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  1. Thats the kind of info that would be nice to see on here! ive got a old 14" lcd that supports 15hz, wonder if it can do light guns now...
  2. For some game consoles they are ideal as theres no input lag. Also good for older computers that need 15hz and 24hz support.
  3. The subject clearly doesnt interest you personally. That doesnt mean it doesnt warrant a subforum or at least a more specific place on the forum. You can just ignore it like you do for other subforums that do not interest you.
  4. mentioned before but older tech is talked about in general on shows and in the wan show.
  5. We both know that was to cash in on its popularity at the time and no other reason. Nothing wrong with a quiet subforum. We have a few here. At least if the post is there it can be easily be found and responded to.
  6. Part of my job deals heavily with secure entry systems. Finger print tech that can be mass deployed is not there yet. And the liability involved with being hacked for those prints is just not feasible. You cant change a finger print!
  7. I mean. Linus did an entire video on a retro build. Havent seen anything about mobioe games.
  8. You did not even try man
  9. Ah whoops. I read fast charging assumed 3A+ charging methods.
  10. 1.2A Max per port which isnt any faster than a regular charger though. Start filing up that hub and the supplied amperage will be less.
  11. Wont work, ever. Usb protocal works only at 500ma which doesnt even charge some phones these days. Any usb port providing more than 500ma isnt operating to spec and this does not do data transfer unless its extremely specialized, which a usb hub would not be. Best case is Mobos supporting it like MSI and Asus. They have programs to allow for fast-er charging while doing data. but thats because its supported on a hardware level.
  12. Won't know unless we try. Even if its not used as much the info posted to there likely would be useful to anyone visiting the sit looking for such things.
  13. IMO its because making such a post would just get lost among all the others. Theres plenty of stuff id love to ask/post but dont do it here because it likely wouldnt get answered before it disappears from page 1.
  14. I dont know how popular this would be but id love to see a subforum for older computers. ive really only found one other forum that is active enough to have such a subforum. But here I think the age demographic is varied it enough that it could become a great resource for knowledge of old things. A lot of older post from the 2000s that are on the likes of anadtech just require too much contextual knowledge for the time period that many, myself included, either dont remember or dont know. Edit: Also that I think any retro related post would get lost the main threads for computing on modern hardware.
  15. -removed auction link- Good sale if you can nab it