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  1. That particular board isn't one of those that can update BIOS without a CPU installed. You need a Ryzen 1st or 2nd gen CPU or 1st gen APU first.
  2. Skinflint found 2 that look promising? Alpenföhn Atlas - Discontinued so hard to find? Xilence M504D
  3. Zagna

    The Smallest No-Compromises Laptop

    Now to start waiting for a video of the GDP Win Max.
  4. There have been multiple AGESA that have restarted the numbering. First there was SummitPI, then RavenPI, that is PinnaclePI. The latest is called ComboPI and restarted the numbering yet again.
  5. Zagna

    X99 NVMe Help

    If you plug a NVMe drive in M.2 slot, PCIEX16_3 drops to PCIe 3.0 8x speed. So it's possible to still use a 4x NVMe drive in it. You could also use PCIEX16_5.
  6. Then I have no idea. I even forgot that you can't really jury rig AM4 mounting to TR4/SP3 I still had in my head a previous image of a normal Asetek AIO on a Epyc board and thinking it's marginal cooling. Random guess #2, is the VRM getting cooled enough from the U12S? Being intended for forced air situations in server chassis.
  7. Random guess, U12S coldplate is too small so all the dies are cooled unevenly? Try with a TR4 style cooler?
  8. Just because a PCIe slot is mechanically 16x, doesn't mean that it is also electrically 16x. There are a lot of boards where 2nd or 3rd 16x slot is actually running at 4x or 8x speed. It's just easier to buy slots that are physically 16 lanes wide but then not have all the pins populated, that way you can slot a 16 wide device into a port which has 4x or 8x connectivity and get to use the device.
  9. The chipset is just connected with a 4x link on all AM4 boards. With 2000 series it's PCIe 3.0 and with 3000 series it's PCIe 4.0. Literally only difference is link speed, nothing else. The chipset won't disable anything, just slower link to the CPU.
  10. The chipset link is PCIe 3.0 4x even though the general purpose ports provided by the chipset are PCIe 2.0. Maybe. PCIe 3.0 4x is still 4GB/s which should be enough?
  11. Zagna

    Any Mini-PCIe Laptop network cards still supported?

    Delock Adapter Mini PCIe > M.2 Key E slot they exist and should be cheap. 10€ on eBay it seems? And for USB, Delock Adapter MiniPCIe > M.2 NGFF.
  12. Spider-Man Far From Home 😃

  13. Zagna

    Can't connect monitor via Thunderbolt 3

    From what the features page of that motherboard shows... it could be that the Thunderbolt ports display functionality requires the use of the DisplayPort input and a discrete graphics card.
  14. Zagna

    Any coders using monitors in portraid mode?

    When I was a trainee a while back in a place that did WP sites with their own custom theme, I ended up having a laptop screen in the middle of the desk and a portrait 1440p 27" screen to the right. On the laptop, I had Chrome and misc windows, on the display I had VS Code in the top half and the site currently being worked on in the bottom half. It worked for me.
  15. Zagna

    Android Studio + AMD A10

    Do you have Windows 10? Android Emulator - AMD Processor & Hyper-V Support says to install Windows Hypervisor Platform maybe?
  16. Zagna

    Vega 56 shutting down under high load

    Even if the GPU die stays at 50°C, what about the VRM then? Does it get adequate cooling?
  17. Zagna

    1 headset, 2 PCs

    Any delay would be too small to notice.
  18. Zagna

    1 headset, 2 PCs

    Put a 3.5mm cable from system #2 audio out to system #1 audio in and turn on listen to this device. Then headphones connected to system #1 will have audio of both systems.
  19. Zagna

    DVI to Display Port Not working

    That's a DP-DVI adapter which are plentiful in both passive and active. He's asking for other way around, I don't think DVI-DP adapters exist.
  20. Zagna

    DVI to Display Port Not working

    Most likely what you have is a DisplayPort-DVI adapter. I don't think DVI-DP adapters even exist, and if they did, they would be very expensive.
  21. Gamer Ryzen 2600X & RTX2070 maybe this?
  22. It is compatible after you update the BIOS.
  23. Either a simple 24-pin splitter or something like Phanteks Power Combo.
  24. Zagna

    Name of this connector

    USB 3.0 Micro-B
  25. Zagna

    M.2 Sata not detected on BIOS

    Both support NVMe, it's just that only the top one has SATA.