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  1. I got my new laptop in the mail today. Its the eulktronics (clevo laptop) N950KP6:



    I bought the cheapest CPU, RAM and SSD I could find for this thing. My plan is to revisit the scrapyard in michigan on my spring break to look for upgrades for this laptop. In the meantime, I'm stuck with a celeron, 8gb of RAM and a 120GB SSD.


    Seems like a better replacement for my current laptop, which is falling apart:





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    2. Schnoz


      Nice! Hopefully, that Celery is socketed, or you know BGA resoldering skills. What's the GPU in that thing?

    3. CircleTech


      @VenomZ_ the laptop has a desktop LGA 1151 CPU socket. I can upgrade this thing all the way up to an i7-7700. It has a 1080p IPS display and a GTX 1060. There is one 2.5" HDD slot and two M.2 PCIe slots.

    4. Schnoz


      a desktop WHAT


      It looks pretty thin too! Impressive.

  2. Guys can I get change for a dollar?



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    2. minibois


      Normally I wouldn't trade money online, but I'll make an exception for you




    3. ARikozuM


      I'm pretty sure you could buy a house on Baltic Ave for M$20. 

    4. Schnoz
  3. Guys, are you an ePIc GAmeR like me?





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    2. ARikozuM


      Don't T-pose me, bro!

    3. Schnoz


      No one can beat the combined power of my Legos! Simply scatter them on the ground like caltrops to defend your territory!

    4. ARikozuM


      Awful use of 50 cents, though.

  4. Someone asked me recently if I would be changing my state of residence since I still have another 3 years of school left at SIUC. Hell no!


    Illinois is basically california except only the bad stuff and none of the good stuff.


    The weather sucks, the taxes are utterly ridiculus, the crime here is high, illinois has the most politicians of any state in jail, and for some reason chicago get's to decide how the southern portion of it's state functions which has a VASTLY different culture from Northern Illinois.


    Of my group of friends, all of them are from illinois except one and none of them plan on staying in illinois. They all are looking for engineering or business jobs in other states like indiana, michigan, ohio, or even california.


    Once I get my Bachleors degree in something, I am high-tailing it back to Michigan where there are more, better, and higher paying jobs. I could even go back and start my business again since I know the area.


    If I had to pick between california and Illinois, I would still pick california. The taxes are similar, but the weather is better and the start-up scene down there is the best in the nation.


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    2. CircleTech


      @dizmo chicago has decided to raise the STATE minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. That is a horrible decision for multiple reasons, and is only going to continue to drive small businesses out of southern illinois.

    3. dizmo


      Ehhh yes and no. Eventually wages have to go up. You can't keep everyone stagnant. Even Warren Buffet has said that capitalism needs to be changed, and it's unsustainable in it's current state. Minimum wage in this province is $15. Nothing's fallen apart. It would probably bare similar there, but here it's something like 60% of low wage earners don't work for mom and pop shops that are going to be more greatly affected, but large corporate giants with more than 100 employees. Also, year over year for the past 3 years has seen significant increases in sectors that are typically minimum wage, and there's still tens of thousands of unfilled positions in these sectors.


      The "high minimum wage will kill business!" is a load of BS.

    4. CircleTech


      @dizmo what high minimum wages do is prevent those mom and pop shops from existing in the first place.


      Amazon and walmart both want high minimum wages. Why? Because it prevents someone from opening their own shop to compete if they can't even afford to pay their employees. High minimum wages further entranches incumbents in markets and forces out smaller competitors, like those mom and pop shops, who can't keep up.


      I don't know where you live, but cost of living can vary wildly from one place to another. In california and probably your province, a $15 an hour minimum wage could make a lot of sense since the cost of living is so high. In a rural town like Carbondale, illinois where the median household income is $30,000 a year, a higher mininum wage hurts the attractiveness of new businesses entering the market of an already slowly dying college town. The minimum wage was never meant to support a family to begin with.


      When there is money to be made (like in a city), business owners will put up with a high minimum wage. When there is less money to be made (like carbondale or most of southern illinois), you have to lower the cost to do business (minimum wage, taxes, ect) for the local area in order to attract business. 


      The decision to raise the minumum wage was made based on a bustling chicagoland area in illinois, but ends up affecting middle-of-nowhere rural illinois where it's already unattractive enough to start a business here. Minimum wages will crush a small towns ability to get ahead and grow, and will only increase the size of big cities and decrease the competitors in a sector, leading to industries with only a few players.


      Nobody seems to consider the geographocs involved in determining a minimum wage. Every location should have a different one based on the local cost of living and not just some number a politician pulls out of their ass.

  5. I know someone who voted for trump because trump memes are better than hillary memes. 

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    2. dizmo


      At least they voted 🤷‍♂️

    3. Pascal...
    4. greenmax


      They had all the time to change the how the votes are count, but yet still spout popular vote.


    With only a scant 3 months required to get a business license, surely we can trust a large and diverse US government buearucracy to effectively administrate "free" health care for all, right?!



    In michigan when I filed my paperwork for my LLC, I got my articles of formation in the mail about a week later.


    Side note, Michigan has no license required to operate an ecommerce or computer repair company. I had also been operating as a sole-proprieter about 2 years before this which had still been perfectly legal. The LLC just allows me to open business bank accounts and credit cards and keep some of my finances seperate.

    I see no reason NYC needs to do the same other than to limit competition.



    1. GDRRiley


      New York is just a horrible place to live and work. I hate LA and SF but I don’t think they have this level of stupidity 

  7. Professor in enviornmental science class:

    What does "clean coal sound like to you?"



    *raises hand*


    "Yes Circletech"


    "An oxymoron"

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    2. Den-Fi


      @BuckGup You must have missed the status where he had it legally changed.

    3. BuckGup
    4. Schnoz


      Well you can make clean coal by dusting it off, I guess.

  8. Soup

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    2. Gegger



    3. Pascal...


      I actually have soup for dinner today.

    4. TVwazhere



  9. Getting all my university Homework out of the way for the whole week is something I wish I had the discipline to do more often.


    1. Schnoz


      Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm in high school and even here it's pretty much impossible.

    2. GDRRiley


      I need to do that

    3. ARikozuM


      I don’t think there should be homework in the first place. All work should be doable while at school and any extra work should be extra credit only.

  10. Which is better?


    Smoking propane.




    Eating banana cubes.

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    2. CircleTech


      @Schnoz the freezing point of propane is -188C so it wouldnt be absolute zero but still really cold

    3. Lurick


      @Schnoz Sounds like a you problem then :P

    4. Schnoz


      @CircleTech It's just way too cool for us. xD

  11. So I believe @AlexTheGreatish is a mechanical engineering major. Meaning if LTT ever wanted to build their own computers (from literally scratch), all they would have to do is hire an electrical engineer, a computer engineer, and a computer science major and they can produce an LTT motherboard and CPU :D

  12. This dell optiplex has two core i7 CPUs inside :D



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    2. Pascal...


      That's not how that works.

    3. Schnoz


      Remember that case Corsair made that was so large that Linus actually did put in two Core i7 systems?

    4. VenomZ_


      Ah the classic optiplex I actually turned one of these in to a gaming machine but I mean who hasn't?


  13. I watched this excellent video produced by financial times about sneakers being a "2 billion dollar industry":




    Well guess what? That's nothing compared to another relatively niche industry like PC gaming:



    The PC gaming industry is roughly 35.7 billion in size with a CAGR of roughly 4% a year:




    How big is the electronics recycling industry? You know, the industry I spent 4 years of my life in and is rarely if every talked about in public? 40.3 billion with a CAGR of 15.5%:




    Here is another industry that is exploding behind the scenes: lithium ion battery recycling. The industry is currently worth about 7 billion with a CAGR of a little over 6%. 




    One day, I may return to the latter industries as an electronics recycler myself. Until then, I can focus in getting a degree in Electrical Engineering, and use my skills to potentially start a company that produces products and services for these industries.


    For some reason, people have this notion that due to government and corprate pushes for sustainability, we are throwing away fewer and fewer electronics. This couldn't be further from the truth. I have seen it myself: upgrade cycles for IT hardware keeps shrinking further and further, and companies and consumers alike are refreshing their devices faster and faster. This only contributes further to our ewaste problem.


    Oh well, a guy can dream at least. One thing is for sure: Ewaste isn't going anywhere, and it will still be there waiting for me when I graduate college.



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    2. dizmo


      No. If you want to compare it that way, you'd be comparing footwear as a whole. Sneakers are a small segment of footwear, just like PC Gaming is a small segment of computers. If you wanted a comparison, it would be people the flip PC components vs people that flip sneakers. 


      Haha, nothing is impossible to teach in school. It's fundamentals you'd teach, not specifics about parts. Anyone can learn it. It's not hard. Just like how I could easily teach someone how to flip mountain bike parts. I really hope it didn't take you thousands of hours. You could have 2 or more College degrees with that. 

    3. OJTheAviator


      Well, a couple thousand hours doesn't seem that crazy (though still impressive). On average, that's 7-8 hours a weekday for a year. If one is constantly working in electronics recycling, they'd accumulate quite a few hours of experience.

    4. dizmo


      @OJTheAviator if it'd just learning about something without execution, thousands of hours is...an issue. 

  14. Name a song that sounds way better the second time you hear it. I'll start:


    The less I know the better - Tame Impala


    High and Low - Empire of the Sun


    Almost anything by gorillaz

    1. minibois



      Almost anything by gorillaz

      Literally this.


      But I had this with most songs from Daft Punk too. Not all though, some I liked right away.

      With most songs from the music artist S3RL I also often don't like them right away, but later I do like most/all of them.

    2. Cyberspirit


      I would say most Manilla Road songs. It took a while for me to get into the band but after a couple listens, they became one of my favorites.

    3. VegetableStu


      i'm the lonely twin, the left hand

      reset myself and get back on track

      i don't want this isolation:

      see the state of me now?

  15. I made a banana cube today:



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    2. Pascal...


      da da da banana man🍌

    3. ARikozuM


      Bandsaw or table saw?

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      teeth probably.

  16. Imma run two RTX 2080s in SLI and call it an RTX 4326400.

    1. Pascal...


      Nice. dat flex.

  17. So i learned today the intel i386 series CPUs often lacked a floating point unit and many motherboards included a socket for a math coprocessor.


    Technically that means at one point intel sold 0.5 core processors XD 

  18. So this weekend I met my mom in memphis.


    Given that we were so close to Mississippi, I decided to take a visit there.




    I can confirm Mississippi is boring.


    Of course, all I did was cross the border and stop at a wendys, so that might be a signifcant reason.


    But now I can at least say i've been to Mississippi.

    1. ARikozuM




      * Sponsored by Wendy's

    2. handymanshandle


      Mississippi, sponsored by meth and through-the-roof suicide rates

    3. VenomZ_


      Lol tru I drive through states never stopped by but technically have been there 

  19. Girls at graceland:


    "OMG it's Elvis!"


    Boys at graceland:



  20. You can't tell me what to do!


    1. Pascal...


      He photographed the sign, what a Madlad.

  21. Using a paper straw out of a plastic cup is the epitomy of irony.


    1. TopHatProductions115


      Never accept paper straws. Make them wish they had never made them...

    2. ARikozuM


      We should just make straws out of PLA. 

    3. Nowak


      reminder that the people who pushed for these didn't change their minds when people complained that they're not as accessible as plastic straws

  22. The second choice:


    Today I stopped by breifly to see my academic advisor to look at new majors. This wasn't to actually pick a new major, it was a 10-minute session to see if switching to EE is viable.


    Bad news: not really. The degree is structured at our school such that EE majors start taking their 200 level classes Sophomore year, and the 300 and 400 level classes their junior year, with their capstone project their senior year. Meaning the only way for me to get an EE degree at this rate would be to pay SIUCs tuition out of pocket for a year. I could not just "go light" and take a couple of hard math and physics classes at a community college for a year while working. Taking out student loans would be the only way to go here.


    But it's not all bad news. There is another choice:


    SIUe (SIUs satellite campus only 20 miles from saint Louis) has industrial engineering as a degree. Its kind of a business and engineering degree mixed, and it has a lower salary than a straight EE degree, but a much higher starting salary than my current major. In fact because of my current classes, my senior capstone project is already marked as "completed" in degree works. It would also require no additional years of schooling for me, as long as I knocked out a 100 level physiology and anthropology class this summer instead of getting an internship.


    After doing some research, industrial engineers typically work as managers in factories, or in logistics/supply chain management. Some can even work in finance, or even technical work with the right certifications. I also found out Disney world is one of the largest employers in the united states of industrial engineers because they need people who can optimize lines on rides and crowds. Never would have known that. 


    Industrial engineers also learn business and management skills, so these could come in handy if I ever do choose to go the business route.


    I will be visiting my academic advisor again in a couple of weeks to schedule summer classes, but I am glad to get a degree that isn't (from my view) totally useless now.


    the big "push" for me is the fact that I will FINALLY live near a city! I can do stuff like attend meetups, visit scrapyards, and join in hackathons. All stuff I could never do at SIUC.



    1. OJTheAviator


      Great news!

  23. I, I thought this was a joke. Its not:




    This is a 100% REAL course you can take, at the university of texas, in memeology.


    I spent the first 20 minuted reading the course and I still think this is straight up satire but no, its real.


    Edit: the course is also VERY outdated with the most recent references from 2012. At that point you might as well call this a degree in "the history of memes".

    1. BuckGup


      Average accepted ACT score 36 and SAT of 1600. Yeah seems fake but UT is a tough school to get into 

    2. Sauron


      must be a... meme course

  24. Update on last post:


    This would be my current degree progress if I decided to dump my major and transition to a pure EE degree with no specialization and no economics minor:



    1. VenomZ_


      Just finish this one off and save yourself some time and hassle If buisness is what you're truly interested in. Keep this as you backup plan 

    2. CircleTech




      Revised Schedule completed. 


      Now for some reason i'm really stupid when it comes to math and physics. If I Just had to take one or two "hard" science classes when I started out in 2017 at Schoolcraft, I would have passed everything then transferred my credits to an in-state school. I basically learn by practicing a problem 50 billion times until I get it right. This is VERY time consuming. Once I get into my EE major, I think I would love the classes. We are doing things like designing circuits onto PCBs, programming microcontrollers in assembly, and doing RF signal research. To me, all that stuff sounds awesome and like things I would love to learn about. The Math and physics just kill it for me.


      Why Was I even considering switching degrees? Because, having a formal EE degree will open up many more doors for me. I like both business, and engineering, but if I choose EET I will be forced to just go the business route (which comes with risk). Not to mention blown over 100K of my parents money for no reason. If I had a straight EE degree, I would gain the skills needed to build equipment for the computer recycling industry, which I do see as happening in the coming decades. 


      Back to how I am going to execute this:


      Summer of 2020:

      I a going to try to make Calc 2 over the summer. This is gonna be a bitch. I'll only take a single class, so this will help to lighten my load. 


      Class count: 1


      Fall 2020:


      Transfer my Calc 2 Credit to Schoolcraft, and take Calc 3. I will also enroll in Physics for engineers 1 this semester.


      Class count: 2


      Spring 2021:


      Take my final math class, differential equations along with physics for engineers 2. I will also take an intro to biology class, leaving me with three classes that semester. 


      Class count: 3


      Fall to spring of 2021, I will work a part-time job, maybe even at a scrap yard. I already know the recycling industry super well, so this won't be a problem for me.


      That will leave me with 17 classes to complete when I go back to SIUC (assuming everything transfers). I will have only 42 credit hours left to complete, so I can choose to either complete my degree in 3 semesters, or be a part-time student for 4 semesters. 




    3. BuckGup


      Be careful with engineering and your GPA. The idea of engineering is nice as it seems like you can get a job anywhere instantly but you are held to a higher standard than something like CS. Places like Nvidia, Tesla, Google, NASA, and so on have brutal GPA requirements. They won't even read your resume if you have a 3.5 or lower or in some cases a 3.7 GPA.