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  1. My work has assigned us our own laptop and work phone. I was given an iPhone 7 plus for the summer (of course I have to turn is back in).


    It now makes me realize there are an equal number of maddening things about both apple and android products and each are garbage in their own special way.


    iPhones don't have a back button

    Sometimes apps crash on my galaxy S9

    iPhones have shitty battery life

    I can't uninstall BS apps on my galaxy.

    Google really tries to shove news down your throat with android and filled up my feed with BS I don't need to know.

    iPhones have no file system


    Yeah like I said, I have both of these companies phones in their own special ways.


    One thing I give to google is they make it very easy to seamlessly transition data between both devices because google services are available on both IOS and android. I wish apple would do something similar.


    One I will give apple is they are straight up more secure. I do not blame Rockwell Automation for going with iPhones for this very reason.

    1. Techstorm970


      Google SUCKS at security.


      Having used (but not owned) Androids before, I always found that back button to be very annoying.  Personal preference thing...


      Apple's attempt at a file system in iOS 11 was very, very sad.



      iPhones have shitty battery life

      iPhone XR says hi.

    2. CUDAcores89


      @Techstorm970 i'm just glad to have the privilege of complaining over such meaningless things. I am really far more concerned about how to pay the rent and run the business than what phone I use.

  2. I am the kind of person who would pay a prostitute just to talk about their life for a few hours then get them lunch.

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    2. Techstorm970


      @Mr. horse  All he's saying is that many modern commodities are very public; anyone can access them.  This means that while the poor may not own more than before, they do have access to more things.  For instance, if you needed to, you could communicate over a publicly-displayed computer at Micro Center or Best Buy for free and get help.  That's something you couldn't do in the 1980s, or even a bit later than that.

    3. Mr. horse

      Mr. horse

      in most of the world no the poor can not. Not Every palace is like the EU or USA.

    4. BuckGup


      Lol that’s pretty bias and not true for basically anywhere not the US or Canada. By that logic why’s there homeless people then

  3. website is up:




    My goal is to teach @Crunchy Dragon everything I know this summer so he can replicate what I do while I am living in Southern Illinois. In exchange I will take a small commission of the sales but everything else is his. I also plan on getting him a car as well.

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      We'll see how that goes.


      I'm gonna be pretty darn busy next year.

    2. CUDAcores89


      @Crunchy Dragon that or find someone else to do it.


      Either way I need to find a partner in business who is willing to operate the firm while I am in Illinois.

    3. Jtalk4456


      i'd love to do something like this, but i think taking on another venture is beyond the time i'll have for a while

  4. it's just the little things that blow my mind every day that many people don't even acknowledge the presence of.


    Today I went to Wendy's and bought their 4 for $4 deal which get's you a burger, 4pc chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink, all for a meal that costs under $5 (Michigan just had to steal it's 24 cents from me). Many other fast food places have even better deals than that. You can go to Taco bell and get a shredded chicken quesadilla for only $1, or Arby's and get two sliders for $3. Mcdonalds often runs coupons on their mobile app for BOGO deals on their sausage and egg meals for around $3.


    Now is the food healthy? Of course not. But you don't go to a fast food restaurant to eat healthy. You go to to grab something fast to cover up the pain from hunger.


    Now let's go back about 100 years to when my grandpa was born. Did any form of not only fast but cheap food exist back then? Hell no! Many of these folks were still farming, and good, fast, and cheap food wasn't even on peoples minds then. Back then people were concerned Mostly with just having food at all (especially during the great depression).. But these days in 2019 on the other hand, I can walk into a restaurant and order an entire meal that multiple humans have to prepare, have the food ready for me within minutes. and get something filling for less time and money than it takes me to write this post. Yes nobody seems to think that is just incredible?


    Same with grocery stores. I can walk into Walmart or a whole foods and have a dazzling selection of cuisine from all over the world for prices in the single digits, when just 200 years ago trading for spices with India was all the rage and only reserved for the upper middle class and very rich. Meanwhile today not only do I have access to the same spices they do, but also all sorts of fruits and vegetables i've never even heard of. Did anyone know that dragonfruit is actually a thing? Oh, and I can buy it on sale from kroger for $6.


    If we compare out lives to people from 200 years ago, we are all living like kings. Even the very poorest among us in the US have access to almost unlimited food of every kind, free education (in the form of grade school) and in many cases subsidized housing and childcare. Many lower income families also are eligible for health care under the ACA. If we go back 100 years, some of these entitlement programs would appear to be straight out of a Utopian fiction novel in comparison to where they came from.


    In the past 30 years, we have lifted over a billion people across the world out of extreme poverty. Yet everyone seems to think this is the work of governments rather than markets finding more efficient ways to organize resources:




    sometimes it's nice to be thankful for what we have, and look back on where we came from instead of being jealous of those who have more. Because even compared to 200 years ago, everyone on this forum is a king. You have more access to wealth creating tools than anyone in the history of mankind in the form of the internet. Use it well.



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    2. kelvinhall05


      10 CAD = 7.50 USD...

    3. Schnoz


      @CUDAcores89what sorcery is this

    4. CUDAcores89


      @Schnoz this is capitalism doing what it does best: driving down the cost of goods and services while increasing their value to consumers. 


      We all live link kings compared to 200 years ago not because of what government has done, but because of what markets have done.

  5. I mean IBMs POWERPC arcitecture uses SMT with 4 threads per core and are some of the most secure processors out there. Clearly SMT can be done securely if implinemted correctly.
  6. Try number two: I visited the same recycling center a second time.


    I went there a second time and explained we are a smaller recycler looking to buy parts for reuse. 


    They basically told us to politely f*ck off because we are not R2 certified. I then asked them again why they cant sell parts to me and they gave me a generic response of "we have to protect our customer data and we do not trust you".


    I then asked them "well, can you give me some hints as to who your up and downstream recyclers are" and again, they said no as it would be a "conflict of interest".


    I explained to them "look, we are a small non-R2 certified recycler trying to make a mame for ourselves. R2 certifications only hurts us instead of help us because we cannot afford to spend $30,000 on certifications because we are a small operation. You do understand R2 certifiations only hurts innovation in the recycling industry right?


    Her response: times are changing. Customers are expecting their data will be destroyed and computers will be consistently recycled. R2 provides that and we cannot risk being caught in a non-compliance situation by selling to you.


    Fine then lady. Im gonna find out who your boss is and try to contact him. If you are giving me the runaround, I am not going to stop until the very highest up at your firm says "no".


    From here, I have four options:


    1. Reach upper management: i am going to contact the "big cheese" of their firm and talk to him directly. Only when I get a firm NO from the CEO of GLR will I give up.


    1. Find out who their clients are. This could involve cold calling or straight up spying. I will probably employ a mix of both these taxtics. I am going to cold call many offices in the area and outbid them on their hardware. I also want to plant a hidden camera near their location to see who is delivering hardware and where is it going.


    3. They will eventually say yes. I think at this point it is very unlikely, but I have to keep trying.


    4. Get above them: one thing I want to do is develop software that will pre-sort scrap at recycling centers and enable individuals to easily resell the parts. I could easily price the software at $1000 a month per user since scrap yards would make much more money off of resale, but they lack the manpower to do so. I know nothing about programming so this is going to be hard.


    I am either work with these people, or I can work around them. Either way, they have no idea who they are going up against.


    Also @Crunchy Dragon you know that really big yard we went to in saturday? Those guys are R2 certified, and they sell us parts. There is no reason why the yard I visited today can't either.

    1. kelvinhall05


      Damn this is cool, lol. If you ever make an update that's not in a status update, please tag me. This is interesting.

    2. LienusLateTips


      If only I had a way to access the state recycler.....

    3. Jtalk4456


      hmm, so it seems like it may be more of a legal thing than anything else. CYA if you will

  7. I just started my job at Rockwell Automation and the most productive thing i've done all day is look at dank memes on the company laptop and iphone assigned to me. 


    I mean I did sit in on a few meetings today, but I could have learned all the acronyms they used from a book in about 10 minutes.


    I guess the real secret to moving up in the corporate ladder isnt to actually know more stuff, its to appear to know more stuff.

  8. Government regulations often have severe unintended consequences @DrMacintosh. One of them is something called R2 certification. As far as I underatand it, R2 certification was made exclusively to keep large recyclers in business and punish/prevent competition from small recyclers (like CircleTech). Let's elaborate.


    Legally, the requirements to start running a computer reselling business is nothing, you can literally start today. The problem is the recycling industry has settled on a certification introduced by the EPA known as R2 introduced in 2008. R2 is not required, but it has become industry standard. R2 certification was made as a way to stop computer recyclers from dumping non-profitable parts like CRT TVs and lead paint in Ghana where it simply pollutes the environment. The problem is the regulations are far too egregious and over-reaching.


    R2 certification requires one to have several things included but not limited to:


    1. A warehouse to work out of

    2. Inventory software costing thousands of dollars to weigh exactley what comes in and goes out.

    3. Annual random audits of the location.

    4. Proper health and safety compliance for employees.

    5. An annual fee of $1500 a year.


    This means that in order to become R2 certified, I effectively have to pay anywhere from $10,000-30,000 a year just to remain complaint with the buearucrats. Then, and ONLY then, can I gain the trust of businesses and they will allow me to accept their computers and parts.


    This essentially creates a catch 22 situation where in order to get the R2 certification, you must have a business with a warehouse and employees. Yet in order to gain this certification, one must own a business that is cash flow positive enough to support such infirstructure in the FIRST place. In ogher words, I cannot acquire computer parts unless I am R2 certified  but in order to be R2 certified I need to already have a business making money in computer recycling. WTF!


    As a very small reseller such as the operation me and @Crunchy Dragon are running, we cannot afford such regulatuons. Legally, we do not need one to operate, but the industry seems to think otherwise.


    I was rejected from a recycler today to buy parts from them because I was not R2 certified. I have a business bank account, a credit card, a space to work out of, business cards, and even an employee. Yet because I do not have this stupid government stamp of approval, many places are turning me down. Not all, but many places are. I will be back to this recycler tomorrow to better explain my case.


    Now i'm sure many of you have tried to replicate what I do and have been rejected at every turn for the same reason: you are not R2 or e-stewards certified. Many of you have experienced the same thing as me. You see dozens of computers potentially worth thousands of dollars just thrown away in a landfill for the same reason: you did not spend $30,000 to feed the government buearucrats. 


    A license is when the government takes away your right to do something then sells it back to you.




    To everyone wondering why I hate socialist liberals, THIS is why. CircleTech is literally helping the enviornment as a SIDE EFFECT that no other business can: by encouraging to REUSE of products instead of the RECYCLING of parts. The fact that R2 exists just tells me how incredibly corruped and hypocritical the democratic party is. Don't get me wrong, the trump administration has its own problems. But at least they are REDUCING regulations instead of ADDING them. By reducing government regulations, the republicans are actually helping the enviornment in a way no democrat can, by allowing market forces to work their magic and innovate to save the enviornment instead of having a buearucrat do it.


    R2 certification was brought in under the obama administration, meanwhile trump has allowed market forces to determine business actions for themselves and the employment market has never looked better. And people wonder why I like trumps fiscal policies? The man himself is another thing, but he has it absolutely right when it comes to business. Businesses should have low easy to understand regulations, low taxes, and as little government involvement as possible. Meanwhile the democrats want to help business by regulating them out of existance. Message to the democrats: if you want to gain the votes of republicans and libertarians, STOP adding regulations and taxes, they have basically ZERO upside. If a business is performing unethically, informed individuals will bankrupt the business by themselves through virtue of not doing business with them. We dont need this government BS to dictate ehat business survives and who doesn't, because markets will take care of this for us.

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    2. CUDAcores89




      1. They require having records of what weighs in and what weighs out. Both numbers need to match. This can only be accomplished with software that costs thousands of dollars a month.


      2. A garage is absolutely not a warehouse. It must be a registered business address with well organized pallets, tear down, and testing stations. This requires me to buy a warehouse.


      3. I currently cannot afford to pay for employee health insurance (this is what R2 entails). @Crunchy Dragon is working for me as a contractor so I can get around those laws. Imagine if a business brought in $500 a month profit, but then due to R2 I am forced to pay my employees health insurance thus reducing my profits to zero or even driving them negative. This is why small businesses cannot afford to pay for things like the ACA, because it evaporates all our profit margins and means we cannot grow.


      With any business, the first principle you will learn is bootstrapping. Can we get something, anything just up and running even if it isnt perfect. Do i want to have a better logo for my business? Avsolutely. But really I just have to get something out there even if its not perfect. By the way, every dollar I have been bringing in the the business so far has been burned up, we have yet to be cash flow positive. Yet I still am expected to make payroll and keep the lights on from my own savings.


      Government regulations protect large established businesses and punish startups (like us). I shouldnt have to pay my employees health insurance if I am already running short on cash every single month. By being forced to pay my enployees health insurance, I cant afford to give them a job at all. Meaning these employees choices are some job with no health insurance, or no job period.


      Being an entrepreneur is all about taking massive risk for a business that has a statistical 90% chance of failing. Regulations get in the way of a businesses growth. And should not apply to startups.



    3. DrMacintosh


      Oh look, a small business who is starting to understand the problem with US healthcare. Small businesses shouldn't have to front the bill for healthcare, though many want to because they are good people. 


      Medicare for all would alleviate that aspect of your problem at the very least. 


    4. Jtalk4456



      First off, I want to make clear I'm not trying to play sides for the R2 thing. I'm just playing devil's advocate, trying to think of ways around it, etc. I'm brainstorming. I read my first reply and it seemed a bit like i was arguing against what you were talking about, so i just wanted to get this out here.


      1. You're the businessman here, and I'm sure that ridiculously expensive software is the best way to do it, but I don't buy it's the ONLY way. the records you describe CAN be done with an excel file. will it be a pain in the butt absolutely, but i'd consider it taking that 1000's/month i'm not paying the software company and paying myself instead. 


      2. I get there will be some requirements for pallets, testing stations, etc, but there's gotta be a minimum requirement, so I'm wondering how small this can be. 


      3. I was going more safety regulations, first aid kit, etc. But I get your point. either part time or contractor is the only way to deal with that, and it's a pain in the butt for sure when starting up

  9. CUDAcores89

    How to boot to m.2 ssd

    In order for any motherboard to boot any kind of medium, there must be either one of two things present: 1. A BIOS that has the proper programming to recgonize certian types of storage mediums are physically present and that these storage mediums can in fact be booted from using a stored optionROM from the bios itself. 2. A storage device with an option ROM programmed into the boot device itself to prompt the bios to boot from it. In theory, all UEFI compatible motherboards are capable of booting from NVME drives. Its just that many BIOSes on early UEFI boards do not contain the necessary option ROM programmed into the bios to boot from it. Thus, older motherboards one can inject the NVME optionROM into the bios itself and force an update to enable NVME booting. Discussion on the winraid forum about how to pull this off: https://www.win-raid.com/t871f50-Guide-How-to-get-full-NVMe-support-for-all-Systems-with-an-AMI-UEFI-BIOS.html The second choice is to puchase an early NVME/AHCI SSD (M.2 or otherwise) that contains an addROM in the device itself for booting. This is how OCZs old revodrive SSDs worked at the time. NVME at the time didn't exist, so the device itself (the revodrive) had an optionROM in it to prompt the bios to boot from it. This is similar to how when you plug in a RAID card into a computer and the RAID card boots up first and displays the RAID array, then you see the BIOS splash screen. The RAID card just told the computers bios "hi, im a bootable medium, please boot from me". Versus something like a hard drive which does nothing of the sort and instead is relying on the BIOS to detect its own existance through the BIOSes optionROM. The hard drive basically says to the bios "hi, You cant see me unless you actively try to find me, otherwise I will be invisible". And this is how NVME SSDs work as well. If the BIOS does not know to look for an NVME drive and the NVME drive has no optionROM built in itself, no booting can occur. I have a lenovo thinkstation D30 that has a UEFI BIOS but no NVME optionROM built in so in theory NVME drives can be used as a storage device, but I cannot boot from then. EXCEPT... I have a samsung 950 pro SSD. This NVME SSD is o yl if the very few early SSDs that had its own optionROM built into the SSD itself, meaning even if my BIOS has no optionROM, the SSD does, hence why it works. For OPs situation, didable everything CSM/BIOS/Legacy related except UEFI then install windows to the SSD. After windows is installed, set the boot priority in the machines BIOS as "windows boot manager" first then everything else later. If that doesnt work, you will need to tollow the winraid guide and do some bios hacking, but i would start by updating your machines bios first.
  10. many people on here know how to build a computer, but do you know how to computer a build?


    Image result for thinking emoji gif

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      In Soviet Russia, computers build you...

    2. Schnoz


      @Crunchy Dragon In Russia Soviet, you build computer...

    3. VegetableStu


      > but do you know how to computer a build?

      isn't that like CADing or planning out a build visually in a program or something? 🤔

  11. May I suggest using the C part of your logo as your profile picture?

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    2. CUDAcores89


      gotta plug myself if i can. 🤷‍♂️

    3. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      I could do it for ya if you're fine with that.

    4. CUDAcores89


      okay, here is the logo:





      Edit: I kind of like just the C. But I still need the logo in the center of a square background because it allows me to easily resize the logo for stuff like advertising and business cards. 

  12. walking around money for me is about $300 in cash. Many of my e-waste purchases are cash transactions so I need to have plenty of it on hand.


    I probably shouldn't tell people that.

  13. Burned out from the move-in me and @Crunchy Dragon did today. I still have to go back and ship more packages!

  14. CUDAcores89

    Adata sets new world record for DRAM overclocking

    Fun fact: DDR RAM stands for Double Data Rate RAM, meaning that a "5000Mhz" RAM is really only running at 2500mhz because the data is sent on both th rising and falling edge of the clock cycle. There is also Quad data rate RAM where data is sent over two signals, but thats for another day of discussion.
  15. CUDAcores89

    LGA 775 in 2019?

    I've definitely got a business. It's called CircleTech LLC and I go around to various scrapyards and sweet-talk the owners there to let me buy things. Pro tip - If you want to buy stuff from your local municipality, start a legitimate business (as in file the documents for an LLC) set up a business account, make a website, and print some business cards. Finally, offer to pull the drives from any PC you buy and offer to leave them with the yard. This adds an enormous amount of trust when you are doing deals with vendors. They will see you are actually a fully legit operation and will let you pick up stuff assuming you pull the drives. This is how I have managed to contact multiple scrapyards and get them to allow me to buy things. I tell them "look, i'm a legit business. I have a business bank account, I have a business address and legal papers, I even have a single employee. I am not here to scam you and leak data. I am here to help you make more money by paying more for PC parts. I also pull all the hard drives from the machines and leave them there (this is a BIG deal for R2 and e-stewards certified recycling centers since data breaches are a huge problem). I also offer to pay them double what they can usually get elsewhere for scrap (so instead of getting 30 cents a pound for tower PCs, I will pay them 60 cents).