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  1. its tough to say without digging further into it. Could be your end, could be the isp end. Could be something in the area. Rogue android box blocking wifi, was not connected to anything.
  2. first step is to determine if there is an issue in your house. Had a few slow speed at this time for work. Turned out to be things like apple syncing, cloud storage syncing and so on. Do a proper ethernet speed test and disable all wireless. If you get full speed then start by slowly introducing devices back onto the network. Again rain into issues were the son was torrenting and proved to the parents that it was this computer. unplugged the pc everything fine. plug back in 5 min latter back to very poor speed. Still our fault somehow. BTW could alo be a virus/malware on a pc. There still is the potability of network saturation. our competitor who introduced faster speeds and low prices are started to get saturation of there network.
  3. Few options. router in AP mode. Ap unit like unifi AP. Extender but this might be its own network You will want to look for something with an in and out.
  4. I have my 2nd unraid licence here. might look into that provided I can pass through my card. its 10+ yo hardware.
  5. Will consider that. Got to get use to pfsense first. Nice thing is I have 2 static ip addresses so I can actually with a little work get the network up and going while not affecting my main one.
  6. its sort of future proofing myself. rather spend the extra money now then down the road. I am hopping sometime in the future were I can somehow drop my isp (sasktel) equipment and go straight fiber to pfsense. the other shaw as well. I do realize they will not support it but it is less equipment to fail. I am doing that now with the ont connected directly to my unifi usg device. Not supported but not frowned upon by my isp now.
  7. but can it do an x8 gen 3 pcie card? part of what might be happening is using a sfp gpon adaptor. Drop the isp ont. Been finding some success with both bell and telus.
  8. Finally this weekend installing pfsense on some hardware I have kicking around. This is not a production server yet just playing with it. now I do want to go fully in with pfsense. I have a few requirements to future proof what I hope to do First is the options to use 2 isp accounts at the same time. Not looking at combining them into 1 connection. more like isp1 vlan 100 and isp 2 vlan 200 setup. then configure my switches after that. Also have a fail over if one isp goes down. Because of this potential 2gbps or more in the future I want the output to handle 10gbps. an x8 slot is needed for sfp+ ports. ipmi is also nice. 2u or smaller case low power yet room to expand. I will be using an ssd as the main drive. Now I haven't dug to much into the advanced setup of pfsense or even my unifi equipment I have in use.
  9. multiple AP units. like unifi. Is the best option. are you mostly wifi(see above) or wired?
  10. I would just likt to here is a jack, we run our speedtest and then have a nice day
  11. this isn't me. This is the people I have to deal with doing my job
  12. nope, all they say is wifi is included. people are like I pay for wifi (never say internet) and I pay for 100mbps and I only get coverage here and speeds of 95mbps. I sound like a broken record times. You pay for internet not wifi. we advertise upto 300 for example. Via cat5e or better and when you do a speed test and get 295 its close enough. To do a true speed test you need have 1 device connected. not the 40+ when you add up everything. We don't own the frequency. Control what our competitors do, what your next door people do and so on. its rediculus what people expect from us. My computer takes 20 min to start up and up to an hour to get the printer to print something. Must be something with your equipment I am running a windows xp machine and can't get the 300 I pay for (100mbps card installed) Why can't I use the flat line tel cord to get ethernet to my house https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/10m-30ft-RJ11-6P4C-Cable-new_60397529085.html what do you mean I wired it wrong, your network should be able to do it this way. I don't want all this wires, I want everything to be wireless and I am not paying out of my own pocket to get what I wan't I want cat6a everywhere, over 100 runs. cisco equipment and AP units I should not have to pay to get this installed.
  13. People expect the isp to have 100% coverage in there house and Full speed 24/7. regardless if they are in an apartment or large house. If the isp can deliver on this coverage then it is up to the isp to fix. They the customer shouldn't have to pay to get something that works. this includs 40-50 wireless devices if not more. It comes down to people always treating internet as wifi. People don't understand you pay for internet that comes trough ethernet and wifi is just a bonus. When the area I work in upgrade to fiber over half of the people thought this would fix there wifi issue, It has actually made it worse now that we are offering such speeds. Including playstation servers that max them out at ~50mbps when they pay for 100+mbps. Something on our end they say.
  14. Been doing this for years. even my small house needs min 2 AP to cover the entire house.
  15. couple of isp's in the area have had enough with slow wii speed/coverage. They are installing the isp gateway and that is it. You have 2 options, deal with it yourself like I did or pay to get some equipment. There is already some people threatening to switch, take them to court. I pay for it I should get it. It says you pay for internet and wifi is included. had a few troubles this week myself. Ran things wrong, nothing ran at all "everything is wireless these days you know". One wanted the gateway in the middle of the house, fine makes sense. Want's a few things hardwired but does not want to have all them go to the gateway. This is new 2-3 year old houses.