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  1. That's the main point, I want to be able to do some heavy work on the move, like, virtualization, code compiling, some video editing. I don't pretend to do all at the same time of course. I might go with one of those 1000 under laptops and wait for the next gen Ryzen CPUs.
  2. Lets say I can spend around $4500 USD. Maybe I should look for a more budget friendly laptop and a desktop computer.
  3. I though about a gaming laptop, but they tend to be very heavy and battery life is usually pretty bad. I need something light and portable.
  4. One more thing to add, I would appreciate to have a higher refresh rate display, like the Razer Blade 15. I guess this is something I will have to forget about on this types of laptops.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for a new computer for work and gaming (occasionally). I am about to loose my job and I will have to return the laptop that I've been using for the past 2 years. I don't have another computer (only some old desktop computers I use for playing old games) so I need to get a new one. My dream is to have a heavy weight desktop computer, with the latest and greatest gaming GPU (like the RTX 3090), a multicore CPU for code compilation and video editing, lots of storage and a big display. At the same time I need a mobile computer, one which I can take with me and work somewhere else without loosing too much horsepower. The ideal situation would be to build a desktop computer and have a laptop, but I don't think I will be able to afford both of them. So I started looking for a laptop computer with a comfortable keyboard, a display where I can edit videos or Photoshop, a good amount of CPU cores, a somewhat gaming GPU and good battery life. I came to the conclusion that the new Dell XPS 15" is one of my best choices, but the MacBook Pro 16" is very competitive in terms of horsepower. I like macOS better than Windows 10 for my day to day operations, and I think I will get better gaming performance than the Dell XPS on bootcamp, but I am a bit concerned about thermal throttling. I've watched some of Linus' videos were he talks about MacBook Pro's thermal throttling, but I believe they were done with older versions of the MacBook Pro. Does anyone have any experience with the MacBook Pro 16 2020 edition? I need some advice.
  6. I can't imagine how these products are conflict free. Really? Conflict free? that's just a marketing technique. They don't even explain how this "Conflic free" process works. If they are getting the minerals from Congo, then they are part of the conflict. This is bullshit.
  7. This little projector looks quite promising. I would like to see the lightning quality with total darkness.
  8. Hi! I'm from Argentina. Getting this kind of tech here is very difficult, specially because we have very rigid and unfair import restrictions. I would definitely use this box as a gaming an streaming rig. I have no gaming computers, other than my work notebook which is a Lenovo T440. I'm also planing to start a YouTube channel for the latinamerican spanish speakers, so this will be very handy for my project.