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  1. Hey man. There are some monitors that could use it. Especially some professional ones.
  2. Visiting toronto as someone from new york. The roads are smaller. The trains are smaller. The doughnuts are tims are laughably tiny. The food portions in general are a rip off compared to nyc. The soda bottles are smaller! The buildings are shorter. And they all look the same. You guys have completely removed any old parts of the city aside from a few brown stones. There is construction everywhere and none of the buildings have interesting architecture. Everything is dark glass and dark metal/brick so the whole city feels depressing. Everything is closed early!!! Besides a few juntions like yonge st. no one is open past 10. Even tims said they dont make hot food after 10. Like what?? The only interesting thing was the path, but then the maps for it suck. Im off to try smokes poutinerie.
  3. This is what im expecting.
  4. everytime i see your profile picture it reminds me of a furry


    just do what i did with my profile picture, add a bit of contrast and oh god its ugly as shit

  5. This debate about netflix throttling was the literal catalyst for our current net nutrality laws... Throttling a service is a major portion of net nutrality concerns. So what are you on? Anyways. For the business i admistrate we have a 100gb business data plan with some other fancy bells n whistles. We also have the 22gb unlimited plan for another funtion. Ill test both out tomorrow.
  6. Would have if it had the hardware to backup the proposition. I had one and loved it. Just the game availability was low. And the QC was low too, had the flex cable for the sliding screen crap out on me twice. As for razers phone id consider it if it's a 4.7" screen.
  7. Saw the video. Im still under the impression that to say its impossible isnt fair. Hell the failures of trying can result in a new methodology or new tech that can be used elsewhere. The impracticallity of flyimg was solved by numerous failures over centuries.
  8. Wont ever get there until we try and figure out what needs to be made to make it happen. A smart phone was utter fantasy 40 years ago. A device that fits in your hand that can instantly access the world's knowledge base and communicate to anyone anywhere.
  9. Currently have the am3+ version with a 9590. Very nice and stable board. Outside of a few ram quirks, which might be the 9590, I've really liked the product. Especially with the gem water block ekwb made. That said, not going to pay 350$ for this new one. Don't care for rgb. But I'll admit that 12 fan headers are pretty dope.
  10. Am I missing something? Isn't this a "No Duh kinda thing? i7 vs an R5?? Why are we wasting time comparing the two.
  11. The church there runs the state. Part of why the kid filming in church got that sentence.
  12. If the description is accurate, then there wasn't really any breakthrough. All they did was devote more hardware to a specific function. It's cool they've done this but I can't see it being revolutionary
  13. Semi slight update added ti the UP. But no word from one plus yet.
  14. The user was also able to reproduce the issue while recording it. Pretty severe issue. I don't understand how this can even be an issue. And I can only imagine the kind if lawsuits and legal issues this could lead to. On Reddit they say you must dial 116 instead *cough cough, wink wink* Update: tldr it's most likely an issue with non-stock dialers.
  15. You... you know Bill Gates doesn't have a hand in Microsoft anymore... right?