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    Jemba reacted to LinusTech in Cooler Master - "Talk to the Expert" Live Chat & Giveaway   
    So what is this?
    This is an opportunity to do a LIVE Q&A session with one of the cooling experts at Cooler Master: Jonathon Loo . He and I have connected already briefly and aside from trade secrets, you guys are welcome to ask any questions you want about their product, the development cycle, and what it's like behind the scenes working at Cooler Master
    The live Q&A and feedback session on May 8th, 2014 at 11am Pacific time
    Click here to find out what time it is in your time zone
    This will be a great opportunity to talk about your ideas, ask questions, and give feedback on Cooler Master's cooling products - particularly their liquid coolers!
    Not only that, but we'll be giving away some Cooler Master products on the show - exact products TBD, but expect at least one AIO liquid cooler!
    It will be streamed at http://twitch.tv/linustech, and the giveaway we're running is for LIVE VIEWERS ONLY.
    The main topic of the stream is basically up to you guys and I'd love to see you post your ideas in this thread ahead of time so we can figure out how to structure this to make it as entertaining and educational as possible!
    I want this to be a lot of fun and super interactive, so please post your ideas in this forum thread. I will definitely be taking more suggestions during the show as well, but it's great to have a starting point.. Folks who post in the thread versus trying to get their questions featured live *will* have a bit of an advantage!
    How do I win the swag?
    The winner will be chosen randomly from the live viewers of the stream during a random period, so make sure you're paying attention!
    1. Make sure you're registered for Linus Tech Tips forum and signed in while you're watching the live stream
    2. Make sure you're watching from somewhere that you'll have access to a browser
    3. Tune into the stream right at the beginning and make sure you're paying attention!