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  1. thank you all for the help, the issue has now been resolved!
  2. basically im passing my old computer to my mother and so i'd prefer to have it wiped clean but after a recent move i cant find disk with the OS, tried googling for the answer and apparently i just cant but im wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
  3. so, recently switched to a new Internet provider and the new package comes with TV, in order to get the most out of the TV(in the loungeroom) it needs to be connected via ethernet cable to the router however i also need to connect my computer and rather than either having a very long cable or using wireless i'd prefer the router next to my computer, i keep reading about bridges or repeaters and things however im literally at the point of smashing my face repeatedly into my table, im either a complete idiot or it is amazingly difficult to do something which sounds amazingly simple. so, as if you were talking to a complete idiot; can i have the router in my room and a second one in the lounge to pick up the wifi and allow me to plug a cable from it to the tv box?
  4. Budget and Location: flexible, my current budget is around £2.7k but obviously if i can get similar performance for less i'd be more than happy, not overly willing to spend more, location is England, specifically london. Aim: originally gaming, I want a high end gaming beast of a machine however as a secondary aim since first starting to plan this build i've become rather curious about high end machines in general and certainly want to move into the area of extreme builds and so on in the future, what i've planned so far has allot of room to improve as and when i can. monitors: Asus PB278Q 27" LED LCD HDMI Monitor at 2560 x 1440, may or may not move onto multiple monitors in the future, if i do i would prefer a single monitor for gaming but to have peripheral monitors so while playing a game i could have a wiki open and youtube in other for instance, was also considering whether to have one high resolution monitor and one 3d monitor as the peripheral for movies and whether that would even be possible? peripherals: none needed, i'll be upgrading the mouse and keyboard in the future but its not a pressing concern, my headset is fine and i will need to purchase windows 7 for the build. why am i upgrading: because i can basically, i've not really had money before but with a new relatively well paid job and very few outgoing costs i can finally upgrade, my current rig is rather old but it doesn't have too many issues, i could keep using it but i simply dont want to, there are also a few personal reasons i want to change, sort of like when a person looses a tonne of weight they go and buy a whole new wardrobe sort of thing. ok, so... currently planned hardware(very flexible): -Gigabyte GTX titan(while i do really want a titan im also rather curious SLI with cheaper cards) -Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP7 Intel Z77 Socket 1155 Motherboard -i7 3770k(wouldn't mind looking into haswell though) -Samsung 512GB 840 Pro Series SSD(most likely going to get a HDD later on aswell) -CoolerMaster Cosmos 2(this piece i am rather stubborn about and will not budge) -need help with the RAM -need help with the PSU and would prefer modular -need help with fans/rads on the point of cooling, i am very curious about water cooling and love to have some opinions on the pros and cons and on the point of aesthetics i'd prefer a red/green theme if that matters. i built my current rig but was given a list of components, this my first time doing everyone on my own and i am basically jumping into the deep end, the case and the motherboard i picked specifically because of the room for improvement and ability to expand that it offers. looking forward to hearing what people have to say. Ouro