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  1. agent_x007

    Windows xp service pack help

    Can't you just install SP3 after Windows installation ? There is also nLite current disk and add SP3 on top (SP3 update can be downloaded from Microsoft).
  2. Well, sure - if you weren't at 3000MHz on Ryzen with auto settings. Check your MB's DRAM frequency table vs. number of DIMMs installed here : LINK. Also, there is newer BIOS for your board available.
  3. No problem OK. Mount second stick in the other memory slot (result should be : A2 + B2), and see what happends.
  4. "Single Rank" doesn't mean "Single Channel". Current RAM settings are visible under "Memory" tab, not "SPD". Could you screenshot your "Mainboard" tab as well as "Memory" ?
  5. Since you bought two the same Single Channel stick, it will work fine. "Wrongly installed" : 1) Not pushed enough = errors/hangs, 2) There is no way to install RAM in wrong slot (just use manual to get optimal performance). At least on recent platforms. 3) Ryzen platform prefers to be set manually if problems arise on auto settings.
  6. Yes - if DRAM chips on two different modules require vastly different timings to work properly (and BIOS won't be able to find stable settings for them). If you have a Dual Channel kit, it doesn't matter. Your available bandwidth will simply drop by half, if you use A1+A2 instead of A2 + B2.
  7. agent_x007

    MBR vs GPT

    GPT is required for NVMe boot drives and UEFI booting in general (to get Ultra Fast Boot working). It's also the least problematic option for 3TB+ drives (you can access ~3,5TB max. capacity under standard MBR). MBR is more compatible and is accessible with any Windows. If you plan to use XP (32-bit) for what ever reason - it's the way to go.
  8. agent_x007

    GTX 1080 Clocks and overclock

    How do you even mod a vBIOS for Pascal class GPU ? Check in GPU-z or RTSS (Riva Tuner Statistic Server), what's limiting your card (under Perf. Cap. reason section). If card pushes too much vGPU on 2GHz clock, you will hit Power limit which will throttle your card (regardless of temps).
  9. agent_x007

    What's your favorite GPU that you've owned?

    GTX 780 Ti Reference (first highest end GPU ever bought new). I used it from 2014, and only last year I got myself a GTX 1080. Still works and I still got it Now it acts as backup to Titan Black I also own
  10. agent_x007

    need help with windows 7 installation using a bootable usb.

    NTFS is for Legacy. FAT32 is for EFI.
  11. agent_x007

    need help with windows 7 installation using a bootable usb.

    Tick "add fixes for old BIOSes" in advanced properties for Rufus. Also, enable "Legacy support" in USB configuration.
  12. What can I say ? At least I got into the leader board @Jumper118 It may be good idea to add "3GB". Stadard ones come in 1,5GB version, so they will run out of VRAM Very fast.
  13. VRM gets overheated and CPU throttles because of that. Don't match boards with crappy VRM with OC'ed FX-8xx0 series CPUs. Try droppinjg Vcore by 0,1V, and see if it's stable.
  14. Yes. Select Floppy as first boot and you are good to go. Rufus should work (NTFS + advanced options for adding fixes for old BIOS). However, you can't use Rufus to create bootable hard drive (and Compact Flash is seen as Hard drive by Rufus). Copying DOS boot files manually should be enough to make it work though. @Dijon Oh ! You could, in theory, create a bootable partition on your hard drive with DOS boot files (and BIOS/flasher) on it. When such partition is selected as "Active" (ie. boot partition), it should allow to launch DOS on it and bypass the non-USB boot limitation of your board. You only have to correct hard drive in boot list in BIOS. I highly recommend doing it on spare hard drive though.