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  1. I use an okay tomoko keyboard, and a cheap no name mouse that is surprisingly decent. I use the PlayStation good headset from my time as a console gamer
  2. I'm running my Igpu so I really need a discrete graphics card to be ably to play games at all and this would be great
  3. This projector is sick, but I wonder how well the speakers work
  4. I am going to build a new pc soon with a amd fx6300 and 8 gb of ram. I am thinking about not putting in a graphics card, but am not sure if it will be able to handle things like video playback or light gaming. Should I choose this option, or should I get an entry level card like the GeForce gtx 750. If not that one, any other ideas
  5. I would use this to replace my old 2006 pc, whose cpu maxes out while opening google chrome 1 tab and no other applications running