TFTP client for windows 10, would that be any better?
  9. @samcool55 1) So my method will work? 2) I "trust" Teamvier's encryption. 3) But how will SFTP work?
  10. So I have a unraid NAS (https://pcpartpicker.com/user/-dudeomfgstufx-/saved/RHRZxr) that I want to be able to access over the internet from anywhere. I don't trust my security to open the ports on my router, because other people us the same internet router at home. I want to use a this mini pc(https://www.ebay.com/itm/ECS-Liva-Mini-PC-Celeron-N2807-2GB-64GB-x64-Why-Intel-Compute-Stick-Unbuntu/123228028182?hash=item1cb0f67d16:g:p0EAAOSwRhNbK-Sp) and download teamviewer on it. That the only thing that will be on it and that's the main reason to have it. My plan is to be able to log into the Mini PC using Teamviewer from work so I can access the files from the home network server. I know can also do a VM on the NAS (I have a spare 4790K) but then would that require me to open the ports on my router to access the VM? thank you
  11. This People like that are terrible, but from the picture of 980ti, one should assume it was used for mining, also considering the price too. I overall like this video, and I'm pretty happy with my 980ti.
  12. This is so funny and cute! I LMAO when she used the plastic cover as a cooler
  13. I know, I think the NDA for Dyson expires today, dyson wants reviewers to release their content on the same day and they want Dyson to show up as trending, this is really smart of dyson. We're even talking about Dyson now! And I mentioned Dyson 6 times. The tour was meh, not like the old one in the house.
  14. The tri stellar looks sick IMO, it's not like a basic looking case tower, and not really crazy expesnive that's way out if reach. I can finally change from my HAF XB EVO Also you need to break apart that flight carrier.