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    At a scrapyard
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    Computers, computer hardware, DIY activities and pretty much anything involving electronic stuff.
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    2x intel Xeon e5-2609 v2
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    Lenovo D30 Motherboard
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    128GB of DDR3 (16x8gb)
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    Nvidia GTX 970
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    Lenovo D30 case
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    Samsung 850 Evo 256GB, 256GB samsung 840 Evo SSD, 2TB HGST HDD
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    1100w delta PSU
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    1920x1080p 21.5" samsung monitor
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    Lenovo D30 cooler
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    HP keyboard
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    HP mouse
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    Soundblaster audigy2 PCI sound card.
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    windows 10 pro 64-bit

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  1. i have unusual financial habits whereby I can only buy something after I have actually made double the required cash to buy it first. 


    Example: I want to buy a $10 item, but first I need to make $20.


    This is how my brain works, and must be the reason I have a big pile of cash not typical for my age.

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    2. LienusLateTips


      @CircleTech I've been thinking of setting up some term deposits... I don't ever use the cash mentioned on hand and I can qualify for rates as high as 1.9%....

    3. CircleTech


      isn't a term deposit just a CD?

    4. LienusLateTips


      @CircleTech Yep that's what we call them here

  2. CircleTech

    How We Make a Video in ONE Day

    so when will we see an entire video made around a grammarly sponsorship?
  3. Okay so Quebec is Canada's California where they are basically completely different from the rest of the country in some way:



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    2. givingtnt


      @CircleTech, *In the video* 


      Did you not even listen to what you posted ??????

    3. CircleTech


      @ARikozuM or giving tax breaks to people who are going to buy a Tesla who hint, can already afford to do so and don't need a tax break. But that's a problem at the federal level as well.


      Tax breaks for things like solar panels and electric cars nearly anways end up going to those who could afford to pay for the thing in full anyway since the wealthy are usually the buyers of these products. Especially when it comes to luxury electric vehicles.

    4. ARikozuM


      My grandma like near Rue de (I'm so sorry) Lanaudiere [prepares to get yelled at] in Montreal. I visit about once a year to keep her apartment while she vacations who knows where. 

  4. Modern marketing and politics in a nutshell:


  5. so you're looking to spend money so you can spend more money? okaaayyyyy... Have fun with that. the two off the top of m head are the FX-9590 and the R9 290X or the GTX 480.
  6. I mean if you want the hottest computer take any standard computer and remove ther heatsinks, then run everything bare. It'll definitely be the hottest computer out there, for about 30 seconds. Then the magic smoke comes out.
  7. wonder what happened to this guy...

    1. Nowak


      What do you mean? He was on re- oh.

  8. First blog post is live:




    I need some consistency in my life. I can use a blog as a dumping ground for my thoughts and things that happen.


    If you read it, thanks. But expect more of my status updates from now on linking to my blog.

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    2. will4623


      read the comments. your right.

    3. CircleTech


      Wordpress is the single most popular hosting service to use for blogging. Many of the blogs I read like financial samauri and doctor of credit both use wordpress.

    4. will4623


      I meant I read the comments and that guy seems confused.

  9. I got my desktop connected to the internet. 


    I found an old router in a box of stuff I brought and put the router in media Bridge mode. Now it's basically a giant wireless card lol.

    1. will4623


      does this require drivers on the pc side?

    2. CircleTech
    3. will4623


      thanks! have some old routers that may have a use now.

  10. Best laptop for school?




    Two words: Used thinkpad.

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    2. kelvinhall05


      The only reason not to get a Thinkpad, used or new, is if you want a Mac or a super high-end gaming laptop.

    3. CircleTech


      @kelvinhall05 if you want a high end gaming laptop then get a used thinkpad and build a PC. you shouldn't be gaming during class anyway.


      If you want a mac, then there is nothing I can really do for that one.

    4. kelvinhall05


      Yeah, gaming laptops are stupid, but some people don't have space for a desktop or travel a lot.


      I guess you could hackintosh a Thinkpad...

  11. Welp. So exactley what I expected would happen just did.


    I went to SIUs surplus warehouse today. Now there were a few PCs there (think pentium IIs), but not nearly enough start any sort of business with.


    I went to southern recycling center and they basically politely told me to fuck off. Due to illinois regulations where throwing away IT equipment is illegal, they already have a pre-established computer recycler. This computer recycler also takes their old CRT TVs so in other words, there are no computers there for me to take. I even offered to pay them for certian machines and they again turned me down.


    There are two counties which both have no recycling program and that is Union and Williamson County. Now because these are both local governments, they will probably want me to have certifications like R2.


    And again R2 certification is out of my budget, because it costs $30,000 a year. Do you think I can afford that?


    Next week I will be visiting these two counties but expect to get the same speil. "No, FU. R2 or bust!"


    Do you know why I hate government regulations so much now? THIS is why. Government regulations are effectively preventing me from starting a business here in IL. I could have served a market need, but now no business will be started thanks to local recycling laws. Thank you so much Illinois.


    In michigan there are no such laws and there are 22 recyclers around detroit, all of them doing reuse. With no government regulations, anyone can start collecting computers immediately with no restrictions. I do not get the same thing here in Illinois.


    Going forward this means I have two choices:


    0. Talk to these two other counties:


    I am going to try this so I expect to get a runaround. But this is my next course of action regardles of what happens next.


    1.  I can solicit businesses directly for computers and explain what I do.


    In other words I will have to start from scratch and build a network here in carbondale. I learned that once computers go into the hands of the the recycling center, they now become property of the county and musy be disposed according to IL regulations. However if I get the machines BEFORE they get into the hands of the county, I can do whatever I want with them as I please.


    2. Dissolve CircleTech and form a new company. 


    This one would basically involve dissolving CircleTech in Michigan and forgetting about it.


    This new company would be software based and would be a marketplace similar to StockX, but for computer parts. This would require years to build and would move the company in an entirely different direction. I would also have to spend months teching myself about programming.


    3. Get my degree faster so I can move back to Michigan. 


    Barrel through my degree and take 22 credit hours a semester. Then make my way back to michigan and grow CircleTech again.


    One thing is for sure: I am not quitting. I will keep going and find some way, somehow, to start a business whether it is down here or back in Michigan. This is just a setback. I have to keep moving forward and keep building a network.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CircleTech


      @kelvinhall05 That is the plan. I am going to PAY the businesses for their machines so they instead do business with me. But this requires building a network of businesses and individuals, meaning I have to stop by a bunch of places and ask if they have computers, which is very time consuming. In other words if I get ahold of these machines before anyone else, then they are mine. But ince they go into the hands of a recycling center, they become subject to all sorts of BS regulations that prevents me from buying them back again.


      This could take months while starting circletech in michigan took literally two weeks because a pre-existing network of recyclers was already there. I no longer have those sort of advantages here in Illinois.

    3. CircleTech


      @BuckGup can I get an EE degree by 2021 after only having finished one year of college? Then go off and do whatever I want.

    4. BuckGup


      That sounds like the best idea. Network throughout college but set your business on the back burner. 

  12. If there is one thing circletech taught me, it's that I can acquire and collect computer parts significantly faster than I can sell them. Getting things listed is the most time-comsuming part of the process.


    This is one benifet to getting PC parts for $10 and flipping them for $100. If any of my inventory grows "stale" and loses value, I really don't lose much if any money.




    if everything goes according to plan, I will be hiring at least one employee to help me with CircleTech here in Carbondale.


    I have talked to a lot of organizations within SIU and it appears there is nobody doing any kind of computer reuse. There is a computer recycler 5 miles from SIU that just ships ewaste to saint louis, but nobody is reselling machines online here. For me, this is great news since if I get myself established I will be a local monopoly.


    I have been talking to SIUs IT department, the SIU sustainability program, and my business incubator. Tomorrow I am going to visit SIU surplus and also this recycling center a few miles away. 


    First I need a source of machines. No computers = no business. The good news is everyone I have talked to have (so far) been supportive of my efforts, but i'm not making any bets until I have a source to pull from. When I was in Michigan, I was tagging between 5 different scrap yards and 2 junk removal companies, so I had tons of business. Here, not so much (at least yet).


    Computer reselling is usually location dependent. Computer recyclers tend to be clustered around metropolitan areas like Saint Louis or detroit because a lot of people mean that a lot of ewaste is generated. SIU and Marion are both college towns with a population of 40,000 vs detroit which has a population of 670,000. In other words here in carbondale I will have no competiton, but also a significantly smaller market to pull from. I will see how this plays out in a few months.


    SIU also has an elevator pitch competiton on September with grants of up to $3000 (grants are awesome because they take no company equity and you never have to pay them back). It's not like I need the money, but participating would be cool.


    Ultimately my value add here is I know used PCs better than probably eveyone on this forum. I know how to build machines all the way from the 386 days to the present. That means I can also determine what is worth money and what isn't.


    The nex few weeks are going to be very interesting. This could either be the start of something great or the start of absolutley nothing.


    PS: I sold a bunch of CPUs today and made $800. Not bad for what was effectively 2 hours of work.



    1. Schnoz


      $400 an hour!! Impressive!

    2. CircleTech


      I have made an effective $500 an hour be tearing down Dell optiplex 7010s and selling just the CPUs on ebay. Now only if I could make that kind of money every single hour, I would make like 800K a year lol.

  13. Benifets of being my friend:


    I found an R9 270X at the sxrapyard some time ago and I didn't even know if it would work. I couldnt be bothered to test it to I gave it to a friend for free.


    Turns out it worked great. It needed repasting but there was no artifacting in furmark. This friend just upgraded from a geforce GT 720 to an R9 270X. I would say that's a performance jump.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Den-Fi


      Is there a form or something that needs to be filled out?

    3. 8uhbbhu8


      I think it's a lotto system that you need to get into. One gets hand picked based on their compatible qualities with him and then you have a few agreements, ndas, contracts, etc to sign. Only then will you be accepted.

    4. flibberdipper


      Damn what a baller, finding a $40-50 card and giving it to someone. Bill Gates better watch out, cuz moneybags here is coming in hot.

  14. CircleTech

    Could it be?

    we'll it's not your 4 dollars, it's his 4 dollars. So why does it matter if the decision was dumb or not? It's not like it's you that are out the money.