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  1. Hi, I have a LSI 9261 raid card. Is it possible to create a ssd raid array with it and to boot from the array? My motherboard doesn't have raid functionality. So, I need the raid card. When i try to boot from the array, windows says that it can't install on a dynamic disc? Also, will i need any special cooling for the raid card?
  2. I am considering balckblaze B2 storage at 0.005 cents per gb.
  3. Well at max i need 300gb's and i want the cheapest option possilbe.
  4. Hi, how fast is google nearline? what upload and download speeds will I get if I store around 300gb's of data. Is is reliable. what happens to the data if I don't pay the monthy charges(eg debit card out of balance)?
  5. could you suggest some other options available
  6. Hi, I need around 200gb of cloud storage for archiving data. I won't be accessing the data often . Please suggest reliable solutions. I am considering to use google nearline.