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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to LukeSavenije in How many watts do I need? 2.0   
    By the popular concept of @Aniallation, who since retired from the forum, the "How many watts do I need" is still one of the most asked question by many people wanting to build a PC. By similar methodology, here a simple guideline to how much your PC would need, assuming the quality of the PSU itself is good. These numbers are estimations based off a stress maximum load, one you will likely never reach in normal use. Take these numbers as a guideline, but feel free to ask on the forum itself if you're still not sure what you need with your exact configuration.
    CPU+GPU+50=estimated wattage, chosen worst case out of the configs
    Low-end APU system:
    Midrange APU system:
    Low-end gaming:
    Midrange raming:
    Mid-high gaming:
    High-end gaming:
    Low-end hedt/tr:
    Midrange hedt/tr:
    High-end hedt/tr:
    Ultra high-end hedt/tr:
    CPU power consumption:
    GPU Power Consumption:
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Vodad in Old timers who learned something new with newer computer components?   
    This is so true,  I mean I built one once.  4mb of memory for 200 bucks.  Then a 4x CDrom and soundblaster card for 600 bucks.  stuff was expensive
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to atxcyclist in Old timers who learned something new with newer computer components?   
    DIP switches galore, IRQ DMA and I/O assignments, finding a mouse driver...
    There are a few things I miss about computers back in that time, but I don't miss everything.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to James Evens in amazon 1 month shipping?   
    With the slight caviar that amazon is even under normal conditions extremely slow unless you pay for prime. Anywhere else I get the order 1-2 days but amazon takes 1 week+.
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    PianoPlayer88Key got a reaction from TechyBen in Do you shut down your PC each night?   
    I keep my daily driver (laptop) running all the time, except when it crashes, it somehow forces me to do an update (even when I've turned it off, sometimes it makes life miserable after a month or so of uptime until I update), or if I"m doing a hardware swap.
    My desktop, on the other hand, I only turn it on when I'm doing something with it, maybe several times a year at this point.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to harryk in Sony A5100 as a webcam?   
    I'm using the Elgato Cam Link 4K for this exact purpose. It's $130 which is cheaper than most capture cards. What's cool about it though, is that it connects the your computer as a UVC device the same way a webcam does so it's seamless to use and compatible with any software that normally works with a webcam.
    The only thing to check is that your camera provides a clean HDMI output without menus or overlays otherwise this will appear in the video stream.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to captain cactus in The fastest Netbook ever known - GPD Win Max announced   
    Mobile Ryzen 4000 series would be nice... Top of the line 15W 8-core 16-thread little beast with a great iGPU, especially at those resolutions.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to nick name in Reduced Forum Funtionality   
    Jesus, how did @LinusTech manage to drop an entire server?  And are his toes ok?
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to SansVarnic in Overclocking a HDD?   
    -= Topics Merged =-
    OPs can revive their own topics. Reposting the topic due to lack of response is not allowed.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to seon123 in LTT: 320 terabytes in a normal PC case!! The DIY 4k editing NAS   
    Nice for storing all of your homework
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to jonnyGURU in What's your Experience with OEM Power Supplies?   
    Those were great for their time.  Probably the best you could buy.  But I wouldn't use one today.  Too much +5V and very low +12V.
    When I worked as an Avaya installer, we used a bunch of Aopen chassis that came bundled with this very PSU and we never saw a PSU failure (and yes, this was during the time I was still reviewing PSUs).
    And someone needs to vacuum out their PC. 
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to GDRRiley in Is there currently any single game that uses 16gb+ memory ?   
    I feel like we moving to into low end machines with 16 and mid to upper 32gb.
    Most people don't close everything.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to jstudrawa in Is there currently any single game that uses 16gb+ memory ?   
    Nice thing with having 32GB is not having to close anything at all while gaming.  I keep my work vpn up and multiple web browsers as well.
    I would consider 16GB still good for gaming mainstream.  Folks just need to monitor their usage or be aware of how they use their machines.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to GDRRiley in Is there currently any single game that uses 16gb+ memory ?   
    if you got a decent system with a bunch of web browser tabs open while gaming 24 or 32gb can make sense.
    I'm on 16 and kind wish when I bought this kit I had gone with 32gb.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Windows7ge in Help choosing hardware for adding 3.5" drives to server   
    I have a guide on how you can build your own Disk Enclosure for very cheap:
    It's good for mass data storage. Not very fast though.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to TempestCatto in New Intro?   
    Looks like someone's personal project. Kinda neat actually. But Linus once said he wanted to do away with the intro, and honestly, I find myself skipping the intro now more than ever - and that goes for just about any YouTuber I watch anymore. I have the attention span of a dead gold fish. I just wanna get right into a video anymore. I don't wanna know who you are nor should you tell me to like and subscribe or anything of the sort. Just get on with it. I kinda wish they'd phase out an intro all together.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to mr moose in Ticket resale sites - Let this be the end.   
    Sure, let's not bother with market regulation at all and see where it ends up.   Unchecked socialism ends up in communist dictatorships and unchecked capitalism ends up with corporate dictatorships.    Humans are greedy, survivalists and will put themselves before anyone else every time.  If you have no regulation you have no freedom, and as counter intuitive as that sounds that is reality.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to huilun02 in Ticket resale sites - Let this be the end.   
    Events should just sell tickets DIRECT to people and require name/photo and SSN upon purchase. So that when bought, the tickets have no resale value.
    I hate scalpers with a passion.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Eschew in Making your own heat sink v2?   
    Damn. I came to this thread thinking you were making some sort of revolutionary dermatology breakthrough.
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  21. Funny
    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Curious Pineapple in Not really helping the price to performance - Comet Lake-S prices found + new benchmarks   
    A lighter wallet, possibly a different amount of heat and the utterly pointless bragging rights for having the latest pointless CPU.
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Jarsky in Looking for Server/NAS Case   
    If you use an ITX board you can modify a Fractal XL to fit 20 hard drives with additional cages: https://imgur.com/a/L2qfK
    Corsair 750D with additional cages you could stack a hell of a lot as well: https://www.overclock.net/forum/26440396-post1.html
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to aj0312 in Hold out for AM5?   
    I'm going to go against the grain on this topic. I prefer to invest in a platform that will last a long time. So waiting for AM5 is a great way to future proof your system. I have a i7 6700k still running from a couple months after its release, and I haven't been impressed enough with cpus since then to upgrade. I really don't feel I'm missing out on that much in terms of features. 
    When Ddr5 comes out, along with faster Pcie storage then I will consider upgrading. To overcome the "dont buy a 1999 BMW" point, I wait a couple months for reviews and software to catch up then pick up the CPU hopefully on sale. 
    My next build could be:
    Case (£100)
    PSU (£50)
    Mid range AM5 board (£150)
    Ryzen zen 4 chip (probably 8 cores) (£200)
    Stock cooler
    32gb of (5000mhz+) Ddr5 ram (£200)
    Pcie gen 5 storage (£200)
    Whatever gpu I have at the time (£200-300)
    Total price - £1000 (will probably reuse case and pay) 
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to VegetableStu in Larry Tesler, Inventor of cut/copy & paste, dies aged 74   
    too bad his life was ctrl-x short before everyone could ctrl-f a way to. he could not be ctrl-s in time
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    PianoPlayer88Key reacted to Lady Fitzgerald in What’s the Point of 14tb harddrives?   
    Actually, there are people with home computers (like me) that can use that amount of storage.
    Advantages include needing fewer SATA ports for the same amount of storage and fewer drives needed.