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  1. intertan

    Netflix Session Hosting?

    ever thought of a plex/emby setup?
  2. I could probably use linux and drop windows 10, only thing is I would like to keep the option to put it back on if needed. laptop that didn't come with any sort of recovery. is it possible?
  3. intertan

    Wifi is dead slow. Ethernet is not.

    can be a pain, try a different channel, is the router on the most current FW this could be a good LTT video, how to possibly solve your wifi issues.
  4. intertan

    Wifi is dead slow. Ethernet is not.

    so many things can cause issues, its wifi do you have something to read the signal strength? like a phone or tablet how many devices are connected? how many of them are wireless? have tried temp changing the ssid/password and only connecting the device that is having problem? have been dealing with a lot of wifi issues lately. if still having issues try unplugging stuff like android boxes or other things.
  5. intertan

    Router with Fiber Port In It?

    now that I think about it doesn't bell have a media converter with the 1.5gbps internet package?
  6. intertan

    Router with Fiber Port In It?

    with our gpon network one could use there own equipment past the ONT. Need to set the wan to vlan1000 there is a catch, past the ONT is all on you. If we show up and you have your own equipment we just test the ONT and leave
  7. cat7 is future proof. Those flat ones I have herd is garbage, also depending on the area you might need some special coated cat7 due to fire regulations. taking my isp/tv providers coax company, 1 coax run. though they can use ethernet for there boxes satellite 1-2 depending on provider and hardware. iptv provider, recommend 2 runs to separate the iptv packets and regular internet packets. What I did is this 4 cat6 runs to all possible tv locations. Main tv locations got an extra run for smart tv function 2 coax runs all connected to a patch panel in basement, I also have various other runs in house for AP and future needs like a computer in the garage to research stuff like how to fix my car. Your usb question. using the keystone is not a good idea for charging. I have several of those built in chargers in a power outlet. I got the leviton ones and have been great so far. The keystone You are probably going to have a issue over a certain distance. I did look at this at one point. HDMI also has a distance issue. Sure there are special one way cables that have a transmit and receive end you need to install right. If you are serious and have the budget you need a HDMI over ethernet option like hdbaset. the newer standard has usb and ethernet in 1 ethernet cable. your dual router can work but will also cause issues if not setup right. You want a router and switches. Adding AP to cover dead spots in your house is preferred. I have unifi and a still use my isp gateway to just manage the data. I also believe the google wifi has a separate wifi network to communicate to each other. Works but like I said above if you can do a harwired AP you wont regret it, it is also POE so the switch will have to be a poe capable.
  8. intertan

    Locking the internet

    like others have stated you and your parents need to do 2 things 1st is get your brother to put on the big boy pants and get a job, not any job a full time job that he has to go to. once he gets a job he can pay for the internet 2nd is block his internet. Mac filtering and changing wifi info. Make sure to change the admin password. You will also need to lock the router somewhere so he can not factory reset it. I'm a millennial, have a full time job, own a house and pay for everything myself. Why do I see more and more people in my generation act like a bunch of entitled brats. Guess we can't blame your parents as it sounds like you came out good. Last resort is kick him out of the house. Sisters boyfriend had this happen to him. In the end he agreed it was the best thing his parents did for him.
  9. intertan

    pfsense Router and slow gigabit download speeds

    How is it all connected? what does the fiber cable itself connect to? you might be able to just bypass the isp router and go straight to the pfsense machine. My isp sasktel has that option from the ont to your own equipment. Only catch is after the ont it is completely your responsibility with no support from them. not there equipment not there problem.
  10. intertan

    pfsense Router and slow gigabit download speeds

    could you test without the pfsense and see what you get?if you get fullish speed without pfsense you know your pfsence setup is causing the issue.
  11. intertan

    Plex media Server double nat

    Another option is bridge a port on the isp gateway and have it act just like a modem. like port1,then have your router do all the work. what kind of connection do you have? fiber, dsl coax?
  12. intertan

    pfsense Router and slow gigabit download speeds

    How are you testing to do a true speed test 2 things I recommend Ethernet only only 1 client connected to the network. Disable wifi and unplug anything but the computer you are testing on
  13. intertan

    Slow wi-fi

    can you run a network scanner and see what other networks it is picking up? if you have multiple ones see if you are on the same channel or overlapping some. just because you haven't changed anything doesn't mean someone in the area hasn't.
  14. intertan

    Slow wi-fi

    as did I in some of my troubles. Still got awful speed. installed multiple pieces of equipment and still didn't fix it. even brought my own personal router and didn't help. and was the only network in the house. Full bars and in the next room I did run into one situation were a cheap android box was blocking the speed. Unplug power it and the speed went up to full. Plug it back in let it boot and speed drooped back to nothing. wasn't even connected to the network. Wifi can be a pain to deal with
  15. intertan

    Slow wi-fi

    forgot to quote you above