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Insane Walrus

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  1. Insane Walrus

    10 Fast Fingers - Typing Competition

    52, mainly because I make so many errors
  2. Insane Walrus

    What is the Oldest PC?

    Pentium 3 and a 128mb stick of 133mHz CL3 PC133 ram
  3. Insane Walrus

    AMD 2014 GPU Line-up

    Dual GPU cards generally haven't been announced at the same time in the last few generations
  4. Insane Walrus


    I have an old HDD because when I built my rig I didn't want to spend the extra cash to buy an SSD
  5. Insane Walrus

    Intel PAX Prime Maingear System GIVEAWAY!

    I always want the best specs for my gaming pc. Nothing says you are cool on the internet more than some pc gamer master race e-peen! good luck and thanks to linus and the sponsors!
  6. Insane Walrus

    Sennheiser HD 558

    Most gaming headsets don't have super good sound quality, compared to high end headphones. If you want good sound quality go with headphones and either a modmic or a desk mic. Keep in mind the 558's are open headphones, which means the sound is more natural but the sound also leaks out so others can hear what you are listening to
  7. Insane Walrus

    Favorite Quote

    "They've done studies you know. 60% of the time, it works every time." -Brian Fantana
  8. Insane Walrus

    New Phone Suggestion?

    I have the nexus 4 and I really like it. It is a tad fragile, as it has glass on the front and back. The best thing about owning a nexus device is the speed of updates, and the relative low price for an unlocked phone. Even the Google Edition HTC One and GS4 don't get the updates directly from Google once they are released. Before the end of the year I'm assuming Google will release a nexus 5 or similar, since they have been doing yearly releases. If you wanted, you could wait for that phone since it will have better specs. The only things I don't really like about the N4 are the lack of LTE and how fragile it supposedly is. I haven't personally had any problems with dropping it, but I take really good care of my devices. It also has a 720p screen, compared to the 1080p on other flagship devices. However, it is only $299 unlocked for 8gb or $349 for 16gb. IMO the nexus 4 is a great phone and a solid choice.
  9. Insane Walrus

    Turtle Beach EarForce Z11 Gaming Headset

    I've had my x12's for 2 years now, and they are doing just fine. The sound quality is pretty bad but I have had no problems, and I have used them a ton since I got them.
  10. Insane Walrus

    Post yer Loot

    I must say, that is one damn good reason not to like it. That is really dumb in my opinion that they aren't allowing a program like that even after you contacted them. :(
  11. Insane Walrus

    What games should I get for my first pc

    Personally I like BF3 a lot, however there are just so many great games out there. Pick up a bunch on sale and go ham, see what you like.
  12. Insane Walrus

    What are we doing with our lives?

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 on PSP by far. I did free play on that for over 250 hours most likely, loved it so much. Hopefully DICE and EA don't ruin Battlefront 3 like I know they will
  13. Insane Walrus

    New vagas

    New Vegas is a great game, especially for $5 with all the DLC. I personally like Fallout 3 better but I would recommend just getting both because they are both awesome
  14. Insane Walrus

    Post yer Loot

    Why exactly, if I may ask? Main reason I like it is because of the sales and it's the main PC gaming platform so it's where my friends are.
  15. Insane Walrus

    Post yer Loot

    so far... Bastion - $2.24 Bioshock (1st one) - $4.99 Fallout 3 GOTY - $4.99 Fallout New Vegas Ultimate - $4.99 Castle Crashers - $3.74 Half-Life Complete - $9.99 Haven't wanted to waste my budget early on just in case, still have $21.44 left. Hopefully Skyrim or Oblivion will be cheaper and then I'll grab them too :D