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    8GB Team Group + Crucial 4GB + Kingston 4GB DDR4 2400MHz
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    EVGA GTX 970 4GB + 2 4-port PCIe SATA cards.
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    Fractal Define R5
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    Samsung 950 Pro, Samsung 830 series 256GB, Intel 320 series 40GB, HGST 2TB spinning rust
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    also random HP mouse
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    no idea, some plain old dell speakers I rarely use
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  1. How to stream

    A shitpost a day keeps the doctor away.
  2. Asics and asic resistant currencies.

    Judging by the shortages I don't think gaming has become more affordable... If that is the case why can't a company make custom GPUs like the HD 5450 with like 1TB of VRAM?
  3. How to stream

    You put your computer in a jet stream
  4. Help finding a new cpu.

    I think the 4790K can be found on secondary markets like ebay or craigslist for $250-$300 at the moment. CPUs are one thing I can always recommend buying used since any haswell CPU doesn't have a warranty by now to begin with so that part of the argument is irrelevant. Second I have never killed a CPU before. I've dug up intel CPUs from scrap piles that were just thrown into a bin that still worked totally fine. CPUs are very durable.
  5. Wait, Super wide cores you say:
  6. Can blood damage a RAM stick?

    If the RAM is currently working them don't worry about it. If the RAM is not working you could cleaning the blood off with alcohol. But I would leave it alone if the RAM is working as expected. It doesn't make sense to fix something that isn't broken.
  7. Have old VGA Monitor and a GTX 960 with only HDMI ports

    HDMI to VGA adapters are pretty cheap. I use a $5 converter like this one and it works just fine.
  8. People need to be realistic when putting money in crypto. When everyone thinks they will become the next millionare but statistically speaking, you're gonna lose it all. 


    My goal is to not lose money, that's it. If my portfolio of coins appreciates, then that's just a bonus. I also spent hours pouring over websites, whitepapers and developer teams carefully selecting the coins I truly believe in rather than blindly throwing money at everything. 


    My dad is an investment manager, and I have learned a lot about investing from him. Here is his companies website. 




    Things I've learned about investing from him:


    1. Don't try to time the market. You will lose every single time. Yes, some people can time the market, but you can't. Not even warren Buffet can time the market. 


    2. Real investing takes time, lots and lots of time. You need to do your homework and RESEARCH each and every security carefully. Study their team, study their quarterly earnings. Study whether this is actually a viable business and whether the general public will actually want to use said good or service. In the case of crypto, study whether their goals are actually practical and obtainable. Then evaluate if the "share" price is under or overvalued. 


    3. The "boring" businesses that nobody is talking about will earn you the most money. For example, my dad currently holds shares in Visa, tractor supply, a plane licensing firm, a car recycler company, and many of these very "mundane" stocks that don't seem that interesting. Since they aren't tech stocks, they are overlooked by most investors, so their shares temd to be undervalued. 


    4. You are not in this for a quick buck, you are in this for the long term. Buy the share, and hold hold HOLD. Sell the under-performing shares and hold onto the shares that are doing well. Don't sell the good ones, keep them. Sell the bad ones and put the money back into the good shares. 


    5. Investing isn't gambling if you do it right. Gambling is throwing your money at something random and hoping that you make more money. Investing is carefully picking and choosing companies you truly believe in and holding into them throughout both the highs and the lows. 


    6. A portfolio of 20-25 securities will yield the best return to risk ratio. If you just put all your money in one stock, you cold go to the moon or you could lose it all. Put your money in two stocks and you might still go to the moon but you could easily still lose it all. Put your money into 500 different companies (S&P500) and your portfolio will go up over time and you don't have to worry about losing everything, but you also won't make as much money. Picking 20-25 different stocks gives you the opportunity to beat out something like the S&P500 and while increasing your risk only slightly. 20-25 stocks is the best risk-to-reward ratio out there for active management and has consistently beaten the S&P500 ever since their company started. 


    Real investing is like anything. In order to be good at it, it must be treated just like a job, or maybe a hobby if you pick more stocks to reduce risk. You won't get rich off of investing, but if you do it right you also won't lose everything. You need to be able to guess what the public will want next and act on that. Throwing your money around is gambling, and not at all the same thing. Don't be fooled into thinking you can win big by flinging your money into random stocks with absolutely no risk, that just doesn't exist. Do your homework, do your research and look for what you think will do well and you will win. No, you aren't going to be a millionaire, but you also won't lose your shirt either. 

    1. manikyath


      i've been looking out for a "ducklet that poops money", and for some reason every time a new crypto hype story pops up, my initial reaction is "nah man.."


      the thing with these "ducklets" is that if they take more effort to maintain than a daytime job, you're better off just going for said daytime job. less risk, more social status.


      just imagine making a honest living off of crypto's for 10 years, then having to hop out <for whatever reason> try and find yourself a job with nothing on your CV but crypto's..

    2. themctipers


      Invest what you're willing to be able to suck up and lose. 

    3. techstorm970


      Lots of wonderful information here.  Seems like your dad has taught you a lot about his job...so much that I've bookmarked this for future reference.  :D 

  9. GTX1080TI for less than 100 USD?!

    I don't sound like anything, this is text. Ebay is filled with fake graphics cards of all sorts. Like this GTX 960 that's really a 550 ti: That's the risk you take with ebay. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. But that's also why they have really good buyer protection.
  10. attempts made to prevent piracy will always be a cat-and-mouse game with one side winning over the other for a brief period of time until they are of course defeated yet again. When will they learn many of these anti-piracy measures only hurt legitimate users?
  11. GTX1080TI for less than 100 USD?!

    Take two brain cells and rub them together. We shouldn't need to tell you this is a scam.
  12. My planned crypto portfolio comprised of 20 different cryptocurrencies. I have chosen 20 different coins split into $40, $30, $20 and $10 brackets with five currencies in each "bracket". For example, 5 currencies I am buying $40 of, 5 currencies I am buying $30 of, 5 currencies $20, and 5 currencies $10. The spending amounts is from least speculative ($40 bracket) to most speculative ($10 bracket). This is a strategy to both hedge against cryptos crashing and a way to see gains in case the highly speculative currencies go to the moon or just burn out. 


    I am just using the ticker symbol for these. Look them up if you want.


    First 5 currencies, holding $40 of each. Least speculative since their market ca is the largest:







    Next 5, $30 of each:







    Next 5, $20 of each:


    PAY (very bullish on this one)






    last 5 currencies, $10 of each. The most speculative ones I selected:








    I spent at least 30 minutes carefully researching every single one of these cryptos, their development team, and at least skimming over their whitepapers. Unlike most people that simply plunk money into a crypto and hope to make money. The currencies I chose have real world applicability, and I would be happy to hold almost all of these for the long run. 

    People need to realize investing in crypotos is just like the stock market, only you have the potential to make a hell of a lot more than the stock market because the investors in this field are highly irrational. On the other hand, many coins can easily go to zero in a matter of days (bitconnect). The crypto market is just like the dot-com bubble in the 2000s. We don't know what applications blockchain have, but with how many companies are getting onboard, we might potentially see the next google or amazon built on the blockchain. People are also throwing money at everything right a left, even for projects that don't make any sense (there is a coin that wants to put presents on the blockchain WTF?). There's money to be made here, just think like an investor and don't let your emotions take over. 



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    2. suchamoneypit


      I tried buying bitcoin on like 4-5 different websites 2 nights ago. I spent 2 hours trying. Every single website barred me from purchasing because im in New Hampshire (I was like wtf is this garbage) and the one site that would seem to allow me to had a bug in the validation confirmation so I couldn't get verified and allow to buy. Tried pretty much every well-known market there is. The next morning I logged on and its value spike up ~23%. Woulda made ~$20 profit overnight first ever crypto I ever would have bought.

    3. CUDA_Cores


      @suchamoneypit Even on coinbase? They're like, the go-to for at least buying the initial investment in bitcoin. 

    4. Max_Settings


       I went with XVG. I'm doing really well, Put $200 in at $.008, and at once point it hit $.29, so you do the math.

  13. Tell them if they choose an i7 they will lose your support if they choose to build a gaming PC around it. Works every time. Like when my mom was considering getting a mac and I told her she would lose tech support from me.
  14. TV Have Bad Input Lag For Gaming? I Might Have A Solution

    I wonder if there is a way to replace the display controller on a TV with a better one?