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  1. errel

    Windows freezing after i pressed shutdown

    Yes. I tried system restore wasnt successful but everything was fine it safe mode so maybe an app ?
  2. So as the title says. However thats just 1 even restoring it back to a point hangs my computer. RestArt also
  3. errel

    Monitor Problem

    Hi guys just wondering if any of u suffered this kind of problem. I have a dell monitor and once i turn off just the monitor so i can afk some of my games it just stay on power saving mode.once i try to turn the monitor on to check the screen it just restarts the whole pc. I changed all the settings already to never to sleep and everything.this is the first time it happened to me with dell? thank u if anyone could answer my question
  4. errel


    Hi guys just wondering if thermaltakes tube 16mm fits on the EK 16mm od Tube? just wanna know if it is.
  5. errel

    Need Help 100 Series Windows 7

    does it go through if you do that way?
  6. errel

    Need Help 100 Series Windows 7

    Hello guys i wanna use windows 7 in my 100 series motherboard but it seems i can't get throught because of the old interface. I wanna know if there is a way without the disc drive and windows dvd ? I got a Usb Drive with windows 7 only.
  7. errel

    Printer with hard Drive

    how do we know that a printer has storage?
  8. errel

    Missing System32 config

    Hello just wondering if you can "Manually" copy & paste the registry like Windows XP. I know the system restore,reinstall, and system image and all> Thank you
  9. errel

    Missing System32 config

    I See
  10. errel

    Missing System32 config

    i know that route, but i wanna also know how to do it manually. Do you know if its the same way in Windows XP where you do a copy and paste?
  11. errel

    Missing System32 config

    Hello there guys just wondering if the windows 10 automatic repair is great in fixing the missing system32 or simply just restore or somewhat? Does anyone know how to do it like copy and paste? like the old school
  12. Help me fine cheap as acrylic sheets for sale or sellers
  13. errel

    Apacer AS330 Panther Giveaway

    I need a new ssd because old one is pretty much full in addition to that im broke and cant buy a new ssd.
  14. errel

    Help me Intro Software

    all those software