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  1. Batteries leaking transparent fluid?

    What you are looking at is likely potassium hydroxide that has leaked out from the cells in the remote (assuming these are alkaline cells). Contrary to popular belief, potassium hydroxide is actually quite a basic compound, so really the opposite of an acid. the leakage can happen for a variety of reasons, but the reason it happens at all is because there was a significant change in the cells internal pressure and something (the electrolyte In the cell) escaped. Also so contrary to popular belief, the amount that is in your remote is so little, you don't have to worry too much about it burning you or anything from its basic nature (burns can still occur from bases Touching your skin in concentrations with VERY high molarity). Wipe it up with maybe some alcohol to prevent the further corrosion of the terminals in the remote, but don't worry about burning yourself or anything. I am currently finishing up a semester in college general chemistry, and we worked with aqueous concentrations of acids and bases all the time. There was this one time I accidentally spilled a few drops 24M concentrated sulfuric acid on my hands, and yes it burned, but the burn was too small too even matter. Kind of like if you get a red spot from accidently touching a stove (I quickly washed my hands after this happened). In summary unless you are really stupid or specifically trying, it's very hard to give yourself a horrible burn from using any sort of commercial product that you can buy from a store that uses an acid or base. This is because all commercial products use an AQUEOUS (dissolved in water) soloution of an acid or base. I have dumped car battery acid on my hands before and was okay, no burns whatsoever. The problem is most people confuse aqueous soloutions of acids or bases with their concentrated variants, which actually can give severe burns in contact with the skin (like the 24M sulfuric acid above). For an example, this dude stuck his hand in car battery acid for a minute and his hand didn't instantly get 3rd degree burns or anything: Even when someone specifically tries (the person above) its really hard to give yourself burns.
  2. European PSU

    All switch mode power supplies (used in every computer since the 1980s) will run on 110-220v just fine, so your friend in Europe can use whatever power supply you picked just fine. Nearly all power supplies also use an IEC-C14 power connector ( on the power supply end) that looks like this. I am betting you know what this is: All power supplies sold to the European market come with whatever their regions plug is to this IEC-C14 connector so assuming your friend here buys the PSU from a European website and doesn't order it directly from the US, they should receive one of these whatever-their-wall-outlet-style-is to an IEC-C14 power cord in the box with the PSU.
  3. Gtx 1060 3gb with 8gb of ram?

    Processor and graphics card memory are two entirely different things unless we are talking about integrated graphics. Extra DDR4 may aid performance in games that are using all available system memory but won't help a bit with your available VRAM since they are separate entities.
  4. If you use your mac for porn does that make it a Fapbook pro or a jerkbook pro?

  5. Built another battery pack today:




    52v 21.6AH 14S8P battery pack from Samsung 28A 18650 cells.


    improvements over previous pack:


    there was time with my old battery pack where I left the balance leads plugged in while connecting the two internal 7S packs in series. Doing this scorched the JST connectors and I had to replace them. 


    I went with longer length wires this time around for more flexibility and strain relief. 


    The biggest change though are each balance wire now is fused with a 2A PTC fuse. The cool thing with PTC fuses is if they fail, they are automatically resettable. IMG_4452.JPG.d12a7282e6a9ee9d6cb303fb557120f3.JPG


    This is way if I fuck up again, the ptc fuses will go open circuit and I can just unplug everything and wait for the fuses to reset by themselves. 


    I really wanted to build another battery pack so I wouldn't have to wait an hour+ for my battery to recharge before going home from university. This way I can keep a fully charged battery pack ready to go at all times. 

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    2. TopHatProductions115


      GET THE POWER!!!!!!!


      (one punch)

    3. ZM Fong

      ZM Fong

      It frightens me at first :ph34r:

    4. CUDAcores89


      @floppy disk mayhem this is for my electric bike.i commute 16 miles every day with this to school. It takes me slightly under an hour to get there. It takes twice as long as driving, but is infinitely more fun than sitting in a car.

  6. I need to buy 24oz of Vaseline for... Reasons

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    2. Implosivetech
    3. CUDAcores89


      @bob51zhang @ARikozuM @Implosivetech


      To be serious, there is this technique in electronics called "potting" where electronic circuits are sealed off from the elements using epoxy or something similar:


      Image result for potting electronics


      This is an excellent way to waterproof electronics so absolutely no water can get in.


      But here's the problem, if a component ends up breaking after it's potted, you're fucked. Your only choice now is to throw away the device and buy a new one. I thought maybe I could buy a junction box and fit all the connectors on my ebike inside of the box. Then fill the entire thing with Vaseline thus "potting" them in without actually sealing anything away. That way if a connector needs to be replaced, all I have to do is wipe off the Vaseline and re-solder everything, then reseal the junction box with more Vaseline.

    4. Implosivetech


      if Vaseline melts at a low temp, which i think it does, even easier


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      This is all terrible

    3. ARikozuM


      What the !@#$ did I just walk into...?


      Note to self: Stop visiting CUDA's page. 

    4. YedZed


      Higher quality than Jewish animation still

  8. The size of a country is inversely proportional to the intelligence of it's government. 


    Big country = ignorant government 


    Small country = smart government


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    2. Daniel Z.

      Daniel Z.

      Watch the Taiwan parliament brawls hahaha.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      I'm sure that EuroZone and the EU says otherwise...

    4. Damascus



      Coming up with new resources for all of humanity wouldn't be a problem if there just weren't so many of us. 

      Actually we pretty easily have enough for everyone on earth to have a decent standard of living (as evidenced by the precipitous from in world poverty in the last decade)


      At the current rates we'll likely see a swell to 11-12 billion, then a classic drop in the birth rate and settle around a slowly decreasing or extremely stable 10 billion or so.

  9. What's the cheapest source you guys know of for solder? I normally use my solder for batteries so even the super crappy chinese stuff works fine for my needs. The cheapest I could find was this at 44 grams per dollar:




    I can't find any other solder that will get me more than 44 grams per dollar. 

    1. AresKrieger


      You probably aren't going to fine cheaper than that, honestly I just used "expired" solder from my work so don't know where to find it cheaper but given that is super cheap chinese solder you are likely not going to find much cheaper, well unless you know of a surplus store or something in your area.

    2. Damascus


      Maybe AliExpress?

    3. The Viking

      The Viking

      alibaba. Aliexpress is for consumers so smaller quantities, but if you buy in bulk on Alibaba you'll have even lower prices. Just checked, you can have 1 kilo of solder for under 20$.


      Otherwise, well, you're in the US I guess :| I used to buy it not too far from where i lived in spain, there was a city not too far selling solder, lead & glass.

  10. The power is out, so we went to IHOP which happens to be packed. 


    I can can think of two ways for restaurants to solve this.


    1. Auction off the table that was just cleared to the highest bidder. Want to eat first? You pay to have a table available first.


    2. Provide discounts for customers who eat all their food within a time period. Obviously the customer is in no control of how long it takes to make the food, but they can control how long it takes to eat the food. Give say a 10% one time discount or a free meal for customers who eat all their food within 5 minutes or less.


    if a restaurant has thin profit margins, they they could choose to only deploy method one in order to exploit increased demand and increase profit margins. If a customer doesn't like it, they can go somewhere else.

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    4. DrMacintosh


      Number 1 might be illegal lmao 

  11. I read an article today on mid evil torture methods, and it made me think about how primitive we used to be, but not for the reasons you may think. Not because we've moved on from said methods of torture, but because we can do worse, much worse than any method of torture done hundreds of years ago. 


    First of all, physical pain and death are very primitive, parochial methods of torture. Mostly because they are measurable, and always result in the satisfying release of death. Death ultimately results in a release of the pain, so in order to torture someone forever, we need the pain to be permanent, so we will have pain that lasts forever. Simple right?


    Or do we even want a torture method that is simply eternal pain? Because I think we can do worse than even that.


    First of all, we need to pretend that our hypothetical torture method is not limited to the laws of the universe. For example, lets pretend we could torture someone by granting them immortality, or they will burn in the core of a sun forever. Obviously these things are not possible since humans are not immortal and a person placed in the core of the sun will die as dictated by the laws of physics and thermodynamics. As such we need to ignore these artificial restrictions on our universe and pretend they don't exist so we can truly find, the worst ,possible, method of torture. 


    You see, something occurred to me when thinking about what torture is. Torture is pain, now that we all understand, that but what's the opposite of pain? Pleasure of course. The reason we experience pain to begin with is because it is opposite to what we expect, and that is something pleasurable. Now you may not think something as mundane as getting up in the morning and going to school can be considered a pleasurable experience, but that is exactly what I am taking about. 


    You see, the reason we are able to experience pain the the first place is because we are sentient, and we are human. Humans and all other organisms have what we call a free will. Organisms have a free will to choose to either experience pleasure, or pain, and this is how pleasure and pain are derived. The only reason we are able to feel pleasure in an event or action is because we have felt pain before, and the only reason we have pain is because we have experienced pleasure in comparison. Organisms are aware of their own existence and their own actions in the universe because of these two things. With only one of these two things, organisms do not have a free will and simply act as puppets. They cannot, and do not think, and do not seek the third variable I need to add in this discussion, knowledge. 


    The action of obtaining knowledge is through pleasurable and painful experiences. A scientist that seeks to cure cancer will consider a failed experiment a painful one, and a successful experiment a pleasurable one.  Thus, we can derive that pleasurable and painful actions are both in the pursuit of knowledge and without knowledge, pleasure and pain serve no purpose of existing. In essence, pleasure, pain and knowledge are all hand-in-hand. They are all required to give sentient beings and organisms the same goal, a goal of having a free will and able to choose its actions. If an organism could experience only pleasure or only pain, they will no longer have a free will, and thus will no longer have the ability to collect and obtain knowledge. Knowledge being the ultimate thing that gives all organisms a free will.


    Now let's circle back to the original question, what is the worst punishment?


    the worst punishment I believe is to be an entity who cannot experience pleasure nor pain. 


     But why?


    You see a being that cannot experience experience pleasure or pain cannot obtain knowledge. Thus they must live out their life (which could potentially be infinite) as simply matter. Matter that serves no purpose according to them, and will never have the privilege of experiencing knowledge. Knowledge being the entire point and a reason to have a free will.


    At the end of this, we can conclude that the worst torture method, is a lack of pleasure and pain to begin with. A torture method where An entity can experience neither pleasure nor pain cannot obtain knowledge and thus cannot have a free will, is the worst torture method possible. This is because said entity will never experience a purpose of existing. A need to seek out pleasure and pain the the first place, all in the pursuit of obtaining knowledge, the knowledge which serves to give entities free will and a need to exist.


    And as always, thinks for reading.




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    2. kelvinhall05


      I agree with the essay part.

    3. Jtalk4456


      Ok but if we take away free will and the experience of pain and pleasure will they be sentient anymore? And if they are not sentient or choose a lack of sentient thought, giving into their circumstances, will the lack of pleasure and pain matter anymore or will they become devoid of emotion entirely and not CARE or NEED the raw emotions that they might otherwise miss?

    4. YedZed


      We could just poke you for years with a small but annoying stick.

  12. Change your name back!

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      CUDAcores89 matches every single other username I have online (reddit, endless-sphere, twitch, here) i'm not going to go running around and change everything just for a single random user on the internet who I have never met in person. 

    3. Being Delirious

      Being Delirious

      Yea, but the difference is that you originate from that name on here.

    4. CUDAcores89


      "I never look back darling, it distracts from the now"


      Quote from the incredibles.

  13. Any motherboard from 2004 and up will function just fine with any desktop graphics card from 2004 and up thanks to PCI express. There are some weird cases where this isn't true, but with enthusiast hardware video card compatibility isn't really a problem. How much time are you willing to wait? The ryzen 2600 series I don't see being out until summer of this year at the earliest. The 2600 series is also supposed to be compatible with the current lineup of motherboards. Maybe just buy now and see how the 2600 series does in benchmarks, then upgrade later if the extra performance is justifiable.
  14. hmmm:



    I would have to guess neither of them because I have to assume that this picture is of a cross-sectional view of both people in an airtight room. Otherwise water would leak out through any air gaps in the room on the right, then there would be no more water left. Thus, both of them will suffocate to death due to lack of oxygen. 


    Next question?


    How on earth did these two men even get inside these airtight rooms constructed out of bricks? Were they placed inside and a structure was built around them?

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    2. TopHatProductions115


      I would actually think that their is a ceiling. Isn't that how the trick's usually done?

    3. Daniel Z.

      Daniel Z.

      Just grow gills and go in the water

    4. Ryan_Vickers


      if there was a roof they are both certain death, so that would make no sense.  Also there is no roof drawn

  15. Today a guy honked at me when I was in the road riding my bike home. That's fine, happens all the time because drivers are jerks. But then again so am I. 


    Here's what motorists don't understand about me. If you honk st me, not only will I not move over, but I will stay in the lane and move SLOWER. I slowed down to about 5mph for about 30 seconds and really pissed the guy off. Now that is a whole lot more fun than flipping the bird. 


    Same me applies if I'm driving a car. If someone honks at me to make a turn, I will drive painfully slowly when I do get around to making a turn.  


    Whole lot more fun to do that stuff than to listen to the horn. 

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    2. TopHatProductions115



    3. 8uhbbhu8


      lol i do that all the time. If someone is tailgating me i'll just keep slowing down more and more :P Especially fun if he's surrounded and others around you realize what you are doing and do the same

    4. manikyath


      appareantly waving very happy at that sort of people tweaks them out even more :P