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  1. intertan

    Slow wi-fi

    as did I in some of my troubles. Still got awful speed. installed multiple pieces of equipment and still didn't fix it. even brought my own personal router and didn't help. and was the only network in the house. Full bars and in the next room I did run into one situation were a cheap android box was blocking the speed. Unplug power it and the speed went up to full. Plug it back in let it boot and speed drooped back to nothing. wasn't even connected to the network. Wifi can be a pain to deal with
  2. intertan

    Slow wi-fi

    forgot to quote you above
  3. intertan

    Slow wi-fi

    i now how it works but it is wifi. every house and setup is different. I install isp equipment for a living. some houses have no issues others are just crap. even right above the modem with wifi and the signal is just gone. this is why we d0 not guarantee anything over wifi. regardless if it is 2.4, 5ghz or beyond. Besides is he even getting a strong enough 5ghz signal? if he is only getting 1 bar on 5G then that could be the issue. in this case a box blocks the signal
  4. intertan

    ISP resetting router.

    whty would they do that. Mine only resets things when there is an issue or a major FW update have you ever thought of installing your own setup? router and AP points? you will need to adjust the modem from your isp but if you ever switch it is an easy switch
  5. intertan

    Slow wi-fi

    NO isp will guarantee the speed over wifi, way to many factors including the neighbors kid who could block the signal. its way beyond any control they have
  6. intertan

    ISP resetting router.

    who is your isp? are you just power cycling or factory reset? if factory resting most often is goes right back to factory state and enables wifi. most isp routers are not the greatest, the one my isp uses is ok. If people have there own equipment and depending on the tech they disable wifi and bridge port 1. This way there modem acts just like a modem passing everything on to the customers equipment. edit my isp only has a gateway regardless of what speed you get. I assume you have also contacted your isp and asked what you are looking for?
  7. try right at the modem not using any of the switches could also be a network saturation on bells end. try it various times of day with the same setup also do you have any 10gb ethernet equipment? 1.5gbps is faster than most modern equipment can handle.
  8. how is it connected? via ethernet or wifi also is it a desktop or laptop
  9. intertan

    Need assistance with my plans for the house network.

    work yes but not recommended. will run into a double nat issue if not setup properly. your best bet would to be install a switch upstairs and an AP. you can get POE switches that power an ap so you can stick it in a closet for example
  10. intertan

    EVGA PSU lit my house on fire! 🔥

    were you using just the provided cables? no molex to sata power adapters? or anything similar
  11. intertan

    IPTV and internet via same Ethernet cable

    it can but not the best idea spliting the pairs. you are limiting your speed to 100mbps per device. I do know some devices need all 4 pairs to connect to ethernet
  12. intertan

    recommend me some plex hardware

    found this a week or so ago
  13. intertan

    recommend me some plex hardware

    with plex a gpu can do much more than a CPU can. M.2 was if the board only has 2 16x slots and that is it a m.2 spot is needed. it is just in the planning stages. While fiber is in the area will probably be 4 months till the network is turned on
  14. I am looking at building a dedicated plex/emby server. my current setup while works is over 10 years old and can't keep up. Now that fibre is in my area I need to do something. requirements are rack mount, i could do 4u but prefer smaller. Can a 2U server meet my needs? 1-2 GPU, will get one for sure but would like a 2nd slot if I needed.was thinking of mounting the cards horizontal and not vertical 10gbe Ethernet, over kill probably but I do have 10gbe switch on my network m.2 drive to access the media info in a timely manner. will be doing ram transcoding when needed. IPMI would be nice but not needed. right now I am thinking up to 10 streams. Client hardware is all x265 capable but most of my media is x264. I am also getting a 4k tv in the near future. I will be migrating over to emby in the future, I have no live TV yet but it is in the works and emby can transcode live tv. Still researching on the best options for that as I need some sort of HDMI capture card/iptv encoder.
  15. intertan

    Slow internet one device

    2.5ghz or 5G?