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  1. I thinknive learned some interesting things about myself:


    If I am doing something productive, I am happy and not bored.


    If i am not doing anything productive, I am sad and depressed.


    I would argue this is the single biggest reason people are depressed. They feel like they dont have a purpose or anything to work for. 


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    2. CUDAcores89
    3. LukeSavenije


      nah, just spamming this forum


      my depression level would be 0 if your theory is true

    4. Imbellis


      Idle minds do nothing good. Working hard doesn't give you time to think (at least if you're dedicated).

  2. CUDAcores89

    Nvidia, I'm Sorry.

    INTEL! CYRIX! WD! SEAGATE! I thought we were just shouting random brands
  3. CUDAcores89

    SSD vs RAID 0 HDD

    Yes, you will. One SSD will always beat the pants off two HDDs even in a raid 0.
  4. Well looks like i f*cked up. The LTX 2019 tickets went live today and to buy them, you need to make an account on tixir. Okay whatever that's fine. Me and my friend are planning to go to LTX 2019. I was planning to buy a VIP ticket for myself, and a 2 day pass + an office tour for my friend. Today they went live and I bought both a VIP ticket and the 2 day pass for my friend. Except that theres a big problem, the VIP tickets are in my name, but the 2 day pass is ALSO in my name and not my friends. There is also no possible way to change the name. The names are apparently tied to your account. Figuring this out, I made another account under my friends name and bought the LMG office tour. Now the office tour ticket is in his name, but the 2 day pass is NOT. @LinusTech @Slick @CPotter Now i understand why LMG did this, they don't want people scalping tickets. But what about for people like me that are buying tickets for friends because said friend is at work when the tickets go live? I bought them fair and square. Is there any possible way to change the name? I am trying not to cancel and re-buy said ticket because then I would have to pay cancellation fees, but is cancelling and re-buying a ticket even possible? Help. I can't be the first person who will have this problem.
  5. I'm in the LTT discord general chat right now. Come on in if you wanna talk about stuff.

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    2. CUDAcores89


      @Spotty Thank you, so kind.

    3. themctipers


      LTT discord is big danger

    4. CUDAcores89


      @themctipers LTT discord is big gay

  6. Why is it that tek syndicate just dropped of the face of the earth after wendell left?


    I've found that the biggest tech channels are also the most social. These are people like LTT, jayztwocents, barnacules nerdgasm, Kyle and paul, Louis Rossmann, tech yes city...


    And then there are channels that don't really interact with their community. These are channels like reviewtechUSA, Tech Syndicate, and some others I can't think of. 


    You will notice these channels aren't very popular because they don't get shoutouts and they don't communicate with the community. 


    By the way, I wonder of tech YES city will be coming to LTX. I want to ave a scrapyard wars battle with him :D

    1. TopHatProductions115


      They aren't gone. Just not covering the big tek I suppose?

    2. CUDAcores89




      Thats possible. It just strikes me that the reason each youtuber gains more subs is because each one lifts eachother up, sort of like affiliate marketing. When youtubers seclude themselves from the rest of the tech community, they dont tend to gain as many subs or community attention.


      I mean remember the verge thing? It wasnt just kyle who got a strike, it was also reviewtechusa who got one. Yet all we heard about was kyles stike because he actively participates in the community.

  7. CUDAcores89

    Why not sell GDDR5/6 as gamer RAM?

    DDR and GDDR memory are entirely different memory technologies. The former has a lower bandwidth but also lower latency while the latter has much high bandwidth but also higher latency. CPUs need low latency and GPUs need high bandwidth to function. They are optimized for specific purposes.
  8. guys...


    I got the VIP ticket!!!


    Yes, it was very expensive. It was like $470 after $70 of theft. 


    We're planning to visit Vancouver from July 23rd to July 30th so if you want to meet up, we have lot's of time on specific days. 

  9. CUDAcores89

    Can the names on the LTX 2019 tickets be changed?

    Yes, I know the LMG office tour is separate from LTX itself. That's why I attempted to buy both the office tour and the 2 day pass + the LAN event for my friend. One way LTT could solve this is by allowing name changes for the first 24 hours after tickets go live. This would allow people to fix this issue while still preventing scalping. Also @Mattacanton I don't see a way to change the name of the 2 day pass + LAN party ticket. Not sure what you are referring to. It looks like this is going to be an actual problem. Let's hope one of LMGs staff will check their notifications and allow us to fix this. Finally I am going to assume the VIP ticket includes the 2 day pass + the LAN party AND the LMG office tour, guessing by the fact the VIP ticket requires going to LMGs HQ in the first place. @matt-fr Yes, that's for resale. This is not resale. This is me buying a ticket for a friend who I never expect to pay me back for said ticket. For me and my friend at least, this whole trip is ballooning into the thousands of USD in cost because of the flight/hotel/food and other crap. This is one of the things you fight hard to try to change.



    If you are going to buy tickets for friends, thay have to have their OWN tixir account under their name and you buy said ticket through that account! Otherwise your name will appear on the ticket.

  11. LTX 2019 tickets go live in under 30 minutes. 


    If you want to do VIP, you have to buy them right now. I see them selling out in an hour.

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    2. CUDAcores89




      Yep, got myself the VIP ticket. They sold out within the first minute.

    3. OJTheAviator


      Wow! How many were there?

    4. CUDAcores89


      20. I F5ed the page until they appeared at noon for buying and bought them immediately.

  12. CUDAcores89

    Is there any way to o run two OS in one system?

    You mean have two OS installed on one system? Yes, that's called dual booting. Or do you mean having two OSes on the same machine running simutaneously? Sort of. The closest thing to this would be a VM running within a pre-existing OS.
  13. What if Linus cloned himself O.o

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    2. LukeSavenije
    3. OJTheAviator


      Well, probably ethically dubious. Try getting it cleared with a reasearch institution. Plus, the clone would be [however old Linus is] years younger than Linus. Science!





    4. LukeSavenije


      but if i clone linus enough times, i have a army of Linuses down the line...



  14. Lesson:


    If you are going to try this, carry a gun with you. If guns are illegal, carry a dagger, tazer, and pepper spray to use as self defense.


    1. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      Or just break the law and carry a fucking gun. 


    Anyone know of any tech related live podcasts like AwesomeHardware or the WAN show?

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    2. CUDAcores89


      any of them live with an interactive audience like PC Perspectives podcasts?

    3. TheSLSAMG


      Talking Heads from Craft Computing. I quite like his channel, though it's still quite small at 88k subs.

    4. BuckGup


      RT podcast otherwise no. EVGA podcast is decent too for interaction

  16. CUDAcores89

    How do you justify large purchases to yourself?

    I think ive spent $1200 AUD worth of clothing across my entire lifetime.
  17. CUDAcores89

    How do you justify large purchases to yourself?

    This. Other than that, My purchases fall into three categories: 1. Things required to live: This is stuff like food, shelter and water. To save on these things, buy a small house, cook your own food, and just drink tap water. 2. Purchases to make me money: I am guessing this is not what you are referring to, but for my business its not uncommon for me to write a check for thousands of dollars to buy inventory. This is because I know I can sell these things at a profit. Buying things to make me more money is a whole different ball game. I'll happily drop 200K+ in cash on a house if I know I can rent out the property at $20K a month because its a cash flow positive product. Ill spend 5k on stocks and bonds because I know they will pay me dividends and interest. Ill do hard money lending at 10% interest because I will be paid back + some extra. Ill drop $2000 on a PC if it means I can edit videos better and faster for my business, and use that computer to make more than $2000. Point here is buying things to MAKE money is a totally different ball game than buying things to lose money. In this situation, i'll spend any amount of money because I believe my investment will pay me back plus extra. 3. Luxuries: I dont really buy expensive things that dont make me money, ever. I drive a car worth 1/10th my annual salary. I rarely go out just for the hell of it except with friends. I buy clothing from the thrift store, and my laptop is a lenovo thinkpad I got from a junkyard for $15. If its not required to make me more money and it isnt required to make me live, i like to remain conservative with these kinds of expenditures. Last month I think I spent $100 total on luxuries. If you are trying to justify sometbing expensive that falls into category 3, that is fine ASSUMING you make so much money the purchase barely matters to you. For exame someone with a 1 million dollar income can afford to splurge more than someone with a 100K income. If its something expensive that you cant make money from AND it represents a good fraction of your salary, you are throwing your money down the drain even if its to provide entertainment. You know what provides me entertainment and is free? making money. I suggest you try it. There are an almost infinite number of ways to make money, so just get out there and try one.
  18. What turned me into a libertarian was when I got hit with a $1500 tax bill for my 2017 computer sales that went towards paying for social security payments I will never get to see when I retire. Its not the tax payment that made me mad, its the fact that I will NEVER get to see my money come back to me when it is my turn to retire.


    If you are under 25, do not depend on social security since there will be nothing there for you. In effect this means previous generations stole from us to pay for their mistakes of not saving money.  Social security will be bankrupt by the time our generation is ready to retire, assuming the US debt hasn't collapsed the country yet.


    If I had never made these computer sales, said computers would've just been shipped off to china where they would be destroyed. High taxes discourages innovation and risk taking.


    Before anyone says "you should pay your fair share!", okay I will pay my fair share. Ill do it as soon as YOU get out there and try building a business YOURSELF, that requires working 80+ hour weeks. 


    I notice the people that scream the loudest about "taxing the rich" have only ever been employees, and few to none of them are business owners. I wonder why? 

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    2. CUDAcores89


      @Techstorm970 the best way to win elections these days seems to be " are you upset because you arent being paid enough, dont worry becajse its X, Y, or Zs fault. Let's tax those successful people to give t

      you entitlements, who did absolutely nothing to deserve such entitlements to begin with!


      The only good thing is entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly more common, so people age 18-25 are waking up to the concept I dont want my money forcibly taken from me to pay for your mistakes. I hope this generation votes for politicians that cut taxes and leave businesses alone, rather than forcing us to give up our property to pay for able bodied men and women who could be working anyway.


      What will snap people to the idea of lower taxes is if EVERYONE had to make quarterly tax payments like business owners have to rather than it being auto deducted from your paycheck. Then people would wake up to the idea the government is taking too much money from us to pay for frivelous BS that helps nobody.

    3. Techstorm970



      What will snap people to the idea of lower taxes is if EVERYONE had to make quarterly tax payments like business owners have to rather than it being auto deducted from your paycheck. Then people would wake up to the idea the government is taking too much money from us to pay for frivelous BS that helps nobody.

      I like this idea.  Let reality jump out of the shadows and start clocking people so that they are actually forced to acknowledge it.  So that they realize what needs to be done.

    4. Techstorm970



      the best way to win elections these days seems to be " are you upset because you arent being paid enough, dont worry becajse its X, Y, or Zs fault. Let's tax those successful people to give t

      you entitlements, who did absolutely nothing to deserve such entitlements to begin with!

      It's easier to b*tch about not making good money than it is to actually try to earn good money.  Some people have disabilities and other things that leave them at a disadvantage, but it is more common for people to just be lazy.

  19. I believe chase was quoted as saying bitcoin was "a fraud" and "you can't just print money out of thin air"!


    Actually, you can JP Morgan and you know it. All central banks around the world are creating money out of nothing, printing billions of dollars a day through loans, then destroying the money when the loans are paid back.


    He either has no idea how the worlds monetary policy functions or is lying through his teeth.


    Second, I find it interesting democrats want to "tax the rich" just so we can spend more money. If they were going to tax us, I would vastly prefer the budget went to paying down our debt.


    The only thing stopping the government from collapsing is it's interest payments, not the debt. At some point the interest payments on the national debt will become so high that our entire GDP could go to paying interest. This alone would collapse the US economy, and is a tragedy completely unavoidable no matter what you think about politics. 


    This is a big reason why the government wants the central bank to keep interest rates low. If interest get's too high, it could literally destroy the economy. This is also the biggest reason we will likely never see a 10% federal funds rate again, because such a high interest payment on our debt would plunge the US into a huge depression.


    The US and other economies such as Europe, australia, and China are building up their own debt bubbles, and nobody can predict when they will collapse. 

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    2. CUDAcores89


      @Jtalk4456 okay, that might be true for you. But it seems the biggest way to get elected these days is to tell voters that they are doing bad and its someone eltses fault rather than their own. Here, the government is now going to step in and give you things because you "deserve" them.


      News flash people, nobody owes you ANYTHING. not the government, not your family, not your friends, noone.

    3. Jtalk4456



      News flash people, nobody owes you ANYTHING. not the government, not your family, not your friends, noone.

      I would disagree with this. As long as I pay taxes, they owe me the basic infrastructure and services they promise to provide. If they aren't provided those services, then why am I paying them taxes. 

      The thing people need to understand though is what they are required to pay for vs what they choose to pay for. If I pay taxes but instead of social security, they use my money for a large wall, i'm likely going to feel upset since the wall is going to hurt our country. But for me to feel upset means that I haven't looked into the constitution, I haven't got an understanding of what powers the government has and what programs it has to have or chooses to have. If people believe the government should be spending money in a certain way, then they need to elect leaders who agree with those ideas. People like to just say "i pay my taxes, you have to support me through my mistakes", but then they're annoyed when they hear the national debt skyrocketing. 

      I feel that wasn't very concise, I hope that was understandable

    4. Lukyp


      Lol pretty much the same that will happen to Europe after my country basically destroys other economies with his debt


      I just tell you the minister of interior wanted to remove the manager of Bank of Italy, which is the basically an European one and do extreme expense trading debt with gold, we have basically the third largest reserve after US and Germany but still won't solve anything

  20. CUDAcores89

    A Voltage Stabilizer Necessary or Not?

    Obviously you've never heard of the 40 USD walmart special "plug pack" UPSes before: These things are really only meant to back up a modem and router, so they are built very simple. The do NOT have any kind of AVR. If line voltage goes above or below a certain level, the UPS will switch to battery.
  21. CUDAcores89

    USB power stays on

    The problem is your motherboard likely has "always on" USB ports. The easy way to prevent this is to move the keyboard, mouse, and LED strips to a USB port that is not always on. The harder way is to go into your bios and disable "always on USB" or some other similar feature. We can't really help you beyond that because every motherboard bios is different,
  22. CUDAcores89

    Good pairing?

    wait is this like a computer you want to buy from someone or is this just a build you are planning?
  23. CUDAcores89

    A Voltage Stabilizer Necessary or Not?

    only the more expensive UPSes will have the ability to do this. The cheap UPSes do not. No idea if the UPS shown above has AVR or not.
  24. you mean like duck life 4?