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  1. outside of drivers, yes.
  2. Been wanting one since I was in high school. Seems anything pre-1990 is a crap shoot though!
  3. Been looking to get a 1985-1987 Prelude SI 2.0. Surprisingly difficult in my neck of the woods... (NYC)
  4. I will admit "over clockers dream" was not entirely accurate
  5. Notice that its bundled with an AIO there... Remove 100$
  6. Tell Him I'm up for buying it aha. I'd use it more for parties I guess and have people try it too.
  7. I do pretty much want it for the fun of it. The few games i've seen and tried in stores I'd really like to play for longer. Unless a Vive 2 would be released soon Im fine with paying that much just for the novelty.
  8. Didn't know those were washable, makes me feel more comfortable about it. Im looking to get it at 600~650
  9. I'm looking to buy a vive. I want to buy one used, as I buy almost everything used. Whats your opinion on this though? Thanks
  10. its hard to have it set 100% correctly but if you are able to manage it then theres no issue.
  11. I've never used super glue, and I also would recommend against it. Gut says that under high temps it would fail, other wise they would use from factory. might also cause issues when you have to delid it again.
  12. Same reason that the LES doesnt have cell coverage in the subways lol.
  13. Im sure that in nyc its being done. Recently a plan got blocked that would have allowes new yorks free wifi to send notification ads to your phone. And went further to say even if your just using 4g. Im sure that their "free" wifi collects data on people who use it. As well as at those info booths.
  14. This applies to open usb ports in any location. Starbucks, bus terminals, those information/charge booth across nyc upper east side.
  15. Those bastards would never sign it.