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  1. search the parent folder by file type and itll show you every file in all the folders.
  2. I get its foldable but that pricing kills the phone
  3. I've had Google fi and using the Google messages app I've had RCS in America for quite some time now. Didnt even realize it didnt work on other carriers. I dont really get the hoopla about it though.
  4. I saw this last week when setting up a new pc for a friend. if you connect to a wifi network during the setup process the only way to go offline is to disconnect your wifi. windows setup will remember the wifi network even if you restart mid-setup. Pretty damn shady, and no normal user will be able to reason this out like tech literate people.
  5. Devils advocate: The psp security was breached permanently through the battery circuitry.
  6. The police still have to ask for the footage. They dont have a portal to just take it. it is off for police to advertise surveillance equipment though I will admit.
  7. Right. Thats still not different than any business level service. Take a company like Openeye which offers cloud recording and is aimed at large residential buildings. The police can request that footage from the residential owner directly or from openeye. The only thing "new" here is that instead of a landlord that owns one large buildings, its a landlord that lives in the same housing.
  8. Bit of a sensationalist story. Police already formally request video footage property owners. Property owners are under no obligation to hand this footage over when requested unless subpoenaed. It is how ever just easier for everyone involved to give footage when requested and avoid the legal due process that will force your hand either way.
  9. That not how that works. No one expects a Sale price to stick.
  10. i dont get it. If the dev didnt lose on any money, since it was at epics expense, why does it matter.
  11. So... 1k more, performs pretty much on Par with AMD when both are stock. When OC'd it requires 250w more. Who is this processor for? Who would buy it over AMDs offerings?
  12. Many MANY banking and property management systems are still relient on IE, even freakin silverlight.
  13. I had a 9590. Meh. It served me well