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      Over the weekend and at the start of the week, PayPal had an issue that resulted in people being billed but the transaction showing as failed on our end. If you have signed up for a new subscription, and the transaction is showing as pending on the forum, so you haven't gained floatplane access yet, and you have waited more than 10 minutes after purchasing it in PayPal, please go to https://linustechtips.com/main/failed_transaction_fix.php and follow the instructions. If you have any issues, please send me a PM (hover over my picture or username and click "message"), including the transaction ID, and I will try and sort it out for you. If you try to subscribe again now, it should work.


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  1. Who did they survey?? My sony xperia vs a S7...
  2. No. No serious W/C system uses a cheap dye. That will clog and gunk up the blocks over time. If wanting to make it flashy then you just used colored tubing. Even pre colored coolant i wouldnt personally use.
  3. Thats an amazing question, and I've ne er considered the possibility of tge two being independent of one another. I suppose if tgats possible it would be ideal.
  4. Im wondering more if we will soon be having to consider the ramifications og quasi self aware, self sentient AI. Woupd it seek to do harm? Would it have a drive for self preservation? I think we are lookimg this in a way too buman aspect. Which is fair as thats all we know. We just dont know what to do if a series of algorithms becomes sentient. Would, or could we consider that life? I think these shpuld be classifed before we face those questions directly.
  5. OKAY MSI, do you not think youve rehashed that red/black cooler design for long enough? Like for real guys.
  6. I actually might get that low profile one for my upcoming ryzen build
  7. The contracts also stipulate that, in the case where backups are being made onsite, they cannot be removed off site and are locked away after closing hours. These contracts are written by lawyers that have some semblance of what they are doing.
  8. It doesnt allow them to retain any data. As per contracts signed in staples at least we had to delete all data after the machine was returned. So the situation you propose would put both that tech and best buy in massive legal trouble if ever caught.
  9. For a very short time when I was in between jobs I did staples version of geeksquad. There are the repair techs and theres the salesmen. The salesmen either know just enough about computers to make educated guesses at issues, but are primary trained to sell services. While the actual techs do the repairs/assist customers on the floor. It was very clear from sales numbers, I'd only ever offer the bare minimum of what a CS needed, while the other tech there had a bunch of ripoff nonsense addon servicies. Any real hdd recovery was sent out to a 3rd party. If the CS just wanted to reinstall his OS and move his files then we handled that. But that was it, simply moving files over.
  10. Pro unit with lte? Sign me the hell up!
  11. Well, back when watercoolingbwas a 100% custom job people water cooled their power supplies. Bad idea then, bad idea now.
  12. At what point are they even still cases? Cut in half and turned into a space ship? It doesnt even resemble the master case 5 anymore.