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  1. Will go great in my cad machines
  2. Someone help me understand. How are thes3 games any different than COD or Battlefield??
  3. Technical issues holding back custom RX Vega cards

    I think he's misquoting. The general consensus was that things have been optimized in a learn towards intel and nvidia hardware. Which is why you saw some marginal gains when using them in a comno.
  4. Nvidia volta gpu tested

    Is this really the same class of gpu die they are comparing? it seems like their super high end used in machine learning applications. Pretty damn sure its not gonna be a 2080
  5. Technical issues holding back custom RX Vega cards

    if this is how you feel then you are very unaware of the full Vega Product Stack VS the Full Pascale Product Stack. You are also extremely inept if you think its fine to have only one manufacturer of high end gaming gpus.
  6. Guru3D claims to confirm the 1070 Ti

    I want a 1060TI and a Titan Xp TI to even out the stack
  7. Uber loses licence in London

    Thats who the cabs are run by in a lot of cities https://www.forbes.com/sites/markrogowsky/2014/03/10/the-birthplace-of-microsoft-and-amazon-moves-to-protect-its-dinosaur-taxi-monopoly/#54fd266a10a4
  8. Ive run into niche applications that dont run on 64bit computers. Extremely few n far between though. In topic: had minecraft in beta. Havent played in a few years though. Nice to see its still going strong
  9. Thatd honestly be dope imo
  10. I see. That's completely idiotic game design =/ who the heck is still buying that trash then. When did the game start becoming like that
  11. Your level determines how well you can play basketball? Forgive me if I dont understand basketball video games (I genuinely dont play them), but isnt it supposed to get harder as you play?
  12. i dont understand? You cant beat the game through skill alone?
  13. Nintendo honours Satoru Iwata with hidden game on Switch

    I think Nintendo as a Japanese company have enough respect still to not do so.
  14. Explains why In the NYC area a number of them closed, including the massive 3 floor, 2 basement levels Store that had a merry-go-round inside. It was supposed that the rent there went up to 4Mil though.