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  1. Tesla Unveils - Semi Truck and next-gen Roadster

    You act like thats a lot of charging stations. Most of those locations have a handful of stations in them. If you believe that 1,200ish locations is even considered a decent number then im not sure what to tell you. In america that amounts to non-existent. Especially in urban areas with tens of millions in population. Not about to drive 15 or 20 miles to charge my car, and lord knows i cant store my car in an apartment to charge it. That map might look nice but zoom in and then lets see how plentiful the stations are. Dont forget here we can drive for 12 hours and still be in the same state. As for driving with semi trucks on the roads, in america that is normal. In the city it is normal. In the suburbs is normal. At the gas stations its normal. Most gas stations support both semi trucks and cars. There is limited real estate in urban areas. So this is a must. I dont understand why you think having semi truck and car chargers at one location is dumb. I again emplore you to think about this on a global scale, and at a scale of population as well.
  2. Tesla Unveils - Semi Truck and next-gen Roadster

    I live a mile from the second largest shipping port in america in one of the most densly populated areas. We have pretty much zero charging stations. So i have no idea what you are talking about. And a chargong station can have plugs for cars and trucks. Why would they keep it exclusive to one vehicle? Doesnt make any sense when you consider that gas stations hold 4 kinds of gas in giant tanks under the floor. Tesla csn surely afford two different charging plugs and s charging area. Please think out your answer a bit more, and please think about teslas chsrging network on a global scale.
  3. Tesla Unveils - Semi Truck and next-gen Roadster

    i think part of doing semi trucks is to establish a network of charging stations. That way it becomes more feasible for consumers to use their cars as they could charge anywhere.
  4. So does this mean you cant get any characters now? I hope they change to entirely cosmetic loot only. But one can only hope.
  5. They are an internet first company, so they will push for internet to very accessible. Where as AT&T and Spectrum will continually gimp their service here or there to encourage cable tv.
  6. Cant @ multiple people

    Dark theme is too dark D: The same way discords day theme is wayyy to bright
  7. Cant @ multiple people

    I did have a space originally, for the snapshot i did not.
  8. Cant @ multiple people

    In chrome latest version on windows 10. After I do @ one person it wont allow me to do a second person. And if I delete the first @ then it wont allow me to do any at all unless I refresh the page.
  9. [UPDATED] PS3 Jailbreak on firmware 4.81 in development

    To all asking. This is significnat because the latest firmwares for the ps3's were not hacked, so it left many ps3s in an unhackable state. The only way to do it before was with rather complicated downgrade methods to a hackable firmware. The end goal is to hack the super slim ps3s
  10. So is this it? Did the pc case designers run out of ideas, and now all we have is slight variations of the same drab design?
  11. The amount of credits you recieve was reduced by 75% as well, effectively making it no change at all to the credit system. On top of which you can only earn a certain number of credits. There are users with screen shots being told to wait another 14 hours to earn more.
  12. Some reading for those who think this update means anything at all.
  13. Some reading for those who believe the update changes anything.
  14. Cryorig outs the Taku case (anyway)

    I think the price is fine. If my desk space allowed for it Id by one. I like the design a lot.