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  1. Had to pull teeth to get the nexus 5x replaced
  2. You obviously were not here when ryzen offically launched and the single core perf was not on par with intel. It was like the whole site was shouting how bad amd is.
  3. As i mentioned in another post, AMD with there am2 to am3+ cpus had some motherboards that supported 4 generations of processors by utilizing reserved pins and bios updates. So while not Every board know to man may post a 8700, there are definitely some boards that could be bios modified to support it.
  4. it was advertised that there was only so many items. Even still, who in their right mind thinks that there is even 11,000 items up for sale? I can't comprehend what these people are thinking.
  5. Seems like everyone forgot that there were plenty of am2 boards that were able to be bios updated to am2+, am3, and am3+ Compatability with old boards is nothing new. Not every board supported that and that was OK. It was great for the ones that did. So i dont get those who are saying that not all boards would be able to take a 8xxx cpu. So what?
  6. How can Sony of all companies ditch the headphone jack?! They darn near pioneered the advancement of audio in the last century! No buy for me. I cant believe the only logistical option left is samsung...
  7. Intel discrete gpu prototype

    Idk if i want competetion from Intel, given how they treat their competition.
  8. I might finally check out this duck duck go... Even Google search has been frustrating lately giving me results that have nothing to do with what I want and completely removing relevant words. Sure advance search is there but that's inconvenient when I need to do it for every search.
  9. I was considering getting a EK-MLC phoenix 120mm aio, but its not ideal for adapting to custom loops. So instead I want to buy the bitspower BP-LSAIO120 found below, but I cant find it for sale anywhere. Any help is appreciated. https://bitspower.com/html/product/pro_show.php?products_id=5434 this is the EK one. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-mlc-phoenix-120-radiator-core-module
  10. Then I suppose all the legal material mentioned in the below video is all just for brainwashing and not actual actions taken by intel? I suppose by your reasoning all the international court documents are fake. Someone having a strong opinion does not make their information wrong or swayed one way. If someones broken the law then its broken.
  11. Ive been on the side that it is Fine because you as a consumer are not forced to buy the phone with ads nor were you unaware of the ads prior to purchase. Amazon makes sure that you know the discounted phone is full of ads.
  12. Are there any 120mm Pump/Rad combos out there?

    For anyone that searches this in the future, they did release a 120mm variant. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-mlc-phoenix-120-radiator-core-module
  13. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets In On Predatory Loot Boxes

    Thats not true. Predatory implies hunt, to seek out, and get the prey in your grasp. No one is forced to do anything in this world, but everyone has their weaknesses. And loot boxes target a certain kind of weakness to rope people the same way a predator does to their prey. Hence the term "predatory practice"