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  1. Ok so it seems that temps are kind of weird. While installing the drivers for Nvidia (Finally successfully) the cpu temps went to 68.5c that seems high for just an install. Isn't it? It does seems (finger crossed) more stable with 1 stick and new windows install. I am installing games to see if that "push" the machine to freeze. Is there anything else I should be doing to test the other stick apart from replacing the stick?
  2. Ok so here is a quick update. I have removed a stick of ram, reinstalled windows 10, updated windows 10, and installing the Nvidia drivers. If it is still stable how do I figured if I have a bad stick of ram or a bad mobo?
  3. Well how likely did I get 2 bad mobo including a brand new one... also the choices for itx format for the 3700x is like 3 or 4 mobo and the asrock is the only reasonably priced one.
  4. I have reseated the ram and CPU as the first AS rock I received was refurbished and got a brand new one thinking that I got a bad mobo... I definitely did not check the QVL. I did not even know that it was a thing... but should that be an issue if not overclock? I have either the vengeance lpx 2666mhz or Adata XPG 3000mhz. I am going to try install the vengeance kit.
  5. I did. What is weird is that it is randomly freezing with either graphic cards even after updating the drivers for either graphic cards. Also most of the time I don't even have the time to download the drivers before it froze. I managed to do after the 5th time... and installed it after 4 freeze... it is still freezing Also Temps seems ok. I have the alphacool aio 140mm and idle temps are mid 40 and Gpu temps are like low 30 at idle.
  6. Hello everyone, I have been facing an issue with my build. I used to have a 6700k, 16gb 2666mhz ram (corsair), titan x pascal. After having blue screen after blue screen I decided to start from scratch apart for the gpu. Long story short I decided to make a itx build so I ordered 2 8gb stick of ram, AMD 3700x, asrock 570x itx, seasonic sx800, and a new nvme (crucial). I put everything together, install windows and I get random freeze that forced me to reset the pc... So I decided to install the new bios update, update windows, and update the nvidia drivers (I still used my titan x). Nothing change my pc randomly freeze even when I am just downloading a file like the .exe for steam. I thought that it could be my gpu so I ordered a 2080 super and hoped that my nightmare would be done. I was wrong it still freeze... everything is brand new. I can still return everything but would love to pin point the issue... thanks in advance for the help
  7. I just now saw your post lol. Why did not you not buy a key from a website? would have been much cheaper. Nice build so far!
  8. it is 240 usd. Not sure about Australia exchange rate but 350 might be the price there.
  9. You could take a smaller power supply. different screens maybe?
  10. If you are not a heavy gamer I think that 60hz is enough. They only think you need to keep in mind is that you will have much lower fps on a 4k screen. That is why I have a 4k and a 2k ^^ That dell looks good too. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UHD-QHD-Monitor-U28E590D-28-Inch/dp/B00YD3DBOC/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1463622551&sr=1-1-spell&keywords=samsung+4+montior+28 that is the 4k screen I have. I am happy with it. it is also 60hz (displayport only) and 1ms response time
  11. Never heard of the deepcool. A 240 or 280 rad should do the trick honestly. I have an i7 6700k with h110i and it is good 60c at 4.6ghz on 100% load. the h100 or kraken are fine. h110 would be good too.
  12. It is ok only 60hz and 5ms in response time For starcraft I use this one http://www.amazon.com/Acer-XG270HU-omidpx-FREESYNC-Widescreen/dp/B00VRCLHYS/ref=sr_1_25?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1463621562&sr=1-25&keywords=acer+monitor It is a tn so the angle of view is not amazing but it does not bother me since I look at the screen strait and it is 144hz and 1ms which is great. what screen do you currently have? is it mostly for gaming? editing? other?
  13. I have a 4k and a 2k for gaming a 2k is better in my opinion because you get a lot more fps.
  14. Fair enough. Also I would wait like a month as some of the nvidia might have some good sale with the arrival of new GPU.
  15. Well of you goal is to gain more fps a GPU will be better. If you want more performance on none gaming task I would definitely upgrade the CPU
  16. Except if he update his CPU in the future as well?
  17. I think it would be enough for most GPU Do you want to stay with AMD or you don't care?
  18. ok now new problem... my ssd is recognized but it says "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"
  19. OMG it worked! Thank you so very much! What cause that kind of stuff?
  20. I just counted. it took me 30 second to post the msi first picture and 55 second to go from the the post to the bios...
  21. It takes a very long time for the msi post to show. Once the windows screen is on it works like a dream. If I go into the bios everything is VERY slow as well
  22. My sound on YouTube was messed up so I restarted my computer and it is slow since... nothing else