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  1. Correct. Odd right? Old gpu didn’t need an 8 pin, which I think is part of the issue.
  2. Ryzen 5 1500x 650w psu MSI 1660 super (with 8 pin running to it) Prime B350+ Motherboard im crushed. After saving up new graphics card (and replacing said one because I thought it was dead) my computer won’t turn on, after seemingly correct instillation. Any tips? Mother board lights up and old graphics card works when replaced back in.
  3. AMD YD150XBBAEBOX Ryzen 5 1500X Thanks for the help!
  4. In my head (because I am ignorant) I'm leaning towards the *newer* card. I currently sport a 1050ti. I bought RDR2 and it's clear I need to upgrade. Need a little guidance.
  5. Would love a new computer for when I move out. This would be a huge upgrade from my pc that is from 2008, and honestly with the size and power of the machine I would pick it over any other new pc. Thanks for the giveaway!