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  • CPU
    Threadripper 2950x
  • Motherboard
    ASRock X399 Taichi
  • RAM
    64GB (8*8GB) @ 2933Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 2080
  • Case
    Thermaltake View 71
  • Storage
    5TB of various SSD (local)
  • PSU
    850W Enermax
  • Display(s)
    Dual 27in / LG 4k / Acer xf270hu
  • Cooling
    Custom EK

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  1. ewitte

    1440p text clarity on 27" and 32"

    I hate 1080p on a 27 inch monitor 1440p is much better.
  2. With that attitude yes. Question is if you had it why would you blow that much cash? Dropping that kind of cash is more something a multi billionaire would be doing. "Normal" millionaires are saving whatever they can get.
  3. BRB checking my couch cushions.
  4. You should but I've been lazy lately. I think I went from X370 to X470 to threadripper I don't believe I re-installed.
  5. ewitte

    UPS for general use?

    I'd look for a lithium powerbank with a wall plug you can get them as large as you want but will get big/expensive. Find something with 100-200W available power it shouldn't be too big or expensive. Very important it is lithium or your power draw will hugely cut into available power and you want to stay over 50%. Something like this https://amzn.to/2MB2AOq Also here is a graph of what happens with SLA (this is a huge 12V 120Ah car battery)
  6. ewitte

    UPS for a gaming PC

    I use 1500VA cyberpower. UPS system's don't have a huge amount of battery storage it can handle 800W but has probably 100W of available power or less available and SLA dies fast if you keep discharging it. The way SLA works if you discharge it fast you will probably only get 50W out of it the ratings are for a 20 hour discharge rate! I use a lithium 1500/3000W yeti for the farmer's market it has 1000W usable power by contrast (and I plug in a 100W solar panel so it barely goes down with a fridge and fan on it in 90F+ weather).
  7. ewitte

    Best value NVME drive

    Two of my budget drives in raid are the Microcenter brand. Inland Premium 1TB nvme 3.0x4. Uses MLC (64 layer Toshiba BiCS) and a decent controller (Phison E12) and has been under $100. Rated at 3.1GB/1.9GB and over 570k/570k iops. I'd stay clear of QLC they have horrible life specs and speeds after the buffer runs out especially considering the price isn't all that much different. Now if there was a $120 2TB QLC I may consider it for a cheap game drive.
  8. ewitte

    Two monitors, 1 graphics card question.

    HDMI is digital too. Makes no difference. They only time it does is if you want g-sync that requires displayport.
  9. ewitte

    Difference between pcie 4.0 and pcie 3.0

    The benefit is you can use 8x or even 4x without crippling the card much. More lanes for something else.
  10. "Alexa" do my cardio for me.
  11. Why do people buy these things?
  12. Feels like attempts to force people to the insanely expensive Samsung and Apple phones. All of the budget phones are drying up. I got my OnePlus6T right after the ZTE crackdown. I'm going to a voice only phone if they keep it up.
  13. ewitte

    Nvidia says 'something super is coming', any guesses?

    super Mario Brothers with upgraded graphics? To the NVIDIA shield (without needing an emulator)!
  14. ewitte

    1080ti (used) or new 2070?

    From what I've seen you need at least a 32in screen to start seeing a benefit from 4k. I've had 27in 4k and many 27in 1440p screens there isn't a huge difference to me. I had a 27in 1080p once and hated it. BTW "way back" when I had a 970 I ran 4k in a few games with that. I even did so with an RX460 for a small amount of time while waiting on my 1080ti rma. Settings low enough and accept fps in the high 20s.
  15. ewitte

    Ryzen Gaming PC

    I wouldn't even consider a QLC drive find the right deal and the MLC drives are nearly the same price. The write performance and longevity is insanely bad at this point. BTW 2 of my 1TB drives are $104 right now (although OOS where I live) are NVME, have a good controller (Phison E12) and NAND (Toshiba BiCS 3D MLC). Rated for 3GB/1.9GB and 570k/570k access.