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    gaming, programing (Python), custom wiring, tech in general, headphones, soccer, movies etc.
  1. well that's awkward since they said it'd be coming out soon haha
  2. I agree with you after reading some reviews it feels like the GD65 would suite my system fine thnx
  3. sweet as, as someone who doesn't know much about audio stuff this is a good resource cheers mate
  4. what type of msi board do you have? and how so was it bad in your experience? and you said in the last sentence that the msi board is pretty good and has some good OC potential how do you get a msi board with a good working bios? is it an update that needs to be installed? Thnx
  5. Yeah when I was looking it was really evident that the red/black colour scheme was limiting my system in terms of motherboard options. Also msi and asus seem to be good options to I was looking at the msi z87 G45 gaming motherboard that seemed like it would suit well. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go with gigabyte? Yeah I probably will by buy a sound card and yes the Xonar has had some really good reviews that I've read so I'll probs go with that. Yeah I should've have said I hope to achieve a 4.5ghz overclock lol. yeah that's what my initial thought on having 4 pcie x16 slots was that I could space out the cards to allow for better airflow/cooling to the gpu's but seems like it really isn't that much of an issue and looks like I'd be spending more money that needed. I've look at the GD 65 sweet what kind of improvements does it have compared to the msi z87 G45 board? And year the xnoar i'll probs get and I currently have a ath m-50 cans (which are really good for their price point I have been so happy with the overall quality and sound from them) but I'm looking to get the next step up in headphones.
  6. Hey there guys :) So I'm having troubles deciding what motherboard to get for a future build. So what do I want from the motherboard? So I'll be running an SLI setup and a 4770k and plan on overclocking the cpu to 4.5ghz so i'll obviously be using an intel motherboard. I don't plan on running any more than two gpu's. So I know that having a motherboard with the the capability of 4 way SLI setup will really not be need, however are there any benefits to getting a motherboard with 4 way SLI capability in terms of expansion slots? I'll also be using 16GB of ram at between the 1600Mhz - 2133Mhz range. I would like to keep the motherboard colour (AUS spelling) scheme to red and black (because that's what my build colour will be). Also I'm not a hard core audiofile but good sound quality is important so should I choose a motherboard that has a good in built sound card or should I go for a separate sound card? Money is not an issue as I'll be going all out (within reason) on this build. I'll happily pay the money for the best components for the system I'm building. If I've missed anything please tell me. I'm not a new to computer hardware I have general knowledge about them so yeah. Any help for you guys would be amazing so thanks in advanced :D (and sorry for the long post haha)
  7. Ok so I'll stick with the black drive then thanks for your input appreciate it :)
  8. ok ill into the rog board and do some research and ill also take a look at the asus ref gtx780 yeah I know personally I wont be using photoshop a lot and therefore ill still stick with 16GB RAM and when I mean I wont use photoshop a lot I litterally means that I'll on being like 5 projects within a year and thats stretching it lol
  9. Hey there I've been watching Linus's videos for a couple of months now (haven't been there from the beggining but I really like his stuff and Slick) - And this is my first post too :) So as the topic title suggests this is a new build lets say its in the planning/contuning research stage. NOTHING has been finalised and no prices have been finalised. However this build will be called BloodRain. In saying this I plan on having a pretty beast build by the time I'm done actually building my new rig. I'm in no way 'newbie' when it comes to pc's I have good understanding of PC's in general so no need to explain all the little details to me lol. Budget & Location I'm in Australia so prices will be pretty high compared to American prices or whatever. The budget I have set is $3500AUD. This is including a monitor and peripherals. I will be doing a custom liquid cooling setup eventuall after I get the parts and do some more research so everthing will be running at stock speeds. Aim I plan on doing some heavy gamming such as the new game titles comming out so I want a rig that'll be handle them. I'm also teaching myself the Python language and plan on doing a fair bit of programming, I propably won't be doing any video editing and I'll be using photoshop but not very much. I do plan on running two 780's in SLI becuase I just want to. I will also be using a custom water cooling setup in the future. 3. Monitors I've only budgeted 1 monitor at the moment but I do eventually plan on running a 3 monitor setup and or more if needed. At the moment I'm not sure what type of monitor that I should go for, but it will be better than your standard 1080p monitor. So if any of you guys have any experience with the 120Hz, IPS, 2.5k monitors your input would be good. But I will be having a look at pc shops to get a better feel for them. 4. Peripherals I will be switching to a mechanical keyboard, just not sure wich one ones to go for I have read a guide on overclock.net about mechanical keyboards so I have general knowledge so you don't need to explain what a mechanical keyboard is I would just like some input from your experience. Mice I'm currently using a Razer Death Adder. I's the transformer edition and its purple cause purple is a pimp colour lol. I would like to switch to a different mouse just becuase I want to, I have no problems with the death adder it fits my hands nicely (I have small hands) and it does what I need it to do. So agian if you can recommend a good mouse for small hands that you've had experinece with then please feel free to give your opinon 5. Why are you upgrading? Well because I can lol and the very first pc I bought was 5 years ago so it's time that I moved up in the world and I'm currently only using a laptop *sigh*. PC Build Specs (not final) I have not researched all prices atm just listing the first price I see Case: Cosair Obsidian 900D $400 from pccasegear.com - I chose this case becuase I'm gonna be doing some custom artwork for it using photoshop and I really like the window on the case I think the 900D will really be able to show of my artwork Motherboard: not sure (please help lol) - So I don't need or really want to go crazy with the motherboard I'm not too fused with the onboard sound unless it really makes a difference?. As seening that I will be having a haswell cpu any decent motherboards for it. CPU: i7 4770K $418 from centrecom.com.au - I do plan on overcloking this beast hence why I will have a custom water cooling setup but will be running at stock until I get the parts Ram: will be getting 16GB RAM I'm not to fussed about speed unless it makes a significant improvment to performance I was thinking something like 1600MHz would do just fine. GPU: 780 x2 $829 from centrecom.com.au - I will be getting a reference card so that I can water cool them eventually and I chose nvida due to the cuda cores be more suitable/suited to what I will be doing in terms of programming and photoshop. HDD & SSD: Samsun 840 250GB $185 centrecom.com.au - HDD WD Black 2TB $162 centrecom.com.au - I've heard the green drives have gotten better in performance so I'm wondering if I should get one of those thoughts? PSU: I'm thinking I should get one in the 850-900 hundred range but not sure I've used some power supply calculators but I've taken the results with a grain of sault as the results are usually only estimates. I will also be gett a fully modular PSU becuase I will be doing custom cabling/sleeving eventually. Please leave your comments, suggestions, opinions ext. Thanks in advance for your help =D