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  1. Could it be the game that is causing the trouble? Cause some game runs fairly stable like the witcher 3. But far cry 4 is still the same dipping down to 600-800mhz and stays there. Barely even keeping the frames above 30 fps at 1440p ultra settings. I've tried dialing the details down and tried it at 1080p with low settings the fps is the same but the clock speed drop to 400-600mhz. I haven't patch my game yet. Still downloading the patch.
  2. Yup I'm at 1147 mhz now. Default is at 1050.
  3. Gpu Oc or cpu Oc? Or just disable them all and slowly work my way back up?
  4. I have a saphire r9 390x And my core clocks keep jumping up and down while I play games. causing it to stutter I think? Fps keeps jumping up and down too. Any advises? My system specs is Amd FX 8350 OC 4.6ghz | Kingston hyper x beast 16gb ddr3 at 2133mhz | msi 970 gaming motherboard | saphire r9 390x tri X | 120gb Kingston V300 ssd boot drive | 500 gb Seagate barracuda | Cooler Master 140xl seidon cpu cooler | NZXT H440 Biginner here desperate for help!!
  5. I have a saphire r9 390x tri-x. Can I crossfire it with a different manufacturers/brands r9 390x? Like the asus r9 390x strix?