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    AMD Ryzen 3900X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro Wifi
  • RAM
    32GB @ 3600
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 2080
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    Thermaltake View 71
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    5TB of various SSD (local)
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    750W Corsair RMx 750W
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    Dual Acer xf270hu
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    Custom EK

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  1. Takes up space, consumes energy, adds complexity, increases price, etc. Most people at the high end want a real GPU. When zen 2 (4000 apu series) launches there will be 8/16 core parts with integrated graphics. That is more than enough for most people.
  2. I can't see how they interpret overclocking the CPU for changing the memory speeds. That is like denying engine work on your car for messing with the radio. You made absolutely 0 changes to the CPU! Go AMD. Not sure how Brazil is anyway a lot of South America a good bit of the market is used you wouldn't be messing with warranty as much as in the U.S and EU/Australia tend to have strict consumer protection laws.
  3. That is really low. 3900x on a custom loop / 300W PPT limit but running a voltage offset. I run my fans really slow it is set to 800-1000RPM depending on the CPU temp. Ambient 21-26 depending on the time of year Idle 32-34 with background processing pushing it into the 40s Games are usually in the 40s but menus and loading screens going into the 50s Blender ~68C Aida/IBT ~ 72C I had hit about 82C in Aida before messing with the voltage offset.
  4. Odd because before I did negative offset I was getting about 1.35v all core with just PBO on with stress tests. Just letting it do its thing. It is maxing at about 1.272v with the negative offset. It still hits 1.35v with lighter loads.
  5. I believe they all support ECC but not registered.
  6. My floor is 32GB I've been as high as 64GB but was only going over 32GB used ram maybe once a month or two.
  7. I'll go through and delete all my comments when I get a chance not sure where I got it in my head people in any forum actually read what's written... After like 3 decades I can probably count on my hand the number of times that happened. EDIT: NVM it will not let me I'll just leave
  8. My original post was talking about my old 2950x... Of course same gen is faster in everything.
  9. Most reviews will show a win in maybe 2/10 of the tests if they even tested both. Things like encoding, avx, etc were greatly improved with Zen 2. Here are my highest timespy scores for each the cpu score is 17.6% higher on the 3900x. My cinebench is 34xx on both of them as well. Not to say there aren't MORE apps that favor the 2950x just *some* instances that isn't the case. Which I wasn't really even benefiting from anyway. https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/9135178/spy/10594123
  10. I don't see a need for either but had a custom watercooled 2950x before lost the MB. There are a good amount of multicore situations where I'm getting the same or better on a 3900x! I've beat my 285W PBO cinebench score for instance, timespy CPU is a few % higher, encoding is faster, etc. So there will always come a time that something cheaper will be faster. At the rate of progress right now that isn't that long off either.
  11. 4.1 is about what you get just sitting in windows. Open up hwinfo and run a single threaded benchmark you should see one core rotate up to 4.4-4.5Ghz under the maximum column. Depending on cooling and how threaded it is it's probably going to settle between 4.2-4.4 in games.
  12. What do you use to monitor it? I get consistent 32-35C with Ryzen Master when nothing else is running but everything else bounces between 30-50C on a custom water loop.
  13. I've been over the manual and the X570 platform diagram. The motherboard manual doesn't mention it but does anyone know if SATA 4/5 cuts the second M2 slot to X2? Trying to figure out why my second NVME dropped in speed it lists it as 3.0x4 but not sure that is what the MB is doing. I have a 3rd 2TB SATA SSD it is either in 4 or 5 I'm planning on moving it to 0 to see if it helps. BTW - I have a PCIe 2.0x4 Intel X520-DA1 in the bottom PCIe slot as well.
  14. Funny because usually when I see reviews my scores are higher. I believe due to the products being "new" and having driver issues and bugs at launch.
  15. Even windows 10 scheduling hasn't caught up to Ryzen Linux does way better in some heavily threaded apps.