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  1. I just built a fresh new ryzen system, everything else. Both drives are working. Except on the ASUS bios only one of the drives shows up as windows bootloader. Although both the drives i have in my system(ssd, hdd) both have a windows 10 copy installed on them. I had gotten the hdd from some old pc that i was going to reformat. But how do i fix it so that it boots up off my ssd only and uses the ssd's bootloader and not the hard drives bootloader. also if it helps the hard drive is the C drive while the ssd is the D drive.
  2. So i bought an GTRacing chair. Which really wasn't that great. I began assembling it and it had a defective screw threading for the main connectition to the base of the chair. I began the refund on amazon for that chair. But now i am seriously considering too spend a bit more money (Canadian dollars btw). What are some higher quality alternatives. Also bonus points if the chair has amazon prime on the Canadian site.
  3. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/10Pcs-Backlit-Keys-Caps-Set-For-Corsair-FPS-Gaming-Keyboard-MX-Key-Switch-Puller/183497670815?_trkparms=aid%3D777003%26algo%3DDISCL.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140620091411%26meid%3Ded82c95d0d9144378b4bb2b63ed1576c%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D382782685378%26itm%3D183497670815&_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982 would this keycap work with the blackwidow ultimate? @Taswell @Dissitesuxba11s
  4. Will they perfectly fit on the razer blackwiwdow ultimate?
  5. Are any cherry mx keycaps compatible with my razer blackwidow ultimate. Also can someone link me some textured or rubber keycaps i can use on my blackwidow ultimate.
  6. So then how do i really fix my high ping spikes. Because it was fine before i tried to install open-wrt so i could use SQM but then that ended up not working well so i reinstalled the factory firmware by power resetting the router. Btw the router is a linksys WRT-1900ACS. I honestly don't know what it almost seems as if this router is the cause behind the ping. I am also considering to buy a Edgerouter X.
  7. i checked dslreports and it is to do with bufferbloat, and im on cable.
  8. So i have a 75mbps down and 10mbps up internet connection and i constantly have ping problems and doing some research found out that its something related to bufferbloat. So is there a router out there that can beat bufferbloat i tried using openwrt and using sqm but it is limiting my speeds a bit and even then the bufferbloat still exists.
  9. Thanks for all the help i already bought the Crucial MX500
  10. https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=20487 how can i do it if on the website it says The warranty extension promotion has ended??
  11. but even if i put in games is the speed even that noticeable
  12. Looking to buy an ssd and i'm stuck between choosing the WD BLUE 1TB or CRUCIAL MX500 1TB SSD. Although there is a sale currently and this WD BLUE costs only 164 CAD while the crucial mx500 is still 200~CAD. Which drive should i buy and is the crucial drive really worth that more money?\ Crucial wd blue crucial mx500
  13. So basically the mx500 is more reliable and better performing than the Kingston one's?
  14. I'm currently looking at which ssd's to buy and on amazon. The cheapest but best ssd's i have found are Kingston ssd's. Although is it worth it to spend a little more for the A400 for the 480GB model for 130$CAD or spend 80$CAD for the UV400 for the 240GB model. I couldn't spot any other difference between some read and write speeds. Does it really make a difference?
  15. Yeah its just my case was made by rosewill and the fans really are not quiet they do move air but very loud.