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    If you want a good quality printer, get a plain old black and white laser printer. They have come down in price significantly over the years.


    When I was in college last year, I used a basic brother HL-L2320D laser printer. I still have that printer to this day, and it works great. 


    I got it in sale on best buys website (of all places) for $60.


    It doesn't have wireless, you have to plug in a USB cable. That just means it works every single time :).


    It came with a toner cartridge in the box good for 3000 pages. I have yet to use up that toner cartridge.


    I specifically looked for a model with cheap 3rd party toner cartridges. Cartridges for the brother series of printers is VERY cheap. I can get 4 toner cartridges for 25 bucks on eBay and each cartridge will do 2500 pages on it's own.





    My roommate wondered "why do you have a huge printer"? Meanwhile his inkjet printer had broken down on him at least once and he had to buy a new pack of ink cartridges at least once during the year.


    Inkjet printers typically cost $60-80 even at the low end, and the ink costs as much as the printer. While he had spent $200 to print out the same black and white essays I was printing out, I spent far less than he did.


    If you are going to college soon and need to do a lot of printing, it will save you SOOO much time to not have to run back to the library just to print something stupid.


     Also I do recommend brother for printers.They are the least likely to significantly up-sell you on the new toner like HP or Samsung. They also have very cheap toner cartridges as you can see.

    1. CUDAcores89


      Also if you really want your color, you can buy a laser color printer and again, the ink is super cheap considering you get thousands of pages:



    2. dizmo


      I agree, I got a Samsung monochrome all in one. Great choice.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Printers in general are crap. I prefer to just scan and send nowadays...

  2. The problem is I believe tungsten has a very poor thermal conductivity, so I though of solver and gold since they are not very reactive and have a good thermal conductivity. I don't know about tantalum, but I think it might be too expensive to use. You couldn't use iron or steel either because their thermal conductivity is very poor.
  3. They could also plate the contacting surface with silver, gold or some other very nonreactive metal.
  4. I think louis rossmann might have different thoughts on the longevity of macbooks. Also they could just raise their prices $10, chances are nobody would know because they raise prices every year. Seems like a win-win situation for apple to me. Macbooks die even faster, they get to spin it for marketing, and then people buy even more macbooks. I don't see what's wrong from apples standpoint.
  5. If apple wants their devices to not thermal throttle, I wonder why they don't use liquid metal? I mean they don't last long enough for it to matter that the metal is eating into the macbook, and they can brag that the performance is "so much better now" and "runs cooler" or however they want to spin it.
  6. If you are watching a youtube video and want to injust the information faster, just speed it up to 1.25-1.5X.



    1. Dan Castellaneta
    2. dizmo


      Some songs sound considerably better as well.

  7. POLL: Do you keep your PC on the floor or desk?

    Floor. Desk space is too valuable to be taken by anything that can be on the floor and my fractal define R5 is too large to fit on my desk.
  8. I guess apple doesn't care or something. The truth is all the people that need to get real work done that requires lots of external devices (like being in IT) will value a laptop with more types of ports. I guess we have lenovo for that.
  9. so what you're saying is I need to use my mac pro in a freezer to get the full speed. yay
  10. Just as a word of warning...


    NEVER keep ANY money in your balance of what are called "money transmitter" services like Paypal, Venmo, square cash or many of these "digital payment" apps. 


    The reasons are two-fold:


    1. You will not earn Interest on your money.


    This one is not that big of a deal since interest rates are very low right now, like 2% at best, but 2% is better than zero.


    2. They are not subject to the same fraud protections that banks are:


    Under US federal law there are certain protections all US citizens have as bank account holders, where if money is fraudulently withdrawn from your bank you have a specific number of days to report it AND your liability is capped at a maximum dollar amount. Meaning if someone withdrawals say $1000 from your bank to some place in Turkey and you see it the next day, the bank has to (legally speaking) refund you. 


    Paypal, Vanmo and Square cash are not subject to these regulations. This means if say someone get's ahold if your paypal account and transfers out your balance into some foreign bank somewhere, you are at the mercy of the company to get your money back. This could also mean that if money randomly dissipeared form your account (like what happened to some venmo users in 2016) you are again at the mercy of the company to get it back. And if the amount is big, i'm sure they will just take the hit, write you off as a customer and forget about it rather than solving the problem.


    Don't believe me? This has happened before:



    2. Paypal, Venmo and Square are all not FDIC insured. 


    What is FDIC insurance? FDIC insurance is something that nearly all financial institutions in the United States have. This insurance guarantees that is said financial institution goes under, the depositors (you) will be guaranteed to lose ZERO money. So if your bank declares bankruptcy and you have $1000 there, you will still have a way to get all your money back.


    Paypal, Venmo and Square do not have this. If paypal goes under, the creditors (lenders to paypal) are allowed to seize the depositors (your) money to pay them off. Meaning if you had $1000 in paypal and suddenly they go out of business, they have the right to:


    • Lock your account so you cannot withdrawal your money
    • Use said money to pay off their creditors in the event of bankruptcy. 


    And do you really think paypal is going to give back the money out of the kindness of their hearts and NOT pay off their creditors? Of course not! If paypal was ever in a situation where they declared bankruptcy, you can bet your ass that they're gonna use your money to do it so the executives can get off Scott free because at the end of the day, they don't need to care about their customers at that point.


    What can you do about this:


    1. Connect your bank to these payment apps and only use them for bank-to-bank transfers.


    Yes this is slower, but if you are sending a large amount of money and venmo goes under, there is no money for creditors to seize since it has moved between two banks. The sending and receiving banks are also required to provide consumer protections if your account is ever overdrawn, saving you in case your payment account is hacked.


    Even better, connect your debit card to these accounts and send/receive money through a debit card instead. This way you will also be protected by visa/MasterCard.


    2. If you receive money from someone, move it as fast as you can into your bank.


    This way there will be no money in your account to begin with.


    Me personally I am an ebay seller and have a paypal business account. Thus I have a feature called "auto sweep" where paypal automatically transfers the money in my account into my bank every day from my ebay sales. This can only be done on business accounts, which you can only get by pushing at least $5000 in sales through paypal so this won't apply to everyone.


    The Sole exception to everything I just said is google pay. What makes google pay different is their funds are FDIC insured, thus they have all the protections as a bank. So feel free to keep a balance there.


    This post was prompted by a relative who just had $300 stolen from their paypal balance. She got her money back, but it was a whole day of calling paypal (which isn't known for good customer service). Not she will just use her debit card everywhere.

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    2. DrMacintosh


      I might get a job during College depending on if I want to commit to our Swim Team. Honestly swim is great, but a job is better. 


      Especially living in California with our high minimum wage and me not having living expenses thanks to my dad being such an awesome guy. 

    3. CUDAcores89


      @DrMacintosh You don't need a job to get a credit card, for some reason...


      You can declare any expenses that your parents cover as "income". Meaning food, clothing, shelter, utilities your parents pay to keep you alive count as income.


      It's weird the way that works.


      Also you could just straight up lie when you open up a credit card, but you've gotta be careful doing this. Only do it if you trust yourself to treat it like a debit card (pay it off every month = no interest to pay). It's very unlikely the bank will ever notice unless you get into a ton of debt.


      This is how I got my recent chase freedom card. I made up some figure that my income was 30K, and then loosely justified it as my parents pay my expenses. Technically I probably could find a way to get to that figure, but why bother.


      Credit cards offer rewards when you buy things, like 1-2% back on everything and up to 5% on specific categories like gas or groceries.


      The real kicker is they usually give you a "sign up bonus" after spending a set amount of money.


      In the case of the chase freedom card, I get $150 back after spending $500. Meaning I will use this card to pay for my college textbooks and save $150. I can still stack coupons, sales and discounts with this method of course.


      There's a whole cottage industry of bloggers out there who do this. I just do it as some extra income since I am responsible for paying the bills and my parents reimburse me, so I get to keep the difference for myself (the $150).

    4. themctipers


      people use paypal to pay for things alongside using it as a bank?




      i only have mine because usd -> cad 

  11. The internet says hentai is great. Yes, I know what hentai is supposed to be.


    goes to reddit.com/r/hentai


    Why do they look like 5 year olds with huge tits and ass?


    Why do some of them have a penis?


    Why do some of them clearly look like they are being raped?


    This is what you people get off to?


    I would have to jerk it a lot more to even come close to being turned on by the stuff in that subreddit.


    Decades ago people thought online porn is nasty. They have no idea how bad it cold get....


    Don't get me wrong after a few minutes of scrolling I see something I like, but the rest of it, 


    Image result for da fuck meme


    I don't even want to look at the furries subreddit...



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    2. Jtalk4456







      Also where's the i in family? xD 

      There's no i in educaton after all...

    3. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      no the i is there

      it's just capitalized

    4. Jtalk4456


      ah ok

      in that case...


  12. Ps4 you dont use

  13. Ps4 you dont use

    is, is this a joke? Honestly? nobody's gonna just give you stuff for free man. You have to provide value for others before you can obtain value for yourself. In this case it means trade for a PS4, or offer your good or services to them for a PS4. Either way, you need to work for it.
  14. Others on this forum are correct. I have seen people fit super weird boards into standard ATX cases using a drill and self-tapping motherboard standoffs. Then line up the rear IO with the cover on the board (the IO shield probably won't work) and you will be on your way.
  15. Eat batteries