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  1. George_Bud

    Where do I find a Samsung S8 display for a s8 clone ?

    Ok... So this is the phone. I searched the numbers on the display on google. Not much luck on my part.
  2. George_Bud

    Where do I find a Samsung S8 display for a s8 clone ?

    The original s8 display will not work with this phone. I already checked if it worked. But no.... The placements and connector is different. I would change the glass but the LCD ( or whatever is in this display ) is broken as well.... So no image also.
  3. Yeap.... Just as the title says, I don't know where to find a display like that for a fake s8 phone. My aunt wants my help on finding it, because the phone's glass is cracked but I don't know where to find it. And it would be preferred if they shipped this in Romania. If not, USA is good to.
  4. George_Bud

    pc frezzing up

    Sorry I am not much of help then. I was insisting on the HDD because my friend was having something similar. And a new HDD solve it.
  5. George_Bud

    pc frezzing up

    if everything fails, the old "reinstall windows" might work.
  6. George_Bud

    pc frezzing up

    Try moving a game on the sdd. See if it does the same thing ? Or maybe the drivers need to be updated ?
  7. George_Bud

    pc frezzing up

    Is it better now ?
  8. George_Bud

    pc frezzing up

    Maybe it is a hdd problem ? BTW..... HDD or SSD ?
  9. George_Bud

    pc frezzing up

    Can you see on Task Manager what is taking so much power from your PC ?
  10. George_Bud

    Xbox 360 Slim won't boot

    So... I have a xbox 360 slim. It turns on, the green dot on the power button is on, but there is no video output. I tried hdmi, and a/v outputs. The power brick is good. I teste tested that with another xbox. This xbox is modded. Any suggestions ?
  11. George_Bud

    Win Xp on SD Card ?

    how do I do that ? got any suggestions or should I see on youtube what I found ?
  12. George_Bud

    Win Xp on SD Card ?

    does it also work with xp ?
  13. George_Bud

    Win Xp on SD Card ?

    Yea... Well, this laptop only needs to run youtube and stuff.... And only on xp I have drivers for it
  14. George_Bud

    Win Xp on SD Card ?

    Can I install windows xp on a sd card ? Is it possible ? Or make a sd card bootable into win xp ?
  15. George_Bud

    What Os should I use ?

    I have a Asus Eee PC 900a with 900 MHz CPU and 2 GB of Ram. What OS should I use ? It is not for me, for a kid. So mostly youtube and stuff like that.