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  1. unraid, freenas or proxmox is the way to go these days. Myself I am currently looking at moving from unraid to proxmox. looking at multiple zfs2 pools in proxmox.Might have some time on my hands soon.
  2. its not us the gamer's downloading the game early. It is putting the game on the server at the isp data center. Then when the day comes instead of everyone connecting to sony's servers in say California if I am in Toronto I connect to Toronto's isp server and get the game there. places like Walmart and such already get the games/movies days before release. This is just the digital equivalent. Even if the server is 4tb of m.2 ssd in it connected to the isp network via 10 or even 40gbps we might actually be able to max out the connection to play the games faster. Even with Microsoft new xbox and its m.2 based storage device. 1gbps connections are becoming the norm now a days.
  3. Isp's already have a Netflix server offered to them. If Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, steam offered the same idea for updates and new games would if benefit everybody? Cyberpunk 2077 would be a good case. There is a lot of hype, people will get the digital downloads and those that get the physical disk will most likely have to update. If Microsoft for example put the game of the server 48 hours before launch, and any updates this could help speed things up for gamers at launch, not slow down the isp connection and Microsoft servers. Security might be a thing but if it is hosted in the isp data center it shouldn't be a big issue.
  4. I have a pi 4 that I need to fix the mouse lag first if I can I am only going to use this to control 2 windows 10 machines remotely, even though 1 is at another location I have a site to site vpn setup and can access that machine so far. What software is best used on the pi4?
  5. we are starting to see it, 2 of the 3 isp offer a premium wifi for additional cost. its not that difficult, go to the store buy a router plug router in. isp do offer self serve installs these days and it is basically the same. I should also add to your comment I know nothing about wifi/networking but I pay X dollars and I should have X speed and coverage regardless if I am 2 ft away from the modem or 50 ft on my 2nd level.
  6. reading through local isp twitter accounts, full of nothing but people complaining about wifi coverage and speed. This has got me thinking about way back when we first got high speed after moving away from dial up. We had the modem with just 1 ethernet jack. was fine but we got a 2nd computer then the router came into play. Now with people not even realizing how wifi works or how to solve it and the mentality that I pay for this service will we see isp be like fine. Here is your jack and have a nice day? Myself would love this as this is in short what I do now.
  7. some of the team has done some video's in the past. Sure it will take time to train and possibly find others but having 1 host do the vast majority can burn him out. Wasn't there a video or Riley wanting to do more reviews and linus shot him down live on wan show? someone to start with.
  8. Think linus should step back from being the main person in all the videos, have others take up the task, have 3-4 hosts and assign dates so daily videos can get released. 1 mon and wed 2 tue and thurs friday could just be the wan show 3 could be weekends, possible 2 part larger videos As for linus, still be part but focus on things you like to do. some examples were the electric car charger in your garage, dropping multiple pc's into 1 unit. Things you enjoy and show how you did it, mistakes you made and interesting finds during the project.
  9. could be about cost, being in the telecom industry everyone gets the flat line tel cord to run new tel and sometimes ethernet runs. Now that we are pushing lots more bandwidth down our tel lines these do not work. Ethernet people just think 2 pair lines are the same as 4 pair. working with the public who think they know everything and we the experts are wrong.
  10. same place they visited 2 years ago, no idea if things have improved or not. Just want something in case nothing has improved
  11. Parents are going on a trip next month, last time they were there the wifi was horrible. All they used it for was maps, calling us kids and emails. I never actually researched anything beyond hardwired AP units. What is there best option. They don't want to spend a lot as it might get left behind.
  12. yes on the unifi, simple to setup, simple to manage, simple to add more devices. Bit on the pricey side but it just works
  13. ethernet, will always be the best option, move your router closer to potentially help with wifi signal install a AP not a router to also help with wifi. moca,powerline may or may not work.
  14. sounds like you have issues. everything worked till you changed hardware. To do a proper speed test you must only have 1 device connected, nothing else on wifi or Ethernet. You would be surprised how many people complain about speeds only to find our there kids are using P2P or some malware on there pc.
  15. this is strictly for a nas and don't need a high end cpu, just a board to meet my needs. Do not need a gpu, something that boots without a gpu needed would be ideal on board SATA 6 needed, if it has 8 bonus 2 pcie x8 cards that need gen 3 pcie 1 10gbe/sfp+ dosen't matter if it is Ethernet or sfp+ based. No 10gb gear yet. can be add in card
  16. now to find a Canadian supplier at a decent price. Get rid of the rats nest behind my TV'S.
  17. I have been wondering even before Linus did it to his house. These really really long hdmi cables. Are they able to transmit the full data for 4k? I was thinking about hdbaset but I know of issues especially latency for gaming. I might go this rout in the near future and want to take full advantage of current tv technology. Not 8k
  18. any idea when amd/nvidia added hdr10 to there cards? I only have a gt430 at the moment. Not a pc gamer as you can tell. Also ig you know how many pcie lanes would I need?
  19. Watching LTT latest video with central PC and monitors around the house I have been wanting to something like this for years. I did look at hdbaset that was fine but had latency issues when it would come to gaming. No I am wondering if taking the same/similar rout would be a good option. I will only use it for kodi, with some retro gaming. psx/n64 is about as high as I will go. I am thinking a single slot GPU would probably work. What would work for hdr10?
  20. made the mistake myself with the CCA, before I knew much about networking and saw it was so cheap
  21. I am slowly getting into 10gb networking in my house. I have a mixture of 10gbe cards, sfp+ ports in servers and network gear and a few sfp+ transceivers. Mainly I am wondering if for example I have a 16 port switch that only takes sfp+ transceivers, also have another switch that can also take sfp+ transceivers say in my garage at what point is it worth using fiber over a cat6a run?
  22. I have herd about these steam cache servers before. Know why they are a thing but I have 1 question. Does one need to purchase the game before they can add it to the cache server?
  23. speed test and youtube on the same machine? in the same area?
  24. its tough to say without digging further into it. Could be your end, could be the isp end. Could be something in the area. Rogue android box blocking wifi, was not connected to anything.
  25. first step is to determine if there is an issue in your house. Had a few slow speed at this time for work. Turned out to be things like apple syncing, cloud storage syncing and so on. Do a proper ethernet speed test and disable all wireless. If you get full speed then start by slowly introducing devices back onto the network. Again rain into issues were the son was torrenting and proved to the parents that it was this computer. unplugged the pc everything fine. plug back in 5 min latter back to very poor speed. Still our fault somehow. BTW could alo be a virus/malware on a pc. There still is the potability of network saturation. our competitor who introduced faster speeds and low prices are started to get saturation of there network.