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  1. Unlocked Phone For Under $250?

    ^ what he said leeco le pro 3 is also really good for the price but the stock rom really sucks and xiaomi offer some really good sub $200 devices like the mi a1, but the US compatibility is pretty mediocre
  2. Will it work? Yes. Will it work as a boot drive? No..
  3. Does a 1x pcie port bottleneck gpu?

    Never said it was optimal, just fine. If there is an Intel HD device onboard, OP could use an Nvidia GPU like the 660 or something cheap from Fermi, and then enable Optimus through drivers to allow for link compression, which can give him double to 3 times the performance of a normal PCIe X1 2.0 by heavily compressing the data going over the bus.
  4. Does a 1x pcie port bottleneck gpu?

    For a 5870 it'll be fine. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/HD_5870_PCI-Express_Scaling/25.html Take a read. If the board has PCIE 3.0 that's a bonus too
  5. order new phone for $170AUD


    gets code that makes it $147AUD



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. silentprototipe


      @Ethocreeper Ouch, That must have sucked 

    3. Ethocreeper


      It did @silentprototipe am still crying. I could have easily gotten a 1080.


      Not to mention that rumors of ryzen started to raise after I bought my cpu...

      Now I need to get a new one (for cad)


    4. silentprototipe
  6. One of the best gaming mice with a flawless optical sensor (3366) vs buggy laser sensor with RGB. :thinking:

    That's still confusing, usually laptop PCH is named like HM or QM not normal Z like desktop chips

    fairly sure this is a mistake https://gyazo.com/686531b9188f2ad32d0915e04d6b33ee
  9. Core M: m3: base model i5: a little faster i7: a little faster Core -U 3-7th gen: i3: base model i5: adds turbo, faster GPU i7: more cache, faster GPU Core -U 8th gen: i3: dual core with HT i5: quad core without HT, same improvements as above otherwise i7: quad core with HT Core H/HQ: Same as 8th gen U
  10. Using any computer as a eGPU for MacBook Pro

    Nope.. Tb3 docks require special 'device host' hardware from Intel, and that's why they're all so goddamn expensive
  11. That laptop has HM65 chipset, I'd recommend i5 2520M or 2540M, or i7 2620M or i7 2640M. Might get a bit toasty though. NVMe will not work on your laptop or desktop. Their UEFI BIOS does not support the NVMe standard like newer motherboards do, and as such they will not boot with an NVMe SSD installed. You are much better off getting SATA anyway as NVMe gives no real world speed boost over a normal SATA SSD.
  12. Is Alibaba reliable?

    Taobao offers Tmall, a service where instead of consumer to consumer shopping like Taobao, stores sell to consumers, and Taobao takes copies of their licences, as well as verifies their geographical location and makes sure the product is genuine. Big brands like Nokia, Samsung, Ray-Ban, etc are on Tmall, selling lots of products.
  13. ASUS laptop running HOT AF!

    Use something like NotebookFanSpeedControl instead of SpeedFan. Pull the heatsink and replace the thermal paste Replace the fan. If the machine is 4+ years old there's a chance this is causing your problem.
  14. Second wave of X370 boards

    Still an improvement. Asus usually has convoluted product stacks anyway, nice to see them back at their old ways with 6 billion ROG ATX boards covering a $100 price difference.
  15. Is Alibaba reliable?

    If you're expecting non-counterfeit western brands on Chinese shopping sites that are not Taobao, then you're in the wrong place.