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  1. HDMI splitter is for attaching a single source to two monitors. HDMI switcher is a device that takes two inputs to a single monitor, these most often have a switch on it to select the device to show on the monitor.
  2. Adapter like Silverstone CP14, USB 3.0 Internal (19-Pin) Header to USB 3.1/3.2 Type-C (20-Pin) Key-A Adapter
  3. 3G/4G Cellular Failover with USB Modems Start with those on the supported list?
  4. AMD has ROCm & ROCm Tensorflow. No support for Navi/RDNA yet. So Radeon VII would be supported with those it seems like. Whether its faster than nVidia, depends on workload.
  5. Top M.2 slot is the one from the CPU, either PCIe 3.0 4x or SATA and bottom M.2 slot is PCIe 3.0 2x from the chipset without SATA. If you want both easily, CPU connection to the SATA one in the top and 'half speed' connection from the chipset for the NVMe in the bottom one. Other choice would be to put the NVMe one in top for direct connection and get something like Delock 2.5″ Converter SATA 22 pin > 1 x M.2 key B - 7 mm, cheap versions of this could be found at Amazon. With the adapter, full speed NVMe with CPU and SATA through the chipset.
  6. There's 2 choices with 'just' 1GbE. AMD IPC-FP5R 1GbE, dual core and a 4x PCIe slot. AMD IPC-FP5V 1GbE, quad core and a 8x slot.
  7. Something of a random option, AMD IPC-FP5R 10GbE? Integrated 10GbE, would need to add a small 1GbE card instead.
  8. It's just power and PCIe 1x signal to a 16x slot so you can put a mining GPU in there.
  9. Then a nice label printer would be a good choice. Back at school, for inventory, we had a USB connected label printer that with its software would generate the barcode. Cheap QR code capable label printer maybe? The specs on that tablet mention 2D scanning.
  10. Write the contents on a Post-it note and place it on the box?
  11. Z390 is only dual channel even if you install 4 sticks of RAM.
  12. A SATA USB adapter that comes with an AC adapter. Like a Rosewill RX35-AT-SU.
  13. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  14. Looking up a 2TB Seagate Barracuda data sheets for 2.5" and 3.5". 2.5" has a startup current of 1-1.2A at 5V. USB 2.0 ports can provide 500mA, so 2 ports worth of power would be enough for most 2.5" drives. 3.5" has a startup current of 2A at 12V. That's not something an USB port can provide.
  15. Looks like a serial port for dialup connectivity? Audiovox DIC-4000 Data Interface Cable
  16. Phanteks PWM Fan Hub takes in a PWM signal and has 6 3-pin outputs.
  17. Raven Ridge is limited to a single 8x PCIe slot. So the requirement of 2 PCIe 8x wouldn't be met. ASRock Rack X470D4U2-2T maybe? That would have 2* PCIe 8x, 2* 10Gbase-T and could use a cheap R5 2600 for it. And Delock 54668/54667 for some extra SATA.
  18. If you can set it as a boot device, it's all fine. Even for me, the NVMe info section in my BIOS has been empty on my B350 system since day 1 but Windows has been booting off it just fine. Now do with it what you wish.
  19. Are the SATA drives connected to the 2 upper ports? Those come from the CPU and are shared with NVMe lanes. So with an NVMe, you would need to use the chipset SATA ports which are the 4 at the bottom.
  20. Bulk Rename Utility is my favorite choice for renaming.
  21. Microsoft Authenticator does have a cloud backup option in the settings.