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  1. Meyer5057

    Wifi issue

    Hi, So I am having issues with my wifi, this is nothing new. My sister likes to play games and she sometimes want me to install minecraft mods for her. At times, there would be malware afterwards, and using Malwarebytes, I would find the name to relate to something changing internet speeds. It would knock my usual 100+ up and down speeds to speeds of around 10, even 2 at times. Now this time, it's happening again, except, Malwarebytes is not detecting anything, which has not been the case this past summer - I always was able to get rid of malware with Malwarebytes. I can even see that the malware is there - I look at the internet (ethernet to be specific) connection and I see it to a network name that was used maybe 3 years ago and isn't running today. How can I fix this?
  2. I have Windows 10, and I installed The Windows Driver Package for my tablet because I used to play osu. After seeing that my tablet no longer works, I am trying to remove it. When I click Uninstall/Change, a message pops up. Please refer to the uploaded image to see said message. I am trying to understand what I need to do to uninstall this. Please let me know or forward me to a site or video that can explain. Thank you
  3. Meyer5057

    Galaxy Note 4 vs S7/s7 edge

    Ah ok thanks
  4. Meyer5057

    Galaxy Note 4 vs S7/s7 edge

    Then could you explain the differences? Am new to this.
  5. So the s7 edge has a back camera that has 12 MP while the Note 4 has a back camera 16 MP. How is the S7 be called the "best camera smartphone," when there is a 4 MP difference?
  6. What are good wireless mechanical/gaming keyboards? Are they any in existence?
  7. Meyer5057

    Corsair RGB Strafe

    I'm thinking of buying a corsair keyboard to use in school. However, that requires me to bring it back and forth between classes, and it'll be in my backpack. Do you think that there'll be damage if it's kept in the backpack? There'll be things pressed against the keys.
  8. Meyer5057

    Sennheiser G4me Ones

    yeah, wasn't listed there, so i'll have to update the sound drivers. Thanks
  9. Meyer5057

    Sennheiser G4me Ones

    I did that, and the computer isn't picking it up
  10. Meyer5057

    Sennheiser G4me Ones

    I have purchased the sennheiser g4me ones (white) and realized that I did not know how to get the mic to work. I'm not familiar enough with windows 8 to know how to set it up. I don't know where my manual went, so I'm asking you guys.
  11. Meyer5057

    Recording audio.

    Would like to know of a good recording mic. I am recording music. I am already using a decent camera and I need a good wireless mic to hook it up to. A specific lapel is a good suggestion because my friend told me to look into those.
  12. Meyer5057

    Gaming Headset

    Which ones did you get for the corsair? Also, is music good with it?
  13. Meyer5057

    Gaming Headset

    I do have the separate mic, but I just like to have a headset. Also, my mic is accompanied with a sennheiser 439.
  14. Meyer5057

    Gaming Headset

    So online sales are still going, and I want to buy a gaming headset. My budget is 160 max. I do have a separate mic, so a headset without an extended mic is not necessary, but it's nice to have. I also like over ear headphones. Any suggestions?
  15. Meyer5057

    Logitech G230

    Of course, I have my headphones, but I will be using the headset as a last resort. Thanks btw.