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  1. I don't really use it. Everywhere inside of my home I use a cable connection and on mobile I have unlimited data. The WiFi is only used when my friends/family show up.
  2. Hello Since last year I've got new digital TV receiver. It is actually receiver + router. I found out that it cannot turn off WiFi without turning off router itself ( which means I won't have access to television ). The model is CISCO 4682 . I'm curious if I should change the receiver or there is some option with network switches. If someone can share some light on this topic I would greatly appreciate it Thanks Have a nice day.
  3. Hello to everyone In October start my second year of College so I thought it would be good to organize my computer. I've got Windows 10 preinstalled on my PC and I would like to install Windows 7 (and access it through dual boot). Windows 10 is for College and 7 is for everything else. Now I've been able to install Windows 7 and I been able to configure it and it works normal. But I have a question about license key. Can I use my Windows 10 license key or I need to have Windows 7 license key. Sorry If this sound n00b but really I don't know how dual boot works. If someone can share some light on this topic I would greatly appreciate it Thanks Have a nice day.
  4. Probably because the price ratio between desktops is like 1/3 ( i mean to say that price of laptop with same specs as budget gaming setup is 3 x more expensive ). The upgrading is also the point which is making a desktop PC a winner. On laptop in you can only change storage and RAM, maybe in certain cases you can add eGPU and change the CPU, and that is all. But in case with PCs there is wide variety of upgrades that you can manually do without a technician (and it is easier to do it on PC than on laptop).The category in which laptop takes a win is portability. I personally use budget lenovo laptop G50-45 (amd e1 - 1.86 Ghz, amd radeon R2 1gb) - nothing special. I use it for college. I don't have PC. This laptop basically limits my gaming "obsession" so i don't get distracted to often. Tbh i was never thinking about the latency between the mouse/screen, i don't think it has to do anything with computer , only with uncalibrated drivers (GPU,IO ports). That is just my guess.
  5. My local retailer. 16gb one is on sale from 45$ and 32gb is for 40$ from 75$. i would link it to you but they don't ship international
  6. Should I "invest" Intel Optane 16Gb for 20$. I think its really cheap and it good deal. I would like to hear your opinions on it , cuz some people find it useless.
  7. i have seen somewhere that there is a possibility for console to run unsigned code - like Linux , even some stripped down version of Windows(i highly doubt this), just like how PS3 can run Linux
  8. Hello Is there any possible way for me to install custom firmware on my old 360 ? I know what you mean. Why would anyone use old console to "mine" ? Im not so interested into mining and i know there is no way for me to make money of this. Im just curious is it possible to do such thing. I have heard that there are some people using clusters of old PS3 and its power is equivalent to "low specs super computer"
  9. I need to catch up lol :')
  10. Hello everybody I am noob to this stuff (upgrading,overclocking,etc...) ,don't know if this is possible so im trying to find out if i can upgrade my (CPU) AMD APU E1 - 6010 1,86 ghz + (GPU) AMD R2 to any other APU. Laptop is Lenovo G50-45 80E3 and socket is BGA769. I was trying to find some useful information but whenever i find some its too complicated or it not fully specified. So if anyone knows how anything that would help me it I wild be greatly thankful Thanks in advance