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  1. looking for new card not happy with my 1050 ti

    1060 6GB is definitely an upgrade for you. It's equal to roughly a 980, and is a good jump above the recommended VR specs.
  2. Gtx 880m upgrade

    http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m17x-r4-gpu-upgrade-help-appreciated.794901/ OP can easily upgrade to a 240W power brick. That is not a problem. The VRMs can certainly handle it - this machine actually scales up to 680M which uses as much power from that generation. There is two heatsinks - one for low wattage chips like 660M and one for 100w+ like 780-880M. You may need a modded BIOS to boot with the new GPU though, OP.
  3. What latop would you recommend?

    https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Asus-Gaming-Laptop-FX553VD-i7-7700HQ-16GB-RAM-128GB-SSD-1TB-HD-GTX1050-15-6-FHD/192475867643?epid=818651434&hash=item2cd074a9fb:g:~oEAAOSwM7JZzyLg https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Lenovo-V330-14-FHD-8th-Gen-Core-i7-8550U-2GB-Graphics-8GB-256GB-SSD-Win10/323074004213?epid=20013969279&hash=item4b38b614f5:g:~fwAAOSwI~tag98J Use code print for 20% off. I'd recommend both of these.
  4. External GPU

    wrong most laptops can push X1 2.0 and then Nvidia drivers will enable link compression allowing for more bandwidth. It's a feasible second setup style device. Experimented with here, with examples: https://egpu.io/forums/expresscard-mpcie-m-2-adapters/us7-50-generic-mpcie-egpu-adapter/ Seems like an ok dock, would work unless your machine needs delay switch to prevent black screen during POST. Also has insulated cables which the GDC Beast lacks. Probably not a bad pick, honestly.
  5. Best laptop under 2000 EU

    See if a large retailer stocks it, some retailers import it. What country are you in by the way?
  6. Best laptop under 2000 EU

    Ah, so you'll definitely gain from a quad core. Then I'd still recommend the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. It's a U series that sips power but still offers decent quad core performance when you need it, and if you want more just lift up the power maximum in XTU and watch it turbo to 3.8Ghz on all cores :^).
  7. Best laptop under 2000 EU

    legitimate question - what are you doing that requires that power? I'm inclined to recommend the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro as it has all your requirements and runs on par with a 7700HQ (for i5 model) and 7820HK (for i7 model) once the power is unlimited for turbo.
  8. Raspberry pi 3 B+ launches!

    One word: 89USD (and that's without a windows licence!)
  9. Raspberry pi 3 B+ launches!

    for music and files usb2 is enough
  10. Raspberry pi 3 B+ launches!

    You'll need a powerful PSU and a lot of powered HDD cases. also the ethernet is still on the usb2 controller so have fun when that line bottlenecks. It's not a hugely good meme
  11. Raspberry pi 3 B+ launches!

    cheap home server iot tasks (using gpio) retro gaming small pc for kids, handles basic web browsing and content surfing SPI flashing (using clips or solder points) Pi hole (but that runs on everything now)
  12. Raspberry pi 3 B+ launches!

    wireless AC? It's time to build a small RPi based home server. :^)
  13. f rip wheely science man
  14. Is my Consumer PC upgradable ?

    Both sequential and 4k QD32.
  15. Can i use my old CPU cooler in my new system

    The EVO is probably a little better. Something like cryorig h7 runs rings around the 212 evo for a similar price however.