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  1. So I was watching the Yogscast live stream where they were building a threadripper based system (don't judge, I was watching for the build). When tightening the torx screw that holds the CPU into place, Turps tightened it far too much, you can hear the torque wrench click twice before it finally shearing. It was literally the most cringeworthy thing (even by Yogscast standards) that I have ever seen. Here is a Twitch clip for your viewing pleasure https://clips.twitch.tv/PreciousEncouragingYogurtAMPEnergyCherry
  2. Sorry. My internet has been off all day so have had to use my mobile
  3. So I was scrolling down Facebook and saw this video. The middle part is from the long cable video from a few years ago. They didn't give credit for using the video https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154909517455787&id=7519460786
  4. I only used it a couple of times when I was in college to get past the blocking of sites. I actually forgot I had it installed until I went through the extensions
  5. From what i can see the only people with the problem are the people using the Chrome extension so I don't see how it could be an app that is the problem
  6. So, I (used to up until today) use Betternet VPN so that I could access blocked sites in college, but today when I loaded up my laptop I had adverts everywhere. I opened Chrome as a guest and they went. So naturally I disabled all extensions and enabled them one by one to find the problem. And to my surprise it was Betternet. If you look at the reviews in the Chrome Web Store everybody seems to be having the same problem so if you have it installed, uninstall it. I don't know whether it was intentional or whether they were hacked but until now they seem to have been reputable.
  7. Why don't they just use CSF as a channel to upload the short 'vlog style' videos since that channel is by his own admission already dead. That would negate the problem of losing revenue on the main channel and I think most of us who would be interested in watching are already subscribed
  8. I feel as though it is everyday that i make a post on here about talktalk. So i've been having problems with my broadband speed for a few weeks now, I'm onto my 3rd router now and I still have really slow speeds (15 instead of the 40 i pay for), but today my router disconnected from the internet and all of a sudden my upload speed has increased from 2mbps to 10mbps. Anybody else with talktalk had their upload speed increased or is it just a problem with my line (not that i'm complaining)
  9. I am just too far away for the 5G network to be usable. I'm only getting around 15mbps down instead of the 30mbps. Before I swapped the HG633 for my Draytek, my laptop connected perfectly so I don't think it's a problem with the router
  10. Okay, so I dug out a TalkTalk HG633 that I got free from TalkTalk and decided to use it as an AP. The 5G network works fine, but when i connect to the 2.4G network, my laptop's WiFI card resets and the network disappears from the list. Any idea what the problem could be? BTW, the network works fine on my phone
  11. As much as I would like to watch SYW Ep 2, Doctor Who is on in 2 minutes so it'll have to wait
  12. Look at Jerry's (barnacles) video. He said it was quite good
  13. Right. So I'm looking for a new PSU but all the decent ones on Amazon are out of stock or overpriced. I looked at Ebuyer and they have loads of PSUs branded Ace and CiT for cheap. I'm guessing that they are just rebranded generic PSUs but has anyone had any experience with them? http://www.ebuyer.com/566861-ace-black-120mm-fan-500w-fully-wired-efficient-power-supply-psuace500br http://www.ebuyer.com/255701-ace-520w-12cm-fan-sata-20-4pin-grey-psu-psuace52012cm