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  1. Hey hey new giveaway Current GPU is a Intel HD 4000 soldered onto the mobo Would greatly appreciate a better card
  2. Looks hella sick! Would love this because I don't have a monitor for my computer, so a projector would be awesome
  3. My keyboard of no choice is the stock Macbook keyboard That RGB looks sick though
  4. Yamaha HS5/HS7/HS8 monitor speakers are awesome quality, they also look really good (choice of black or white). Not sure whether they are in your price range, but have a look
  5. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm - amazing quality and produces a flat response (no bass boost etc). comfortable for wearing over long periods as well
  6. Pretty much any Rode mic you can afford will be good for the price you pay.
  7. Ableton Live 9, essentially any mid/high-range Rode mic, focusrite or steinberg audio interface. Mixers are not really necessary these days unless you do advanced audio mixing/engineering, and a loop station is not required if you have Ableton Live (it has a feature called Session View which is essentially a virtual looping/editing interface). For audio output, if you want speakers get the Yamaha HS7 or HS8; if you want headphones get Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros. For a keyboard I highly recommend the Native Instruments Komplete S range, but if that is not affordable the Novation Launchkey range is also good. Hope this helps
  8. I use Beyerdynamic DT770's - they're amazing Definitely try to get them if you can afford it
  9. Hi LTT Community, I currently use a MacBook Pro in combination with Quicktime's built-in screen recording feature to record my music production workflow in Ableton Live 9. I route the audio from Live to Quicktime using Soundflower, but every time I record I get audio lag through my headphones while recording. Can anybody help please? Thanks
  10. dm199913


    Steinberg or Focusrite do the best ones
  11. V-Moda is definitely way too overkill for normal consumer use, the M50x is your best option if you don't want Beyerdynamic headphones. Beyerdynamic is best dynamic.
  12. That's because it's a freakin' gaming mobo - get a decent soundcard and all your audio problems go away. Creative soundblaster is usually reliable and good for the money.
  13. If you can afford them, I recommend the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro. Hands down the best headphones I have ever used, for general listening and for monitoring highres audio. They are very comfortable - have used them for hours on end - and have not encountered any sound leakage at normal listening levels. Hope this helps.
  14. The Rode NT-USB mic is on sale at the moment: http://www.amazon.co.uk/RODE-NT-USB-Rode-Microphone/dp/B00KQPGRRE I haven't used it personally but I hear it is better than the Yeti.
  15. I compiled a playlist of amazing EDM/dubstep/pretty much any other great electronic tracks I have ever heard. Feel free to listen and share, also if you have any suggestions please reply with track name and artist