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  1. Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english. Im looking for a monitor in the 100usd range, i would like it to have freesync and 75hz . I've been considering this models: Acer SB220Q 22" (48-75hz) ips LG 24MP59G 24" (40-75hz) ips Samsung F350h 24" (48-72hz) ips Samsung C24F390FHC 24" (48-72hz) va LG 24MP59G 24" (40-75hz) ips I'm using it mainly for gaming and editing, keep in mind that i'm not doing any color critical work, only montage. I know that in this price range there have to be compromises, but what would be the better buy? I'm not looking for a curved monitor but it would be ok, also im not sure what would be better between ips or va. And last please im from argentina, this monitors are 250ish usd here so im already in my limit price range Thanks! TL;DR what would be the better buy of the monitors listed above (features, better color, quality of panels), any problems with any of this models
  2. Im currently searching for new ram for my 4790k, my mother is a gigabyte z97x-uh5h-bk. The ram in cuestion is this: https://www.gskill.com/en/product/f3-2400c11q-16gsr would it work at the rated speeds? They are not listed in gskill qvl section. Sorry for my english. Still learning
  3. Its the psu probably shutting down. Your not going to bottleneck in majority of games, i got a rx 580 and fx 6100 overclock so..
  4. Thanks, it was definitely that. Was just typing the solution. Thanks
  5. This is what i first thought. igpu is not enabled. Anyways is possible to allocate 2gb to igpu?
  6. Hi Sorry for my english im still learning. Yesterday i bought a rx580. Today i reinstalled windows 10 and it automatically assign 2gb of my 8gb ram to dedicated graphics?? Even though i have a graphics card installed Uefi is correctly reading the sticks of ram. (Windows is in spanish because im from Argentina lol)
  7. Its common in usb sticks after making it booteable. Try format with a program called low level format. Remember to create new partitions with the disk manager It will work but REMEMBER CREATE PARTITIONS
  8. I Currently have a R9 270 pair with a Fx 6100 Black Edition and use it for light video editing. In the not distant future im going to buy a new pc with a zen cpu and polaris graphics. It would be great to have a new graphic card because its hard for me buy all pc components all at the same time and realy need it for my slowly transition to professional video editing job.
  9. More bandwidth that a hdd doesn't need
  10. I remember play Gmod in my intel atom 270n 2gb ram and intel gma 950. so.. probably yes but don't expect high resolutions
  11. Use something like a converter box (component video to hdmi) (yes, the ps2 supports component cables and even some games are in 720p or 1080i)
  12. Open the program, and click in the vídeo tab, next to the download button and then swich the output format to original
  13. Media human will do the trick. i'd recommend download the songs without convert them in any format (it download in original m4a format)
  14. but thats not only for premiere, its for the entire adobe suite. Anyways you could use davinci resolve maybe ? I never use it, but i hear its good , and its free https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve