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    Technology and cars(?)
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    Salesman at Kjell & Company


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    Intel i5 6600K (Clocked to 4.8 Ghz Stable)
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    MSI Z170A Gaming Pro
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    16 Gb 2666 Mhz of DDR4 From HyperX
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    Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) (watercooled)
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    1tb Samsung 970 Evo M.2,500Gb Samsung 850 Evo SSD, 2TB Seagate Green HDD
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    Corsair RM850x 850W
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    Samsung 34" LED Curved S34E790C
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    Custom Watercooling Loop
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    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Logitech G900 Spectrum and Razer Naga (for MMO-type games)
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    Sennheiser HD 599 + Focusrite Scarlet Solo
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    Windows 10

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  1. Heeeey! That actually worked it seems! Altough windows was not done fucking with me, used DDU to remove drivers, but then windows decided to install the graphics driver before me! No bueno so i had to boot into safe mode to install the driver version i had confirmed worked before. The fact that i installed the graphics driver in Safe Mode might've done the trick! Thanks for the help my dude!
  2. again i only have 1 hdmi output on my gpu and i didnt touch the DP cable x) ill give it a go with reinstalling drivers again, ill post an update later
  3. i just did and the problem stays the same Altough ill give you this, that cable wasnt that good, the connector on the cable ripped as soon as i pulled it off
  4. Sorry for not explaining it right. Before i used an hdmi cable to the secondary display, but when i moved it, it became too short (only 2m) so i had to swap the cable for a longer one ( it is way longer than needed but it reaches), its still connected to the only hdmi port avalible on my gpu aswell as the only hdmi input avalible on my monitor
  5. I did disconnect everything, primary is using the same old cable but i had to swap the hdmi cable to the secondary because it wouldn't reach anymore. I tried your suggestion and the problem persists
  6. Can't say that i do, 3440x1440 all the way (secondary is 1920x1080)
  7. Hi there! I'm at a loss here so im turning to the forums here for wisdom Recently i figured that i wanted to move my secondary monitor to the right instead of the left and add a monitor arm to clean up my desk, no problemo. I set everything up and then i rearrange in windows so the monitor is seen on the right, click apply and go about my day. After a while i take a break from my gaming session, turn off computer and come back later. When i boot up again my icons are split across the 2 monitors, i frown at this and manually set them back to the primary screen and resume my gaming session. I take another break and turn off my computer only to return a bit later to the same problem. Annoyed i set about to try and solve this, i try everything i could think off aswell as things suggested on google searches: turning off windows auto-rearrange, setting different icon sizes, reinstalling displaydrivers, changing which monitor is primary and secondary then change it back. The only thing that sorta works is creating a folder on the secondary screen while everything else is on the primary screen, then everything stays where it's supposed to be, but that kinda urks me so its not an acceptable solution for me. Rearranging the display back to the left side also solves it, but rather have it on the right. It seems that every other side other than the left in windows(and nvidia controlpanel) throws my icons around. This happens as soon as the secondary monitor turns off or reconfigured in general TL;DR: Moved my monitor to the right side of my primary monitor, rearranged it and my icons throw a fit
  8. Hey there people! Times are a changing and im slowly starting to think about jumping ship from Intel to AMD. I have also watercooled my computer with a kit i bought from EKWB a couple of years ago (just before Ryzen was released), included in said kit there are AMD mounting plates and whatnot. I have confirmed that the mountingplate that was included in the kit for AMD seem to correspond with the one that is compatible with AM4 But there is also the backplate thats included, that looks different than the one that everyone is using now Is this one compatible with AM4 or do i need to buy the kit on EKWB site just to get that stupid backplate? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-backplate-supremacy (The one on the right) Thank you for your time! I have been out of the computerpart game for a bit now and im just reorienting myself with whats what
  9. Well the demo version might be an earlier build that had the graphics settings differently tuned so that might be why Did you do a full restart of the game when you switched settings? Some games require it so the changes get applied properly Didnt google up your system there but a 1050ti sounds borderline on medium so i wouldnt expect it to look super pretty
  10. I used to have the 990's and they were indeed a solid pair of cans, but i did notice i couldnt wear them for too long, i had to take breaks from just using them. A combination of them pushing a bit too hard on my glasses and i would get super warm because of the velour pads. But otherwise i liked them alot, even tho they were a bit hard to drive for me at the time (i had the 250 ohm version)
  11. alright, any personal experiences you want to share about them?
  12. Updated original post with preferences!
  13. So im the kind of guy that likes to buy peripherals, use them a while and then feels like changing them out again even tho nothing is wrong with them, just because id like to try something else and i feel like i nearing that point regarding my headphones. May sound (pun intended) stupid but at least humor me Atm i use the Sony MDR 1A's, which is probably the comfiest headphones i've tried so far. I use them trough a Focusrite Scarlett Solo v2 external sound card/amp My use case and range: - For the moment budget is around 200 US Dollars - Main use will be primarily for when i play games. But also for music and movies - Cant say i have any preference in sound, the sonys i use now are more or less balanced all across for my untrained ears, so something along the same lines cant hurt, but im open for anything to try out - I dont mind wireless, but i prefer wired - Im probably not gonna use them outside, since i already have a JBL 750 Elite that i use when i go out - I dont have a preference to either open og closed back types, as long as they are over ear types. On ear types have a tendency to hurt my ears after an hour of use Where i live no stores really offer hands on demos of headphones so any recommendations are greatly appriciated
  14. Wow this post made chuckle! But ill join you in congratulating @LinusTech and @Slick (and all the other people behind the scenes) in their platform endeavours! Although im not a member myself, i can see it is growing