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  1. I ran them in both configs like, 3 times in a row each, back to back. I did have some background programs running, but it's the same for both cases. But I probably should run them again now, and maybe on more programs too. I'll come back with some new results.
  2. Yes, except it got faster when I lowered it from stock (7000MHz to 6498MHz). (sorry i didn't made it clear)
  3. So I was running Time Spy on my RTX2070 Super (Inno3D Gaming OC x3), and I got around 9.7k on the graphics score. Then, I lowered the memory clock (from stock) by 502 in MSI afterburner, and the score went up to 9.9k. I ran it a few more times and it;s the same. I read that it could be the memory was having error because the clock is too fast, so is that the case here? If so, is this something I can get my card replaced for? And should I keep the memory clock at stock, or drop it to -502 for now? I think the card was manufactured at the 31st week of 2019, if that means anything. It also uses Micron memory, but I thought that was fine now. Oh, and while we're here, the card often boost itself to around 1965 MHz, and sometimes 2010 MHz out of the box. It says boost clock is 1815 MHz on the box, and I'm pretty sure I didn't overclock it to that. So do these cards just boost as high as they can, or did I actually do something? CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Stock MB: Gigabyte ab350-gaming 3 RAM: Kingston 2400MHz 8GB x 2 GPU: Inno3D Gaming OC x3 RTX2070 Super
  4. Yea that's a common thing with USB 3 headers. If the housing is still stuck on the cable, just plug the whole thing back in. Otherwise it doesn't really matter, maybe try putting the housing back and ignore it if you couldn't.
  5. Not sure what you mean by 'can the specs handle it', but no, I don't think any GPU out there can overclock by 1000mhz. Overclocking can only damage your GPU if the voltage is set to auto, which means the GPU would pump as much voltage to work super fast, and the voltage would fired the card. But cards today would likely have a max voltage allowed so it can't get damaged. If you're interested to know why there are glitches, I can sorta explain. It's not related to hardware damage. The clock speed means how fast your GPU can work. 1 GHz means you can check the GPU 101000 times every second for data, i.e. it takes 1ns to compute some data. If you set the clock to 2 GHz, you would be checking for data every 0.5ns, meaning the data you're getting is not ready, which is why it glitches. When you rebooted, the clocks went back to default and it works normally again. (Again, I don't know if that's exactly how it works, but I've learnt some stuff that led me to this conclusion.
  6. 1. Likely not, overclocking GPU is easy and safe(r) since if it doesn't work, the game just crash and you try again. If you can turn it back on and use it, it's fine since any damage possible from 1000mhz overclock would've killed the whole thing. 2. It's normal. OC scanning is basically checking how far your card can go, so when the card reach its limit, it glitches. Like I said in 1, that's how GPU overclock goes. 3. Not entirely sure about this, but check your graphics settings in-game, the CPU and RAM in the benchmarks you see. Background processes on your computer may affect your performance, but I doubt it'll be this much. Check afterburner to see GPU and CPU utilization. If your GPU utilization is low (not sure what is low, maybe see if the benchmarks shows it), then your CPU is the limit. I'm not the most knowledgeable person on these subjects, but there's no need to worry. If these things breaks so easily, they probably wouldn't have be sold in the first place.
  7. Can't get that kind of price where I live Even the Pulse is like $470 Figure it'd be better to spring for the 2070 super at that price.
  8. Do they have a bad rep or something? I am using GTX970 Twin X2 now and it's alright
  9. For around the same price (~US$500) I can either get the Inno3D RTX2070 Super Gaming OC X3 or RTX2080 Twin X2. Looking online myself, it seems that the 2080 is kinda crap (Non-A, runs kinda hot). Couldn't find much about the 2070 super, but it seems fine. For around US$600, I can get a RTX2080 iChill X3 or Gigabyte RTX2070 super Gaming OC White for ~$40 less. With these prices in mind, which would be the best choice? I have a 4k 60hz monitor (but 1440p will do fine) and my CPU is a R5 1600 for now. Having playable ray tracing would be cool too.
  10. Check to see if the fans are actually spinning. I had one GPU fan died and I thought it was bad old thermal paste.
  11. I unplugged all except the boot drive, ran the startup repair and it's fine now. I'll still do this to fix any bad partitions. Thanks
  12. It was fine yesterday, then I turn it on and was greeted with this Motherboard: MSI B350M Gaming CPU: R5 1400 (stock) Windows 10
  13. Yes, I want to see if I can reuse the block when I change gpu
  14. Are custom waterblocks for the GTX970 compatible the newer card? My card had a reference pcb design. Is waterblock being compatible with other generation of card commom?