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  1. Proof? https://pclab.pl/art65002-4.html
  2. They work with Coffeelake as well, if you hack the BIOS.
  3. Best Small lens for Sony E mount

    fe 28mm f2 samyang 35mm f2.8 the FE has adapters to make it into 21mm ultrawide and 16mm fisheye too, but its bigger than the samyang
  4. Oppo Find X First Look!

    This should have been the OP6 instead of the notched POS we got. If you can tell me that the notch is needed when you have a bottom bezel, you deserve waterboarding.
  5. are you sure the fan is actually stuck or that the psu is not spinning up the fan because it doesn't need to - 4690k @ stock and R9 290 aren't huge wattage.
  6. Wireless Gaming/Music Headphones for ~150$/€ ?

    steelseries arctis 7 2.4Ghz "lossless" wireless, good sound signature, ok mic for wireless capability, and port for 3.5mm devices.
  7. Looking for new mouse - Mionix vs SteelSeries

    Don't be off-put by mouse weight. I have fairly weak wrists due to hyper-mobility, but I handle the 120ish gram Rival 700 fine - and even the 200gm Sensei Wireless (which I use interchangeably, swap to the Sensei when my cat sleeps on my mouse cables)
  8. gigabyte UEFI is a fucking mess, this doesn't surprise me. they use cpu whitelists and check for BIOS modifications as well. reminds me a lot of dell/hp business uefi, not consumer shite.
  9. The eDRAM / irisPro idea was actually implemented onto Haswell core as Crystalwell, but then transitioned to a 14nm node as Broadwell. 22nm Crystalwell works fine on Haswell PCH (8/9series), as long as it is soldered down to a BGA to LGA interposer - @Herman Mcpootis owns one.
  10. Repurposing a WD Mybook 4TB as an internal drive

    Nothing will be damaged by using these as internal drives. You can keep using it, nothing will happen. Just keep in mind that these drives are slightly lower quality when compared to their proper desktop counterparts.
  11. MS are pricks so half of the GPO vars are locked for Home/Pro, only for Ent/Edu.
  12. I got better DX performance compared to my old Pro install and about the same OGL performance. It was the same on my old Pro install. I even had the postpone updates button which seems to be absent from LTSB. And I've got a fully legit copy, so I'm keeping it.
  13. definitely. on my old 10586 install I just nuked the updates service and let it run once a month if I needed it but then it broke because MS so I fresh installed
  14. end users are far too retarded for a feature like that in their operating system tho