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  1. just wondering, a typical NIC in a laptop/pc, can one set it to vlan 1000 or 3000? my isp fiber uses that for internet
  2. intertan

    paid for 50mbps, speedtest says 30mbps

    not exactly, my isp offers 5,10 and 25. Always get the speed or slightly more how are testing the speed? to do a true speed test only 1 device and a hardwired connection
  3. intertan

    1.0Gbps full duplex doesn't work

    is your computer off when you get the 100mbps? I know some equipment defaults to 100mbps according to the router if it is on check your cable, all 4 pairs need to be in use
  4. intertan

    MOCA Networking Help

    is it even possible to run Ethernet cable to a central location? while moca ok in some situations you cant beat a Ethernet connection.
  5. intertan

    what do you think?

    thought I saw pcie 1x speed in a x16 slot
  6. ebay motherboard I have always wanted a gpu setup for non mining purpose. Now everything is 1x and don't know if that will meet my needs. never less
  7. intertan

    Canada 10gb wire and jacks

    should have said looking for bulk cable. Future proofing my house and in the near future will be transferring large amounts of files from one portable setup to another.
  8. intertan

    Canada 10gb wire and jacks

    were is a good place to order some good quality but decent priced 10gb cable and keystone jacks. Live in Canada so want something that ships within Canada.
  9. intertan

    Ac3100 router with Verizon FiOS issue

    can you log into the router? if that ethernet is active you should get an ip you can see on the main page. Also some have an indicator light that says connected to internet. Got feeling you are not connecting up the right cable
  10. intertan

    Ac3100 router with Verizon FiOS issue

    is there a wan port on the asus? this is comming from the fios equipment. Maybe you need to set the vlan on the asus router. My fiber isp you need to do this
  11. intertan

    Ac3100 router with Verizon FiOS issue

    you own the asus router? isn't fios cable internet? is the coax connected to the asus?
  12. I have a iptv service from my isp. It works provincce wide but there are some restrictions as it needs to come from my home location. Could I use some sort of VPN setup to trick the box into thinking it is located from home?
  13. intertan

    Fiber internet Sfp and not wanting to use isp hw

    I have been looking at telus allowing nokia gpon sfp adapters to work the issue is this, isp mine at least does not want the customer to mess with the fiber itself. fragile and costly to fix. I know of cases were customers cut the fiber right at the wall. isp goes to hook up the customer again or a new one and has to fish in a new line. Sometimes not as nice as before Customer expects it to be just like the old copper, can't you just spice with the 1/2 inch of fiber left? I would love to skip the ont/power supply as I just have internet and nothing else. Then there is the issue with dial tone on fiber. Battery backup in case power goes out.
  14. intertan

    Netflix Session Hosting?

    ever thought of a plex/emby setup?
  15. I could probably use linux and drop windows 10, only thing is I would like to keep the option to put it back on if needed. laptop that didn't come with any sort of recovery. is it possible?