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  1. Its game "engine". Get it? Bad joke i know =(
  2. I always try to tell this to people. No one seems to care. If a game isnt built from the ground up usimg dx12 then you won't see the benefits. People are basically complaining that a Lamborghini engine doesnt perform all that well when placed in a honda civic.
  3. Sensor bar. And early reports were simply that it wasnt accurate. The average consumer, which is definitly most of Nintendos core player base is, doesnt know or care for optimal situations on tvs. Irrigardless, bluetooth even at its lowest spec should perform up to 9 meters or about 27 feet. Its clear that Nintendo did not make the controllers to this spec, and instead went for a situation where you are close to the tv.
  4. The japan only release controllers were a little shorter on the N64. On the gamecube they were all the same length. The Wii controllers also had issues when far way from the tv, or on rather large tv screens. It just plays into that in japan smaller living rooms, tvs, and just sitting closer to the tv are the norm.
  5. Gonna be frank and say this is likely to do with how far americans play from their tv vs Japanese. If you recall nintendo has always had significantly shorter cables on the controllers in the japanese market, sometimes 3ft+ shorter. Seems like yet another oversight on the switch.
  6. Awesome-O's Now thats childhood. Bootleg bodega cereal.
  7. Awesome-O's Now thats childhood. Bootleg bodega cereal.
  8. they used to do this with ipods
  9. At the time that mobo was only 25 or 30$ so it did its job, and yeah it fits in a node 202. Sadly since i posted my build in a few places that boards price has skyrocketed.
  10. Turns out to be a load horse poo
  11. That 5800 sounds close. but still not loud enough.
  12. Have you ever heard what two HD6990s sound like??? Because I know, and nothing will ever compete with that.
  13. I dont really see the point in this. It's too proprietary to be used in most situations.