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  1. As far as i am aware, depending on the games there are those that would be more taxing in different ways on the CPU because of the different types of instructions. From my experience a game, even if it's old, like BF3 was overheating my PSU. Now i can't exactly speak for every game or can think of which games did what. It all boils down to optimization and what you are planning to play. The difference in tests that you have experience is because of the difference in instructions, if games are all you care about, just test with them how hot you CPU gets. For example, i am running an FX-8300 OC'd to 4Ghz, while i can go over that, my overall system stability would go a bit poof and i would rather play all my games decently, then some better and others crashier. For me, i play old games like Skyrim, L4D2, Payday 2, but i also play newer games like Control, DMC 5 and Metro Exodus, these games can take more use out of my wiggly 8 cores. So all in all, it depends on what you want to play. If you want to play simpler games that don't require that much out of your CPU, then go ahead and keep the 4.3Ghz OC, but if you want to use newer ones that fully utilize your CPU to the max, tone it down to 4.2 to 4Ghz. Either way, just use monitoring programs like MSi Afterburner for your temps, just to be sure.
  2. My "new" second hand motherboard that i got for free, after the last one i got turned out to be fried, did not want to work with my be quiet! power 8 600w PSU. The reason unknown to me, i called the guy who sold me the motherboard to inquire on his wisdom. Somewhere between screaming and shouting that i destroy motherboards the moment i touch them, he mentioned something about the PSU being bad. So i changed the PSU with an older 460w that i got for extremely cheap quite a few years back and it worked. Well not that it didn't work with the 600w one, it just didn't post. So losing the capability of using the super powerful R9 280X i carried on, but then the first PCI-E port did not share my enthusiasm. The post i made with the integrated GPU from the board. But not to worry, there was a second PCI-E port, i thought. It did work with my still functioning R7 240. On another note, my case is barely fitting my back street custom fanned R9 280X, so i kinda really need that first PCI-E slot to work. But here comes the other problem. Chapter 2: Windows 7, the freezing. As simple as it sounds, here's the deal: Whenever windows tries to start, it freezes on the logo, the four lights one. Now i tried a lot of stuff, this motherboards has quite a few options. But from the things i tried none worked on fixing the PCI-E problem or the windows one. The things i tried were using Windows' fix everything stuff, haven't tried any cmd stuff yet, playing around with the chipset settings like PEG/PCI and that X1 thing, trying all the memory controller types (IDE, RAID, AHCI) and nothing. Now i know for the windows one i can just go through with all the effort and just reinstall it, no biggie, for me at least. You see, i'm not the one using the PC, so it's really not my problem if all the data from the C drive is lost . . . which is mostly game data save and such. . . but then there are the cloud saves. Anyways, i'm just curious to know if i can fix it instead of pulling the trigger on the whole reinstall thing. Cause last time it took me almost a whole day to set everything up. Also, on the 600w PSU, since it's still somehow in warranty period i am gonna send it back for repairs or whatever. Thank you bequiet! 36 month warranty.
  3. No, haven't tried that. But i won't be able to do any testing now since it's rather late for me and also i sent it back to the old man i got it from that couldn't believe that the board just didn't work.
  4. So the second hand board i got just a few hours ago is not working at all. The light that indicates that it is on stand-by is on though. Hitting the power switch does nothing. I have tried moving the OC FSB connectors that change the FSB from 200 to 266 and 333Mhz, i have also tried pulling out the extra power molex connector, but alas nothing, and this is without the GPU in, im literally only trying to get it to just boot at all. I have a be quiet! 600W bronze PSU, so power is ample. Even though i got it second hand i have prepped everything i need, including the guide from MSi's own site, so everything is where it should be. This is not my first time building a rig, but it's my first time dealing with this problem. Also, the reason im using this board is because my relative's board kinda went "bing-bong" in the bios department, and yes i did try flashing it, but the corrupted looking thing stayed the way it was. It just booted like normal, except when the windows logo finished showing the PC stayed at a black screen.
  5. The weather doesn't ask for permission and takes no prisoners.
  6. Something doesn't look right though. Sorry for posting so much of my weird stuff.
  7. For power consumption purposes i am now only running with my RX 580. But now i have double the ppd. Temps are looking good as well
  8. Ok so somehow, now it says my daily should be 350k . . . looking good
  9. I already had my passkey, got it literally the same second i wrote my email in to the thing. As for the second part . . . i can't think of what EOC means.
  10. So i have seen from the comments above, that a 1060 would be normal to get over 100k ppd easily and should be getting 3 times that, so here's the thing. I'm sitting here, with my RX 580, Sapphire Nitro+, OC'd to 1460, which isn't much, and im getting around 80k with my CPU as well. Now i see the reason for this problem being two things: One, my card is AMD. Two, my port be PCI-E 2.0 . . . FX machine here.
  11. From almost 4 hours on my CPU, it changed to 30min when i turned the Folding Power to Full, changed from CPU 6 to 7 . . . but then it went back in percentage and back with 3:50 hours remaining. I'm running an OC'd FX-8300 at 4Ghz and an RX580 that underclocked itself after the AMD drivers crashed, usually doesn't happen when i play games, i only use the boost clock of 1460Mhz. Ah well, at least im not having any other problems.
  12. So my friend has posted his problem on reddit, but i asked him if i should post it here as well. He doesn't have an account here so it's why im doing it. Here's the post: "Okay so i bought my laptop(msi gl62m 7rdx) about 6 months ago, installed win10 and after maybe a month i started getting these freezes where my mouse and everything else stops moving, the sound keeps going for some time but after a while it stops too, and no keypresses fix it. The thing i figured out is, if i put it to sleep by closing the lid or pressing the power button it unfreezes then goes to sleep, then when i turn it back on it's not frozen, though there's a good chance it will freeze again in the next couple minutes. It sometimes happens when i have 2 or 3 programs open at a time, and then open one more and it freezes, but it's also happened when i'm just watching a movie, not doing anything. Also, if it's been frozen for a while and the sound stops, closing the lid doesn't always fix it and i have to hold the power button to restart it. Another problem is that my disk usage often goes to 100% when doing pretty light tasks, and the task manager shows something like 1 MB/s or even lower for the highest disk usage program, but it's still in dark orange like it's a lot. So far i've tried: -monitoring task manager at the moment of the freeze, there aren't any weird spikes in cpu/ram/disk usage -checking the logs in event viewer, nothing caught my eye -memtest, 4/4 passes with no errors -windows' disk check, says disk is healthy -disabling some windows features, it eased the disk usage problem a bit but it's still present -updated the nvidia drivers" Im thinking a simple memory channel swap, but im not quite sure.
  13. Whatever you think works i guess. Im only saying it because i wouldn't be able to be bothered enough to do a reinstall of windows.