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  1. Wow! I didn't think of this. Thanks for the suggestion. USB ftw!
  2. Need help guys! I've been using this Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI for more than a year now and I noticed that the microphone jack is not working. I have tried everything. Reinstalled drivers. Freshly changed the OS. Still not working. but all the other jacks are still working fine. Can this problem still be fixed? Needs resoldering I think??? Btw the front microphone jack from my silverstone case is working fine.
  3. Try logging in on the Xbox app the go to the settings then click Game DVR and turn it off.
  4. It really depends on what games you are playing. I'm playing CS:GO and Dota 2 and I can say 8gb is more than enough. I can also play GTA V high settings on 8gb but it reaches to 6.8gb without chrome on task manager, planning to upgrade to 16gb on my next build. 16gb will be the new norm for new games.
  5. Ords

    Windows 10 upgrade help

    If I install w10 inside w7 will it retain some bloatware from w7 after I finish the installation of w10?
  6. Ords

    Windows 10 upgrade help

    If I install w10 inside w7 will it retain some bloatware from w7 after I finish the installation of w10?
  7. My ROG G55VW is currently using the windows 7 home premium os can I upgrade to windows 10 using the product key of windows 7 home premium? I'm planning to make a bootable usb windows 10
  8. Try clearing the browsing data in your browser. Maybe its the cache and cookies.
  9. Okay. Yes will wait for more replies.
  10. I have been using this mouse pad for about 2 years now, I believe its time for cleaning. How do you clean this type of mouse pad? Btw this is the CONTROL EDITION if that matters. Thanks for the help!
  11. Windows Update has drivers if you have a hard time finding them. In the optional updates.
  12. They will boost only when needed.
  13. I agree. Put on some new thermal paste. I recommend the NT H1 - Noctua.
  14. Will do. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. This is good news! Thanks for the reply, looking forward on these.
  16. I ordered mine yesterday. I can't wait for them to arrive! How's the durability on these In-ear headphones? Planning to use them as may daily driver at home and in school.
  17. I am getting these earphones for a good price. What are your thoughts about these earphones? Good? Bad?
  18. I run my Asus GTX 950 (oc edition) on a 4670K oced to 4.0ghz, 8gb(4x2) ram and it runs GTA V on high settings(some are medium) 1080p 60fps constant. Are you using the oc edition?
  19. Wow this gpu brings back memories
  20. Many suggests that I get the APC Brand UPS
  21. I got the SilverStone SST-ST45SF as my PSU