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  1. 2 x 1080 Ti in NON-SLI = 22GB of VRAM?

    it would seem so - i'd still try it with another card and see if rendering performance improves. theoretically applications like this would use vram as texture cache only during the raytracing process.
  2. Msata in a mini PCIE

    all are wired pcie, no msata here
  3. Paying Monthly for Windows 10?

    ... are you actually going to give us references to where it states that or are you just going to continue spreading useless FUD?
  4. Paying Monthly for Windows 10?

    This is for targeted Business to Business marketing. Outline which page that states they sell social media info to businesses, or stop spreading FUD.
  5. Paying Monthly for Windows 10?

    This is for businesses -- just makes it easier for smbs (especially without an IT department) to keep their systems patched and running well. This isn't really necessary for an end consumer.
  6. Msata in a mini PCIE

    port needs to be wired sata not pcie, what's your laptop model - I'll check the data sheet on it and see what the mpcies are wired.
  7. A New Standard for Gamers in 2025

    and get another company to manage the major, because somehow the whole stadiums internet went down and they couldn't air the last match of the night
  8. Alright in the past 24h: 

    - system died and then came back to life after unplugging and then replugging everything and reseating ram. it turned off during a storm and the igpu output corrupted, so I figured the mobo was toast but apparently not. 


    - booted it back up this morning to fuck around and get work done and "bootmgr not found, press ctrl alt delete to restart". Unplugged my external HDD and it worked fine. What gives?? 



    1. CUDAcores89


      Could be many things, but sounds like a buggy-ass motherboard. 


      If you can get a new mobo, I would try that.

    2. Droidbot


      this board is a legit fuckin potato, it's got a 4phase with niko fets and OC is really poor.


      worse comes to worse I can get a Z87 ITX AsRock board off Taobao for around $90 if this thing kicks the bucket again.



  9. Best games to run on Intel HD graphics?

    wangan midnight maximum tune 5 would probably run runs 60fps at 480p on hd4000 and 3360m - gpu limited. it's an arcade game though so you need a controller. but id recommend openarena or xonotic, and definitely stardew valley.
  10. Best phone to buy which will get quick updates

    Nokia and a lot of the Android One OEMs deliver timely updates to their phones. My Nokia 7 Plus, a midrange phone, is getting 9.0 sometime this month.
  11. Looking for higher quality "Classic" style in ear headphones

    you could get koss porta-pros, quite similar. they're on ears but quite similar to that style, with the hooks if you are fine without the hooks, they're known as 'earbuds' - something like the Yincrow X6.
  12. Poor performance on CSGO with GTX1080

    Make sure you have multi-core usage enabled in the settings. Panorama automatically disabled it for some reason. Even if it says enabled, disable it, save, and then re enable it and save.
  13. Valve announces CS:GO FREE Edition

    it sucks they don't have this available for lan MP play because itd be great for lan parties where people may or may not own the game however the only reason this exists is to boost gotv viewer numbers when compared to twitch. too bad gotv consumes much more resources and the caster voices sound like WWII tank radios
  14. Intel i9 9900K does 5.5GHz On All Cores

    wonder if 906ec microcode is on 1602 then, since some ASUS and Gigabyte boards got updates with 906ec -- theoretically they could work
  15. Intel i9 9900K does 5.5GHz On All Cores

    impressive. not sure that m10h has 906ec microcode (octa ucode) on rev1802.. could be faked.