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  1. Same person but different account, so what I've got is old CX PSU are quite bad because of the bad coil whine but newer CX PSU is better but can't pair with greater parts as it'll "throttle" and it'll shut down. For lower budget it's good but higher budget you can opt for better quality PSU
  2. I accidentally took one of my keycap out, and I don't know how to reinstall it. Anyone can help me?
  3. So I accidentally remove one of my keycap on my membrane keyboard. How do I reinstall it back?
  4. Generally, I don't need big screen (well, in this budget there's no big screen phone IMO), my normal day usages are listening to music, chatting and games. Just like typical phone users
  5. So my dad decided to give me RM1000 and I also use my RM500, total RM1500 to buy a phone. Any choice?
  6. Well, Kingmax's RAM cycle is 11-11-11-30, Kingston's I have no idea This is where I found the Kingston RAM specifications http://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/KVR16N11_8.pdf
  7. What do you mean by timings? I don't know much about RAMs
  8. So I bought a single stick of 8GB Kingston RAM yesterday, and my current PC (before mix and match) has a single stick of KIngmax 4GB RAM. As the title said, can I mix and match these RAMs?
  9. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/MR6DD3 Although you'll lose a SSD, but you could get one later. This is the best one I could give you
  10. You don't need 16GB for gaming and video editing, 8GB would be enough
  11. I'm not using my PC so I couldn't includes the link. But these are my opinion i7-5820K/5930K Asus X99-A 16GB of random rams (Kingston IMO) 4x4GB at whatever speed (DDR4) 850 Evo at whatever storage space you want and 1/2 TB of either from WD or Seagate 980Ti or Fury/Fury X (Depending on your budget) Any cases 750-850 PSU (EVGA P2 or G2) 4K monitor (prefer Dell or LG for workstation) Aesthetics CableMod cables LED Strips Any mod that you want at the cases Edit: I forgot to recommend CPU cooler, I recommend Noctua or be quiet!
  12. CSGO = TF2 at graphics. I got my stupidly old GT730 with 4GB of ram and I played TF2 at 1600*900. No frames issues, just some stuttering. CSGO is not that high graphics, still your build is fine, just need a better PSU IMO
  13. FOR NO REASON IT DOESNT INCLUDE A JUMPER, oh yeah the jumper is included in the box or not?
  14. I swear, this PC is like a family PC, I only game TF2 on it. My mom use it before and somehow it started this. I guess it's bad ram and bad PSU. OH YEAH MY MOBO DOESNT INCLUDE A JUMPER
  15. Gigabyte B85M-HD3 rev. 1.1
  16. So for some reason when I press the button to turn my PC on. It did turn on but I don't get an output aka my monitor is still black. Then it stops, on again ITSELF and just keep repeating. I tried to plug everything again but still doesn't work. Any help?
  17. You can put your PSU to face it down at the carper but you'll need a thick board or something to put at below of your carpet. I saw this method on setup wars at TechSource channel