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About CircleTech

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    The forums used PC and server tech enthusiast.

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    Computers, computer hardware, DIY activities and pretty much anything involving electronic stuff.
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  • CPU
    2x intel Xeon e5-2609 v2
  • Motherboard
    Lenovo D30 Motherboard
  • RAM
    128GB of DDR3 (16x8gb)
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 970
  • Case
    Lenovo D30 case
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 Evo 256GB, 256GB samsung 840 Evo SSD, 2TB HGST HDD
  • PSU
    1100w delta PSU
  • Display(s)
    1920x1080p 21.5" samsung monitor
  • Cooling
    Lenovo D30 cooler
  • Keyboard
    HP keyboard
  • Mouse
    HP mouse
  • Sound
    Soundblaster audigy2 PCI sound card.
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro 64-bit

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  1. Got back home from Southern Illinois University a few hours ago.


    I ordered business cards for CircleTech LLC and they should be here by next week.


    I also now have a business logo:Circletech2.thumb.png.635cf31d34e7441df18c7814b83dd923.png

    Next thing to do will be likely to buy a domain name and open up a business bank account in Michigan. 


    If you guys need cheap computer parts, you know where to go 😉.


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      Make the arrow more evident, its too ambiguous

      And remove the gradient

    3. CircleTech
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      the arrow needed work, but i actually liked the gradient